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Word: t-syert

English Definition: (noun) t-shirt

Word: taal

English Definition: (adj) genuine; legitimate; native; inborn; innate

Word: taas

English Definition: see taas1 see taas2 see taas3 see taas4

Word: taas1

English Definition: (noun) height; altitude; superiority

L2 Definition:



Word: taas2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ high; tall; superior

L2 Definition:



Word: taas3

Active Verb: tumaas

English Definition:


Word: taas4

Active Verb: magtaas

Passive Verb: itaas

English Definition:


Word: taba

English Definition: see taba1 see taba2

Word: taba1

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ stout; fat

Word: taba2

Active Verb: tumaba

English Definition:


Word: tabak

English Definition: (noun) cutlass

Notes: Malay

Word: tabako

English Definition: (noun) cigar

Word: taban

English Definition: (noun) holder or support (so as to keep something in position)

Word: tabang

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ bland; tasteless; lacking in seasoning or spices

L2 Definition:



Word: tabas

English Definition: see tabas1 see tabas2 see tabas3

L2 Definition:



Word: tabas1

English Definition: (noun) cut for a dress

Word: tabas2

Active Verb: tumabas

English Definition: (verb) to save up; to store; to keep away something for future use

Word: tabas3

Active Verb: magtabas

Passive Verb: tabasin

English Definition: (verb) to stand beside; to stand aside; to get out of the way; to go to the side of

Word: tabi

English Definition: see tabi1 see tabi2 see tabi3 see tabi4

L2 Definition:



Word: tabi1

English Definition: (noun) side; brim; border

Word: tabi2

English Definition: (adv) beside; by the side of

Word: tabi3

Active Verb: magtabi

Passive Verb: itabi

English Definition: (verb) to shove violently with the elbow

L2 Definition:



Word: tabi4

Active Verb: tumabi

English Definition: (verb) to be or to become unsymmetrical; to become crooked, unbalanced

Word: tabig

Active Verb: manabig

Passive Verb: tabigin

English Definition: (verb) to make unsymmetrical, to be unbalanced, to become slanted

Word: tabike

English Definition: (noun) partition wall

Notes: Spanish

Word: tabil

English Definition: see tabil1 see tabil2

Word: tabil1

English Definition: (noun) glibness of tongue; talkativeness

Word: tabil2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ glib; talkative

Word: tabing

English Definition: (noun) screen; covering screen; curtain

L2 Definition:



Word: tabing-dagat

English Definition: (noun) beach; seashore

Word: tabingi

English Definition: see tabingi1 see tabingi2 see tabingi3

Word: tabingi1

English Definition: (adj) not symmetrical; disproportional; unbalanced

Word: tabingi2

Active Verb: tumabingi

English Definition:

C-Dá+ =

Word: tabingi3

Passive Verb: itabingi

English Definition:

C-Dá+ =

Word: tabla

English Definition: (noun) wood board; lumber

Word: tableta

English Definition: (noun) tablet, pill (medicine)

Word: tabo

English Definition: see tabo1 see tabo2 see tabo3

Word: tabo1

English Definition: (noun) a dipper; scoop; usually a coconut shell or an empty can

Word: tabo2

Active Verb: tumabo

English Definition:

C-Dá+ =

Word: tabo3

Active Verb: magtabo

Passive Verb: tabuhin

English Definition: 1) Magtaklob ka ng pagkain sa mesa. (You cover the food on the table.) 2) Itaklob mo ang plato sa pagkain. (Cover the food with the plate.)

Word: tabon

English Definition: see tabon1 see tabon2 see tabon3

Word: tabon1

Active Verb: magtabon

Passive Verb: itabon

English Definition:

C-Dá+ =

Word: tabon2

Passive Verb: tabunan

English Definition: (verb) to be frightened; to be scared; to be afraid

Word: tabon3

Passive Verb: matabunan

English Definition:


Word: taboy

English Definition: see taboy1 see taboy2

Word: taboy1

English Definition: (noun) statement, admonition or shout given to urge or drive a person to go away, leave, or do something that should be done right away or earlier

Word: taboy2

Active Verb: magtaboy

Passive Verb: itaboy

English Definition:


Word: tadhana

English Definition: (noun) nature; fate

Word: tadtad

Active Verb: magtadtad

Passive Verb: tadtarin

English Definition: (verb) to defecate; to have a bowel movement

Word: tadyak

English Definition: see tadyak1 see tadyak2

Word: tadyak1

Active Verb: tumadyak

English Definition: (verb) to have diarrhea

Word: tadyak2

Active Verb: manadyak

Passive Verb: tadyakan

English Definition: (verb) to kick

Word: tadyang

English Definition: (noun) ribs; spareribs

Word: tae

English Definition: see tae1 see tae2 see tae3

Word: tae1

English Definition: (noun) excreta

Word: tae2

Active Verb: tumae

English Definition: (verb) to hack with a cutting instrument

Word: tae3

Active Verb: magtae

English Definition: (verb) to endure; to withstand

Word: tag-ulan

English Definition: (noun) rainy or wet season

Word: taga

English Definition: see taga1 see taga2

Word: taga-saan

English Definition: (int) from where

Word: taga-tanggap

English Definition: (noun) receiver

Word: taga1

Active Verb: managa

Passive Verb: tagain

English Definition: (verb) to take a long time; to stay long

Word: taga2

English Definition: (affix) a noun-forming prefix meaning 'native of' or 'coming from'; with verb roots, it means 'regular performer of'

Word: tagaktak

English Definition: see tagaktak1 see tagaktak2

Word: tagaktak1

English Definition: (noun) rapid dropping (of tears or sweat)

Word: tagal

English Definition: see tagal1 see tagal2 see tagal3

Word: tagal1

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ late; taking a long time; for a long period of time

Word: tagal2

Active Verb: tumagal

English Definition: (verb) to tilt; to slant

Word: tagal3

Active Verb: magtagal

English Definition:

Word: taghoy

English Definition: (noun) lament; lamentation

Word: tagihawat

English Definition: (noun) pimple

Word: tagiktik

English Definition: (noun) light sound of consecutive drops; ticking of clocks and watches

Word: tagilid

English Definition: see tagilid1 see tagilid2

Word: tagilid1

Active Verb: tumagilid

English Definition:


Word: tagilid2

Active Verb: magtagilid

Passive Verb: itagild

English Definition:


Word: tagiliran

English Definition: (noun) side

Word: taglamig

English Definition: (noun) (rw. LAMIG) cold season; winter

Word: taglay

Active Verb: magtaglay

Passive Verb: taglayin

English Definition: (verb) to bear; to possess; to have as part of one's character

L2 Definition:



Word: tago

Active Verb: Magtago

Passive Verb: itago

English Definition:


Word: tagos

Active Verb: tumagos

Passive Verb: tagusan

English Definition:


Word: tagpi

English Definition: (noun) patch; patching (of cloth) to cover a tear or break

Word: tagpo

Active Verb: magtagpo

Passive Verb: tagpuin

English Definition:


L2 Definition:

_[1] e[1]
][1] [[1]W
U[1]S[1]Q[1] N

I[1] F
A[1] >




Word: tagumpay

English Definition: see tagumpay1 see tagumpay2

Word: tagumpay1

English Definition: (noun) victory

L2 Definition:



Word: tagumpay2

Active Verb: magtagumpay

English Definition: (verb) to win

L2 Definition: (verb) to cease or stop crying


Word: tahan

Active Verb: tumahan

English Definition:


Word: tahanan

English Definition: (noun) home

Word: tahi

English Definition: see tahi1 see tahi2

Word: tahi1

Active Verb: tumahi

English Definition: (verb) to sew

Word: tahi2

Active Verb: manahi

Passive Verb: tahiin

English Definition: (verb) to sew

Word: tahimik

English Definition: (adj) quiet; peaceful; tranquil

Word: tahip

English Definition: see tahip1 see tahip2 see tahip3

Word: tahip1

English Definition: (noun) the up and down movement of rice grains being winnowed on a flat basket; rapid palpitation or throbbing (of heartbeat)

Word: tahip2

Active Verb: tumahip

English Definition:


Word: tahip3

Active Verb: magtahip

English Definition:


Word: taho

English Definition: (noun) Chinese mongo bean jelly or meal with syrup; bean curd

L2 Definition:



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Word: tahol

Active Verb: tumahol

English Definition: (verb) to bark

Word: tahong

English Definition: (noun) saltwater mussel; a species of clam

Word: tahuri

English Definition: (noun) fermented salted soybean curd

Notes: Chinese

Word: taimtim

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ sincere

Word: tainga

English Definition: (noun) ear

Word: takal

English Definition: see takal1 see takal2

Word: takal1

Active Verb: tumakal

English Definition:


Word: takal2

Active Verb: magtakal

Passive Verb: takalin

English Definition: (verb) to measure

Word: takalan

English Definition: (noun) (rw. TAKAL) a measure

Word: takas

English Definition: see takas1 see takas2

Word: takas1

Active Verb: tumakas

English Definition:


Word: takas2

Active Verb: magtakas

Passive Verb: itakas

English Definition:


Word: takaw

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ greedy; voracious; gluttonous

Word: takbo

English Definition: see takbo1 see takbo2

Word: takbo1

Active Verb: tumakbo

English Definition: (verb) to run

Word: takbo2

Active Verb: magtakbo

Passive Verb: itakbo

English Definition:


Word: takda

English Definition: (noun) limitation, determination, or fixing of time; provision (of rule, ordinance, or law)

Word: takilya

English Definition: (noun) ticket booth; ticket office

Notes: Spanish

Word: takilyera

English Definition: (noun) ticket girl (in theatres)

Word: takip

English Definition: see takip1 see takip2

Word: takip1

English Definition: (noun) cover

Word: takip2

Active Verb: magtakip

Passive Verb: takpan

English Definition: (verb) to cover

Word: takipsilim

English Definition: (noun) twilight; sunset

L2 Definition:



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Word: taklob

English Definition: see taklob1 see taklob2

Word: taklob1

Active Verb: magtaklob

Passive Verb: itaklob

English Definition: (verb) to cover, usually provided with overlapping sides; to put one side over on the other as in a sandwich

Word: taklob2

Passive Verb: takluban

English Definition: Tumalikod siya sa kanyang pangako. (He turned his back on his promises.)

Word: takong

English Definition: (noun) shoe or boot heel

Word: takot

English Definition: see takot1 see takot2 see takot3 see takot4

Word: takot1

English Definition: (noun) fear; fright

L2 Definition:


Word: takot2

English Definition: (adj) /nakaka--/ frightening; formidable

Word: takot3

Passive Verb: matakot

English Definition:

L2 Definition:

Ik#²¦é¦3+[1] º
Ñ[1] ¦


Word: takot4

Passive Verb: takutin

English Definition:


Word: taksi

English Definition: (noun) taxi; cab

Word: taksil

English Definition: (adj) treacherous; unfaithful

Word: takwil

Active Verb: magtakwil

Passive Verb: itakwil

English Definition:


Word: tala

English Definition: (noun) bright star

Word: talab

Active Verb: tumalab

English Definition: (verb) to cut through; to be effective (e.g. medicine, instruction, etc.)

Word: talaba

English Definition: (noun) oyster

Word: talaga

English Definition: (adv) truly; really; honestly

L2 Definition: (syn) SIYANGA

Word: talahib

English Definition: (noun) a species of tall grass

Word: talakitok

English Definition: (noun) cavalla; a species of fish

Word: talampakan

English Definition: (noun) sole of foot; a foot length

L2 Definition: (syn) PIYE



Word: talangka

English Definition: (noun) small crab

Word: talas

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ sharp; acute

Word: tali

English Definition: see tali1 see tali2

L2 Definition:



Word: tali1

English Definition: (noun) (qnt) a bundle (tied with string)

Word: tali2

Active Verb: magtali

Passive Verb: itali

English Definition: (verb) to tie

Word: talikdan

English Definition: see talikuran

Word: talikod

Active Verb: tumalikod

English Definition: Hindi pa marunong manuka ang bibe. (The duck still does not know how to peck.)

Word: talikuran

English Definition: (verb) to turn one's back against something (idiom) to forsake somebody or something

Examples: Huwag mong talikuran ang iyong pamilya. (Don't forsake your family.)

Word: talilong

English Definition: (noun) mullet (immature)

Word: talim

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ sharp

Word: taling

English Definition: (noun) mole

Word: talinghaga

English Definition: (noun) allegory; figure of speech; metaphor

L2 Definition: (var) TALINHAGA

Word: talino

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ intelligent; wise; sharp

Word: talipapa

English Definition: (noun) fish market with temporary stalls under flat sheds

L2 Definition:



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Word: talo

English Definition: see talo1 see talo2 see talo3

Word: talo1

English Definition: (adj) defeated; beaten; surpassed

Word: talo2

Passive Verb: matalo

English Definition: (verb) to detach; to remove the skin or cover; to pry

Word: talo3

Active Verb: manalo

Passive Verb: talunin

English Definition:


Word: talon

English Definition: see talon1 see talon2

Word: talon1

English Definition: (noun) waterfall

Word: talon2

Active Verb: tumalon

Passive Verb: talunin

English Definition:


Word: talong

English Definition: (noun) eggplant

L2 Definition:



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Word: talop

English Definition: see talop1 see talop2

Word: talop1

English Definition: (noun) act of peeling

Word: talop2

English Definition: (adj) peeled; decorticated

Word: talos

English Definition: (adj) comprehended; perfectly understood

Word: talukab

English Definition: (noun) carapace (of crabs)

Word: talukap

English Definition: (noun) sheath of palm leaves or banana stalk; eyelid

Word: talukbong

English Definition: (noun) head covering

Word: talulot

English Definition: (noun) petal of a flower

Word: talumpati

English Definition: see talumpati1 see talumpati2

Word: talumpati1

English Definition: (noun) speech

Word: talumpati2

Active Verb: magtalumpati

English Definition: (verb) to give a speech

Word: talupan

English Definition: see talop1 see talop2

Word: talyasi

English Definition: (noun) vat; medium sized iron vat (for cooking)

Word: talyer

English Definition: (noun) mill; factory; workshop

Notes: Spanish

Word: tama

English Definition: see tama1 see tama2 see tama3

Word: tama ka na

English Definition: an expression which is a mild or affectionate way of saying, 'oh, stop it; oh, shut up'

Word: tama1

English Definition: (adj) correct; right; true

Word: tama2

Active Verb: tumama

English Definition: (verb) to hit the mark; to be right or correct

Word: tama3

Active Verb: magtama

Passive Verb: itama

English Definition: (verb) to put correctly

Word: tamad

English Definition: (adj) lazy; idle; indolent

Word: tamak

English Definition: (adj) impregnated

Word: tambad

English Definition: (adj) exposed to view

Word: tambak

English Definition: see tambak1 see tambak2

Word: tambak1

English Definition: (noun) a heap; a pile; filler (soil)

Word: tambak2

Active Verb: magtambak

Passive Verb: itambak

English Definition: (verb) to pile; to dump into; to fill up with rubbish, earth or stones

Word: tambal

Active Verb: magtambal

Passive Verb: itambal

English Definition: (verb) to pair up; to be billed together

Word: tamban

English Definition: (noun) herring

Word: tambo

English Definition: (noun) soft broom

Word: tambol

English Definition: see tambol1 see tambol2

Word: tambol1

English Definition: (noun) drum

Word: tambol2

Active Verb: magtambol

Passive Verb: itambol

English Definition: (verb) to drum; to pound as a drum

Word: tambuli

English Definition: (noun) bugle made from horn

Word: tamis

English Definition: see tamis1 see tamis2

Word: tamis1

English Definition: (noun) sweetness; sweets; dessert (adj) /ma+tamis/ sweet

Word: tamis2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ sweet (food)

Word: tamo

Active Verb: magtamo

Passive Verb: tamuhin

English Definition: (verb) to obtain; to acquire; to be awarded

Word: tampal

Active Verb: manampal

Passive Verb: tampalin

English Definition: (verb) to slap with the hand

L2 Definition:



Word: tampalasan

English Definition: (adj) wicked; perverse; destructive

Word: tampipi

English Definition: (noun) chest or trunk made from palm leaves

L2 Definition:



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Word: tampisaw

Active Verb: magtampisaw

English Definition: (verb) to wade in the water

Word: tampo

Active Verb: magtampo

English Definition: (verb) to sulk

Word: tanan

Active Verb: magtanan

Passive Verb: itanan

English Definition: (verb) to elope; to elope with

Word: tanaw

English Definition: see tanaw1 see tanaw2

Word: tanaw1

English Definition: (noun) /--in/ (TANAWIN) scenery; landscape; view

Word: tanaw2

Active Verb: tumanaw

Passive Verb: tanawin

English Definition: (verb) to view; to look

Word: tanda

English Definition: see tanda1 see tanda2 see tanda3 see tanda4 see tanda5

L2 Definition:



Word: tanda1

English Definition: (noun) mark; sign

L2 Definition:



Word: tanda2

English Definition: (noun) age

Word: tanda3

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ elderly; old

Word: tanda4

Active Verb: tumanda

English Definition: (verb) to age; to get older

Word: tanda5

Active Verb: magtanda

Passive Verb: tandaan

English Definition: (verb) to remember; to retain

Word: tandang

English Definition: (noun) rooster

Word: tandyent

English Definition: Tagalog slang for stupid

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tanga

Word: tanga

English Definition: (adj) stupid; ignorant; idiot

Word: tangan

English Definition: see tangan1 see tangan2

Word: tangan1

Active Verb: tumangan

English Definition: (verb) to hold in hand; to hold on to

Word: tangan2

Active Verb: magtangan

Passive Verb: tanganan

English Definition: (verb) to hold in hand; to hold on to

Word: tangay

English Definition: (adj) carried away (by seizure, force, mouth)


Word: tanggal

Active Verb: magtanggal

Passive Verb: tanggalin

English Definition: (verb) to unfasten; to dismantle; to remove; to take off

Word: tanggap

Active Verb: tumanggap

Passive Verb: tanggapin

English Definition: (verb) to receive; to accept; to admit

Word: tanggapan

English Definition: (noun) office

Word: tanggi

Active Verb: tumanggi

Passive Verb: tanggihan

English Definition: (verb) to refuse; to deny

Word: tanggo

English Definition: (noun) tango (dance)

Word: tanggol

English Definition: see tanggol1 see tanggol2 see tanggol3

Word: tanggol1

English Definition: (noun) defense

L2 Definition:



Word: tanggol2

Active Verb: magtanggol

Passive Verb: itanggol

English Definition: (verb) to defend

L2 Definition:



Word: tanggol2tanggol1

English Definition: (noun) defense

Word: tanggol3

Active Verb: ipagtanggol

English Definition: (verb) to defend

Word: tanghal

English Definition: see tanghal1 see tanghal2 see tanghal3

Word: tanghal1

English Definition: (noun) /--an/ (TANGHALAN) place where a show or program is exhibited

L2 Definition:



Word: tanghal2

English Definition: (adj) exalted; prominent

Word: tanghal3

Active Verb: magtanghal

Passive Verb: tanghalin

English Definition: (verb) to exalt; to exhibit

Word: tanghali

English Definition: see tanghali1 see tanghali2 see tanghali3 see tanghali4

L2 Definition:



Word: tanghali1

English Definition: (noun) /--an/ (TANGHALIAN) lunch; noon meal


Word: tanghali2

English Definition: (adj) late (time); not early

Word: tanghali3

English Definition: (adv) late; high noon; midday

Word: tanghali4

Active Verb: mananghali

English Definition: (verb) to have lunch

Word: tangi

English Definition: (adj) special; favorite; one and only

Word: tanging

English Definition: see tangi

Word: tangka

Active Verb: magtangka

Passive Verb: tangkain

English Definition: (verb) to premeditate; to plan; to intend

Word: tangkad

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ tall and slender of stature

Word: tangkal

English Definition: (noun) cage for chickens

Word: tangke

English Definition: (noun) tank

Word: tango

Active Verb: tumango

Passive Verb: itango

English Definition: (verb) to nod; to say yes

Word: tangos

English Definition: see tangos1 see tangos2 see tangos3

Word: tangos1

English Definition: (noun) (Geog) cape; promontory; peninsula

Word: tangos2

English Definition: (noun) prominence (physically, as of nose or forehead); high-bridged nose

Word: tangos3

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ high-bridged (nose)

Word: tanikala

English Definition: (noun) chain

Word: tanim

English Definition: see tanim1 see tanim2

Word: tanim1

English Definition: (noun) plant

Word: tanim2

Active Verb: magtanim

Passive Verb: itanim

English Definition: (verb) to plant

Word: taning

English Definition: see taning1 see taning2

Word: taning1

English Definition: (noun) a time limit

Word: tanong1

English Definition: (noun) a question

L2 Definition:



Word: tanong2

Active Verb: magtanong

Passive Verb: tanungin

English Definition: (verb) to ask; to question; to inquire

Word: tanong2tanong1

English Definition: (noun) a question

Word: tanong3

Passive Verb: itanong

English Definition: (verb) to ask; to question; to inquire

Word: tanso

English Definition: (noun) copper

Word: tanto

English Definition: (adj) realized

Word: tanyag

English Definition: (adj) popular; known; famous

Word: tao

English Definition: (noun) person

Word: Tao po!

English Definition: a phrase used by a caller to announce his presence at the entrance of a home; literally, 'Someone is here.'

Word: taob

English Definition: see taob1 see taob2

Word: taob1

Active Verb: tumaob

English Definition: (verb) to capsize; to lay face down; to overturn


Word: taob2

Active Verb: magtaob

Passive Verb: itaob

English Definition: (verb) to capsize; to lay face down; to overturn

Word: taon

English Definition: (noun) year

Word: taong

English Definition: (noun) the volume capacity of a kerosene can (approximately five gallons)

Word: taong-bahay

English Definition: (noun) housekeeper; housewife

Word: tapa

English Definition: (noun) jerked beef or pork; dried meat

Word: tapak

English Definition: see tapak1 see tapak2

Word: tapak1

Active Verb: tumapak

Passive Verb: tapakan

English Definition: (verb) to tread on; to lay the foot on; to step on

Word: tapak2

Active Verb: magtapak

English Definition: (verb) to go barefoot

Word: tapal

Active Verb: magtapal

Passive Verb: itapal

English Definition: (verb) to patch; to apply on

Word: tapang

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ brave; courageous

Word: tapat

English Definition: see tapat1 see tapat2 see tapat3 see tapat4 see tapat5 see tapat6

L2 Definition:



Word: tapat1

English Definition: (noun) the place in front; that which is across

Word: tapat2

English Definition: (adv) in front of

Word: tapat3

Active Verb: tumapat

English Definition: (verb) to stand in front of

Word: tapat4

Passive Verb: itapat

English Definition: (verb) to put directly in front of

Word: tapat5

Active Verb: magtapat

English Definition: (verb) to tell the truth; to be frank, sincere, honest

Word: tapat6

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ honest; truthful; sincere; loyal

Word: tapayan

English Definition: (noun) a large earthen jar for water storage

L2 Definition:



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Word: tapete

English Definition: (noun) tablecloth

Word: tapi

English Definition: see tapi1 see tapi2

Word: tapi1

English Definition: (noun) a piece of cloth usually wrapped around the body or wrapped from the waist down


Word: tapi2

Active Verb: magtapi

Passive Verb: itapi

English Definition: (verb) to wrap a piece of cloth around the body

Word: tapiyoka

English Definition: (noun) tapioca

Word: tapon

English Definition: see tapon1 see tapon2 see tapon3


Word: tapon1

Active Verb: tumapon

English Definition: (verb) to be spilled

Word: tapon2

Active Verb: magtapon

Passive Verb: itapon

English Definition: (verb) to throw away; to cart aside something

Word: tapos

English Definition: see tapos1 see tapos2 see tapos3 see tapos4

Word: tapos1

English Definition: (noun) ending; conclusion

Word: tapos2

English Definition: (adv) afterwards

Word: tapos3

Active Verb: magtapos

English Definition: (verb) to graduate

Word: tapos4

Passive Verb: tapusin

English Definition: (verb) to finish

Word: tapwe

English Definition: Tagalog slang for fifty pesos (Philippine currency)

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) limampung piso

Word: tapyas

English Definition: see tapyas1 see tapyas2

Word: tapyas1

English Definition: (noun) facet (as on a cut gem) resulting from chipping or shaping


Word: tapyas2

English Definition: (adj) chipped; trimmed

Word: tarabaho

English Definition: (noun) work

L2 Definition: (var) TRABAHO

Word: tarak

English Definition: see tarak1 see tarak2 see tarak3 see tarak4

Word: tarak1

English Definition: (noun) knife or dagger sticking out with sharp end embedded

Word: tarak2

English Definition: (adj) /naka--/ plunged in (as a dagger)

Word: tarak3

Passive Verb: itarak

English Definition: (verb) to stab with (a knife or dagger)

Word: tarak4

Passive Verb: tarakan

English Definition: (verb) to stab (someone) with a knife or dagger

Word: tarang

English Definition: (noun) stamping of feet (in pain or anger)

Word: tarangka

English Definition: (noun) bar or closing-peg across a door or window

L2 Definition: (var) TRANGKA

Notes: Spanish

Word: tarantado

English Definition: (adj) a person with misdirected acts

Notes: Spanish

Word: tarheta

English Definition: (noun) calling or visiting card

Notes: Spanish

Word: tartanilya

English Definition: (noun) round-top two-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage

Notes: Spanish

Word: tasa

English Definition: (noun) cup

Word: tassel

English Definition: Tagalog slang for spouse (syn) UMI, WATIWAT, WISWAS, YUKUSA, WASWIT, JOWA

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) asawa (syn) UMI, WATIWAT, WISWAS, YUKUSA, WASWIT, JOWA

Word: tastas

English Definition: see tastas1 see tastas2

Word: tastas1

English Definition: (adj) unstitched; detached; ripped

Word: tastas2

Active Verb: magtastas

Passive Verb: tastasin

English Definition: (verb) to rip what has been sewn

Word: tatag

Active Verb: magtatag

Passive Verb: itatag

English Definition: (verb) to found; to establish; to organize

Word: tatak

English Definition: (noun) imprint; stamp; seal; mark; trademark

Word: tatas

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ fluent

Word: tatay

English Definition: (noun) father

Notes: term of address and reference

Word: tatlo

English Definition: (num) three

Word: tatsulok

English Definition: (noun) triangle

Word: tatu

English Definition: (noun) tattoo

L2 Definition: (var) TATO

Notes: English

Word: taw omega

English Definition: Tagalog slang for a person with many skin allergies or marks

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) taong maraming galis at peklat

Word: tawa

English Definition: see tawa1 see tawa2

Word: tawa1

Active Verb: tumawa

English Definition: (verb) to laugh

Word: tawa2

Active Verb: magtawa

English Definition: (verb) to laugh continuously

Word: tawad

English Definition: see tawad1 see tawad2 see tawad3 see tawad4

L2 Definition:



Word: tawad1

English Definition: (noun) a discount; a reduction in price

Word: tawad2

Active Verb: tumawad

Passive Verb: tawaran

English Definition: (verb) to bargain; to ask for a discount

Word: tawad3

Passive Verb: tawarin

English Definition: (verb) to bargain; to ask for a discount

Word: tawad4

Passive Verb: itawad

English Definition: (verb) to bargain; to ask for a discount

Word: tawag

English Definition: see tawag1 see tawag2

Word: tawag1

Active Verb: tumawag

Passive Verb: tawagin

English Definition: (verb) to call

Word: tawag2

Active Verb: magtawag

English Definition: (verb) to call

Word: tawas

English Definition: (noun) alum

Word: tawid

English Definition: see tawid1 see tawid2 see tawid3

Word: tawid1

English Definition: (noun) crossing; the act of crossing or going across (a street, river, or stretch of country)

Word: tawid2

Active Verb: tumawid

Passive Verb: tawirin

English Definition: (verb) to cross, as a street or a river

Word: tawid3

Active Verb: magtawid

Passive Verb: itawid

English Definition: (verb) to take across; to help someone cross the street

Word: tawsi

English Definition: (noun) beans preserved in soy sauce

L2 Definition:

Notes: Chinese


Word: taya

English Definition: see taya1 see taya2 see taya3

Word: taya1

English Definition: (noun) the 'it' in a game

Word: taya2

Active Verb: tumaya

English Definition: (verb) to wager; to bet on


Word: taya3

Active Verb: magtaya

Passive Verb: itaya

English Definition: (verb) to wager; to bet

Word: tayo

English Definition: see tayo1 see tayo2 see tayo3

Word: tayo1

Active Verb: tumayo

English Definition: (verb) to stand; to build; to let stand

Word: tayo2

Active Verb: magtayo

Passive Verb: itayo

English Definition: (verb) to stand; to construct; to build; to let stand

Word: tayo3

English Definition: (pron) we (inclusive); you and I; you, I, and others

Word: tayog

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ high (altitude or elevation)

Word: taypis

English Definition: (noun) typist

Notes: English

Word: tefelone

English Definition: Tagalog slang for telephone

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) telepono

Word: teka

English Definition: (part) an expression which means 'just a minute' or 'by the way'

Notes: derived from HINTAY KA

Word: tela

English Definition: (noun) cloth; clothing material

Word: telebisyon

English Definition: (noun) television; a television set

Word: telegrama

English Definition: (noun) telegram; cable

Word: telepono

English Definition: (noun) telephone

Word: temperatura

English Definition: (noun) temperature

Word: tena

English Definition: (part) an expression which means, 'let's go' or 'come on'

Notes: a contraction of TAYO NA

Word: tenga

English Definition: (noun) ear

Notes: originally pronounced TAINGA or TAYNGA

Word: tengang-daga

English Definition: (noun) dried black mushroom

Word: tenis

English Definition: (noun) tennis

Notes: English

Word: tentasyon

English Definition: (noun) temptation

Notes: Spanish

Word: tenyente

English Definition: (noun) lieutenant

L2 Definition: (var) TININTE

Notes: Spanish

Word: tepok

English Definition: Tagalog slang for dead (syn) TIGBAK, TIGOK, TIMBOG

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) patay (syn) TIGOK, TIGBAK, TIMBOG

Word: terible

English Definition: (adj) terrible

Notes: Spanish

Word: termos

English Definition: (noun) thermos bottle

Notes: Spanish

Word: terno

English Definition: (noun) woman's native costume with butterfly sleeves; formal wear

L2 Definition:

Notes: see SAYA1


Word: tesurera

English Definition: (noun) treasurer


Word: tetano

English Definition: (noun) tetanus

Notes: Spanish

Word: tianak

English Definition: (noun) elf or goblin (folklore)

L2 Definition:


Word: tibay

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ durable; sturdy; lasting

Word: tibi

English Definition: (noun) constipation; costiveness

Word: tibo

English Definition: see tibo1 see tibo2

Word: tibo

English Definition: Tagalog slang for lesbian

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tomboy, lesbyana

Word: tibo1

English Definition: (noun) splinter of glass

Word: tibo2

Passive Verb: matibo

English Definition: (verb) to be punctured by glass splinter

Word: tibok

Active Verb: tumibok

English Definition: (verb) to throb; to pulsate; to beat

Word: tigang

English Definition: (adj) extremely dry (soil)

Word: tigas

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ hard; tough; tenacious

Word: tigdas

English Definition: (noun) the measles

Word: tigib

English Definition: (adj) filled; overburdened; overloaded

Word: tigil

English Definition: see tigil1 see tigil2

Word: tigil1

Active Verb: tumigil

English Definition: (verb) to stop; to discontinue; to suspend

Word: tigil2

Active Verb: magtigil

Passive Verb: itigil

English Definition: (verb) to stop; to discontinue; to suspend

Word: tigmak

English Definition: (adj) soaked; drenched; thoroughly immersed

Word: tigre

English Definition: (noun) tiger

Notes: Spanish

Word: tihaya

English Definition: see tihaya1 see tihaya2

Word: tihaya1

Active Verb: tumihaya

English Definition: (verb) to lie with face or ventral side up; to lie on one's back

Word: tihaya2

Active Verb: magtihaya

Passive Verb: itihaya

English Definition: (verb) to lie with face or ventral side up

Word: tiheras

English Definition: (noun) cot

Word: tiis

Active Verb: magtiis

Passive Verb: tiisin

English Definition: (verb) to bear; to endure; to suffer

Word: tiket

English Definition: (noun) ticket

Word: tikim

Active Verb: tumikim

Passive Verb: tikman

English Definition: (verb) to taste; to sample food

Word: tikis

English Definition: (adv) on purpose; intentionally

Word: tikling

English Definition: (noun) rail bird with long legs

Word: tiklo

English Definition: Tagalog slang for caught by police, arrested

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) huli

Word: tiklop

English Definition: see tiklop1 see tiklop2 see tiklop3

Word: tiklop1

English Definition: (noun) fold

Word: tiklop2

Active Verb: tumiklop

English Definition: (verb) to fold

Word: tiklop3

Active Verb: magtiklop

Passive Verb: tiklupin

English Definition: (verb) to fold

Word: tikoy

English Definition: Tagalog slang for miser, frugal

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) kuripot

Word: tiktik

English Definition: (noun) spy

L2 Definition:



Word: tila

English Definition: (adj) ended; ceased

Word: tilad

English Definition: (noun) small pieces or bits (from cutting or chopping)

Word: tilamsik

English Definition: (noun) splash (of water); spark (of fire, especially form a forge)

Word: tilaok

English Definition: (noun) crowing of rooster

Word: tilapiya

English Definition: (noun) tilapia

Word: tili

English Definition: (noun) sudden shrill cry (from fright or pain); the cry of the deer

Word: tililing

English Definition: Tagalog slang for someone who is considered slightly insane or at times off-beat

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) may pagkaluka-luka

Word: tilin

English Definition: (noun) clitoris

Word: timang

English Definition: Tagalog slang for stupid

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tanga

Word: timawa

English Definition: (noun) freeman; emancipated slave

Word: timba

English Definition: (noun) pail; bucket

Word: timbang

English Definition: see timbang1 see timbang2 see timbang3

Word: timbang1

English Definition: (noun) weight

Word: timbang2

Active Verb: tumimbang

Passive Verb: timbangin

English Definition: (verb) to weigh

Word: timbang3

Active Verb: magtimbang

English Definition: (verb) to weigh

Word: time man

English Definition: Tagalog slang for an inmate who has been spending much time in prison

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) preso na matagal na sa loob ng bilangguan

Word: timog

English Definition: (adv) south

L2 Definition:



Word: timpi

Active Verb: magtimpi

Passive Verb: timpiin

English Definition: (verb) to control one's self

L2 Definition:



Word: timpla

English Definition: (noun) ingredients added or mixed to fill a pharmaceutical prescription; seasoning (in cooking); mixture

L2 Definition:

Notes: Spanish


Word: timplado

English Definition: (adj) moderate; tempered

Notes: Spanish

Word: timtiman

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ constant; faithful

Word: tina

English Definition: (noun) dye; indigo

Word: tinag

Active Verb: tuminag

Passive Verb: tinagin

English Definition: (noun) shine, illumination (verb) to illuminate, to brighten up (idiom) to understand, to enlighten (adj) bright, shiny

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Tuminag ang kanyang mukha sa liwanag ng araw. (Her face was illuminated by the sun's light.) 2) Patinagin natin ang bahay na madilim. (Let us brighten up the dim house.)

Word: tinapa

English Definition: (noun) smoked fish

Word: tinapay

English Definition: (noun) bread

Word: tinda

English Definition: see tinda1 see tinda2 see tinda3

Word: tinda1

English Definition: (noun) goods for sale; merchandise

Word: tinda2

English Definition: (noun) /--an/ (TINDAHAN) store

L2 Definition:



Word: tinda3

Active Verb: magtinda

Passive Verb: itinda

English Definition: (verb) to sell

L2 Definition:


Word: tindahan

English Definition: (noun) store

Word: tindera

English Definition: (noun) storekeeper; shop-owner

L2 Definition: (var) TINDERO

Word: tindi

English Definition: see tindi1 see tindi2

Word: tindi1

English Definition: (noun) ponderousness; intensity; gravity; heaviness

L2 Definition:



Word: tindi2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ grave; intense; poderous; heavy

L2 Definition:


Word: tindig

English Definition: see tindig1 see tindig2

Word: tindig1

Active Verb: tumindig

English Definition: (verb) to stand up

Word: tindig2

Active Verb: magtindig

Passive Verb: itindig

English Definition: (verb) to put in an upright position

Word: tinga

English Definition: (noun) foreign matter lodged between the teeth

Notes: Chinese

Word: tingala

English Definition: see tingala1 see tingala2

Word: tingala1

English Definition: (adj) with face looking upward

Word: tingala2

English Definition: (adv) /pa--/ looking upward, with face or front in upward position

Word: tingga

English Definition: (noun) lead; tin

Word: tingi

English Definition: (noun) that which is selling or sold at retail

L2 Definition:

Notes: Chinese


Word: tingin

Active Verb: tumingin

Passive Verb: tingnan

English Definition: (verb) to look at; to view

Word: tingkad

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ bright (colored)

Word: tingting

English Definition: (noun) stickbroom; ribs of palm Tagalog slang for skinny, slim

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) payat

Word: tingting

English Definition: (noun) stickbroom; ribs of palm Tagalog slang for skinny, slim

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) payat

Word: tinidor

English Definition: (noun) fork

Word: tinig

English Definition: (noun) voice

L2 Definition: (syn) BOSES

Word: tinik

English Definition: see tinik1 see tinik2

Word: tinik1

English Definition: (noun) thorn; fishbone

Word: tinik2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ thorny

Word: tinikling

English Definition: (noun) a native dance in which the dancer steps in and out of two clapping bamboo poles

L2 Definition:



See a picture

Word: tino

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ sane; full of common sense; sensible

Word: tinta

English Definition: (noun) ink

Word: tintura

English Definition: (noun) tincture

Notes: Spanish

Word: tinyente

English Definition: (noun) lieutenant

Word: tipak

English Definition: see tipak1 see tipak2

Word: tipak1

Active Verb: tumipak

English Definition: (verb) to hit; to win a fortune

Word: tipak2

Active Verb: magtipak

Passive Verb: tipakin

English Definition: (verb) to chop off a piece or portion of matter

Word: tipaklong

English Definition: (noun) species of grasshopper

Word: tipid

English Definition: see tipid1 see tipid2

Word: tipid1

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ economical; thrifty; frugal

Word: tipid2

Active Verb: magtipid

Passive Verb: tipirin

English Definition: (verb) to use economically; to be thrifty

Word: tipon

Active Verb: magtipon

Passive Verb: tipunin

English Definition: (verb) to collect; to gather together; to store away

Word: tira

English Definition: see tira1 see tira2 see tira3 see tira4

Word: tira1

English Definition: (adj) /naka--/ staying at; residing in

Word: tira2

English Definition: (noun) leftover; remainder

Word: tira3

Active Verb: tumira

English Definition: (verb) to reside; to dwell

Word: tira4

Active Verb: magtira

Passive Verb: itira

English Definition: (verb) to set aside, as food, for someone

Word: tirador

English Definition: (noun) y-slingshot

Notes: Spanish

Word: tirante

English Definition: (noun) suspenders; reins

Notes: Spanish

Word: tirik

English Definition: see tirik1 see tirik2

Word: tirik1

Active Verb: tumirik

English Definition: (verb) to look straight upward, as in a state of delirium

Word: tirik2

Active Verb: magtirik

Passive Verb: itirik

English Definition: (verb) to set upright (as candles)

Word: tirintas

English Definition: (noun) braid; pigtail

L2 Definition: (var) TRINTAS

Notes: Spanish

Word: tiris

English Definition: (noun) the act of crushing (e.g. lice) between thumbnails

Notes: Spanish

Word: tisa

English Definition: (noun) roof tile; chalk

Notes: Spanish

Word: tisis

English Definition: (noun) tuberculosis

Notes: Spanish

Word: titi

English Definition: (noun) penis

Word: titig

Active Verb: tumitig

English Definition: (verb) to stare at

Word: titik

English Definition: (noun) letter of alphabet or ABAKADA; writing; handwriting; penmanship

Word: titser

English Definition: (noun) teacher

L2 Definition: (syn) GURO, MAESTRA, MAESTRO

Word: titulo

English Definition: (noun) title; degree (academic); title for land ownership

Word: tiwa

English Definition: (noun) intestinal worm

Word: tiwakal

Active Verb: magpatiwakal

English Definition: (verb) to commit suicide

Word: tiwala

English Definition: see tiwala1 see tiwala2

Word: tiwala1

English Definition: (noun) trust; faith; hope

Word: tiwala2

Active Verb: magtiwala

English Definition: (verb) to have trust or confidence in someone

Word: tiwalag

English Definition: see tiwalag1 see tiwalag2

Word: tiwalag1

Active Verb: tumiwalag

English Definition: (verb) to separate; to resign from

Word: tiwalag2

Active Verb: magtiwalag

Passive Verb: itiwalag

English Definition: (verb) to dismiss; to expel; to remove from

Word: tiwangwang

English Definition: (adj) /naka--/ widely open; totally exposed (to wind and sun)

Word: tiwarik

English Definition: (adj) upside down; head down, feet up

Word: tiwasay

English Definition: (adj) tranquil

Word: tiwup

English Definition: Tagalog slang for butt, ass; from Tagalog PUWIT (syn) WEPAKS

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) puwit (syn) WEPAKS

Word: tiya

English Definition: (noun) aunt

Notes: term of address and reference

Word: tiyaga

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ constant; patient; persevering

Word: tiyak

English Definition: (adj) specific; direct; to the point

Word: tiyan

English Definition: (noun) stomach; belly

Word: tiyani

English Definition: (noun) tweezer

Word: tiyempo

English Definition: see tiyempo1 see tiyempo2

Word: tiyempo1

English Definition: (noun) timing; cadence; rhythm (especially in music)

Notes: Spanish

Word: tiyo

English Definition: (noun) uncle

Notes: term of address and reference

Word: todo

English Definition: (adj) all

Notes: Spanish

Word: toga

English Definition: (noun) academic gown; judicial robe; cap and gown (for graduation)

Notes: Spanish

Word: toge

English Definition: (noun) bean sprout; mongo shoot

Word: tokador

English Definition: (noun) ladies dressing table with large mirror; a dresser

Notes: Spanish

Word: tokayo

English Definition: (noun) namesake; person having the same first name as one's self

L2 Definition: (var) TUKAYO

Notes: Spanish

Word: tokwa

English Definition: (noun) pressed soybean curd

Notes: Chinese

Word: tolda

English Definition: (noun) canvas (cloth); tent

Word: toma

English Definition: Tagalog slang for drinking alcoholic beverages

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) pagiinuman ng nakakalasing na inumin

Word: tomahawk

English Definition: Tagalog slang for a certain type of haircut

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) isang klase ng gupit

Word: tonguts

English Definition: Tagalog slang for nipples

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) utong

Word: tonsil

English Definition: (noun) tonsil

Notes: Latin

Word: topak

English Definition: Tagalog slang for someone with temperament problems

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) sumpungin

Word: topograpiya

English Definition: (noun) topography

Notes: Spanish

Word: tornilyo

English Definition: (noun) screw

Notes: Spanish

Word: torpe

English Definition: (adj) dull; stupid

Notes: Spanish

Word: torta

English Definition: (noun) omelet

Notes: Spanish

Word: totoo

English Definition: (adj) true; as an expression, it means 'Honestly? Really?'

L2 Definition: (syn) TALAGA; SIYANGA

Word: totoy

English Definition: (noun) appellation for a small boy

Word: totso

English Definition: (noun) sauteed fish with TAHURI (soy bean curd)

Notes: Chinese

Word: toxic

English Definition: Tagalog slang for busy with so many work

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) maraming trabaho

Word: toyo

English Definition: (noun) soy sauce Tagalog slang for someone with temperament problem

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) sumpong

Word: trabaho

English Definition: see trabaho1 see trabaho2

Word: trabaho1

English Definition: (noun) work; job; occupation

Word: trabaho2

Active Verb: magtrabaho

Passive Verb: trabahuin

English Definition: (verb) to work

Word: trahe

English Definition: (noun) suit of clothes

Notes: Spanish

Word: trak

English Definition: (noun) truck

L2 Definition: (var) TARAK

Word: traktor

English Definition: (noun) tractor

Notes: English

Word: trangkaso

English Definition: (noun) grippe; influenza

Notes: Spanish

Word: transistor

English Definition: (noun) transistor radio

Notes: English

Word: transper

English Definition: (noun) transfer

Notes: English

Word: trapo

English Definition: (noun) cleaning rag; rag

Notes: Spanish

Word: trato

English Definition: (noun) agreement; contract

Notes: Spanish

Word: trayanggulo

English Definition: (adj) triangular

Notes: Spanish

Word: traysikle

English Definition: (noun) tricycle; pedicab

L2 Definition: (syn) PEDIKAB

Notes: English

Word: treinta

English Definition: (num) thirty

L2 Definition: (var) TRENTA

Notes: Spanish


Word: tren

English Definition: (noun) train

Word: tres

English Definition: (num) three

Notes: Spanish

Word: triga

English Definition: Tagalog slang for intrigue

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) pakana, sabwatan

Word: trigo

English Definition: (noun) wheat

Notes: Spanish


Word: trip

English Definition: Tagalog slang for plan, current act, or idea

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) balak, ginagawa, o idea

Word: trono

English Definition: (noun) throne

Notes: Spanish

Word: trono

English Definition: Tagalog slang for toilet bowl

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) inudoro

Word: tropa

English Definition: (noun) troop

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsa

English Definition: (noun) tea

L2 Definition: (var) TSAA

Notes: Chinese

Word: tsalak

English Definition: Tagalog slang for to sleep

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) matulog

Word: tsampaka

English Definition: (noun) white or orange champak

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsampurado

English Definition: (noun) chocolate-flavored porridge

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsapa

English Definition: (noun) badge

L2 Definition:

Notes: Spanish


Word: tsaperon

English Definition: (noun) chaperon

Notes: English

Word: tseke

English Definition: (noun) a bank check

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsekwa

English Definition: Tagalog slang for Chinese

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) intsik

Word: tsibak

English Definition: Tagalog slang (verb) to eat

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) kumain

Word: tsika

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) gossiper (female)

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tsismosa

Word: tsikiting

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) little kids, little children

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) mga munting anak

Word: tsiko

English Definition: (noun) chico

Word: tsimay

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) female house helper, housemaid

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) katulong na babae

Word: tsinelas

English Definition: (noun) slippers, flipflops, rubber beach slippers

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsinugi

English Definition: Tagalog slang (verb) removed

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) inalis, tinanggal

Word: tsip

English Definition: (noun) chief

Notes: English

Word: tsismis

English Definition: (noun) gossip

Word: tsismosa

English Definition: (noun) tale-bearing person; a gossip; a tattletale

L2 Definition: (var) TSISMOSO

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsitsa

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) food

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) pagkain

Word: tsok

English Definition: (noun) chalk

Notes: English

Word: tsoke

English Definition: see tsoke1 see tsoke2

Word: tsoke1

English Definition: (noun) impact; collision

Word: tsoke2

Active Verb: magtsoke

English Definition: (verb) to collide

Word: tsokolate

English Definition: see tsokolate1 see tsokolate2

Word: tsokolate1

English Definition: (noun) chocolate

Notes: Spanish

Word: tsokolate2

English Definition: (adj) brown

L2 Definition: (syn) KAPE; KAYUMANGGI

Word: tsong

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) buddy, mate, friend (male)

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) kumpare, pare

Word: tsonggo

English Definition: (noun) monkey

Word: tsungki

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) a session to smoke pot or marijuana

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) pulong sa paghitit ng mariwana

Word: tsuper

English Definition: (noun) driver of a motor vehicle; chauffeur

Notes: French

Word: tsuplada

English Definition: (adj) snobbish; haughty

L2 Definition: (var) TSUPLADO

Word: tsutsu

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) gossiper, whiner

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tsismosa; mapanangis

Word: tuba

English Definition: (noun) native drink; palm sap

Word: tubero

English Definition: (noun) plumber

Word: tubig

English Definition: (noun) water

Word: tubo

English Definition: see tubo1 see tubo2 see tubo3 see tubo4

Word: tubo1

English Definition: (noun) sugarcane

L2 Definition:



See a picture

Word: tubo2

English Definition: (noun) gain; profit; benefit

Word: tubo3

Active Verb: tumubo

English Definition: (verb) to grow (plants)

L2 Definition:


Examples: Tumubo na ang kamatis. (The tomato plant already grew.)

Word: tubo4

Active Verb: magtubo

English Definition: (verb) to gain; to profit; to earn interest; to grow

L2 Definition:


Examples: Magtubo ka lang nang kaunti. (You should only have a small profit.)

Word: tubos

Active Verb: manubos

Passive Verb: tubusin

English Definition: (verb) to redeem

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Manubos ka ng kawawang bata. (You redeem the poor child.) 2) Tubusin mo ang aking utang. (Redeem my debt.)

Word: tubuhan

English Definition: (noun) (rw. TUBO) sugarcane plantation or field

Word: tuchang

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) friend, buddy

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) kaibigan

Word: tugon

English Definition: (noun) answer

Word: tugtog

Active Verb: tumugtog

Passive Verb: tugtugin

English Definition: (verb) to play music; to play on an instrument

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Tumugtog ka naman ng gitara. (You play the guitar.) 2) Tugtugin mo nga ang awitin ni Julio Iglesias. (Play the music of Julio Iglesias.)

Word: tuhod

English Definition: (noun) knee

Word: tuhog

English Definition: see tuhog1 see tuhog2

Word: tuhog1

Active Verb: magtuhog

Passive Verb: tuhugin

English Definition: (verb) to string together; to thread

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Magtuhog ka ng sampung tuyong isda. (You thread ten dried fish.) 2) Tuhugin mo ang laman ng baboy. (Thread the pork meat.)

Word: tuhog2

Passive Verb: ituhog

English Definition: (verb) to string together; to thread

L2 Definition:


Examples: Ituhog mo kami ng pusit para ihawin. (Thread for us some squid to be grilled.)

Word: tuka

English Definition: see tuka1 see tuka2 see tuka3

L2 Definition:



Word: tuka1

English Definition: (noun) bill of a fowl; the act of pecking

Word: tuka2

Active Verb: tumuka

Passive Verb: tukain

English Definition: (verb) to peck

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Tumuka ang manok ng bulati. (The hen pecked a worm.) 2) Lumayo ka sa manok at baka ka tukain. (Stay away from the hen or you might get pecked.)

Word: tuka3

Active Verb: manuka

English Definition: (verb) to peck

L2 Definition:


Examples: Hindi pa marunong manuka ang bibe. (The duck still does not know how to peck.)

Word: tuklap

Active Verb: magtuklap

Passive Verb: tuklapin

English Definition: (verb) to detach; to remove the skin or cover; to pry

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Marunong ka bang magtuklap ng balat ng ahas? (Do you know how to skin a snake?) 2) Tuklapin mo ang peluka ni Josie. (Detach Josie's wig.)

Word: tuklas

Passive Verb: tuklasin

English Definition: (verb) to find out, to discover something

Examples: Tuklasin mo ang iyong kinabukasan. (Discover your future.)

Word: tuklasin

English Definition: see tuklas

Word: tukod

English Definition: (noun) prop

Word: tukso

Active Verb: manukso

Passive Verb: tuksuhin

English Definition: (verb) to tease; to joke; to jest; to tempt

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Mahilig manukso ang batang iyan. (That child is fond of teasing.) 2) Huwag mong tuksuhin si Bill. (Don't tease Bill.)

Word: tuktok

English Definition: see tuktok1 see tuktok2

Word: tuktok1

English Definition: (noun) a tap; a knock

Word: tuktok2

English Definition: (noun) top; tip; peak (of head); mountain peak

Word: tula

English Definition: see tula1 see tula2

Word: tula1

English Definition: (noun) poem

Word: tula2

Active Verb: tumula

English Definition: (verb) to recite a poem

L2 Definition:


Examples: Tumula si Monica sa harap ni Linda. (Monica recited a poem before Linda.)

Word: tulad

English Definition: (adj) same as; similar to; like that of

Word: tulak

English Definition: see tulak1 see tulak2

Word: tulak1

Active Verb: tumulak

English Definition: (verb) to leave by boat; to depart by boat

L2 Definition:


Examples: Tumulak siya papuntang Cebu. (He left by boat to Cebu.)

Word: tulak2

Active Verb: magtulak

Passive Verb: itulak

English Definition: (verb) to shove; to push

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Magtulak tayo ng sirang kotse. (Let's push the broken car.) 2) Itulak natin ang kotse. (Let's push the car.)

Word: tulala

English Definition: (adj) stupid; ignorant

Word: tulay

English Definition: (noun) bridge

Word: tuldok

English Definition: (noun) period mark

Word: tuli

English Definition: see tuli1 see tuli2

Word: tuli1

English Definition: (noun) circumcision

Word: tuli2

English Definition: (adj) circumcised

Word: tulig

English Definition: see tulig1 see tulig2

L2 Definition:



Word: tulig1

English Definition: (adj) so deafened by noise as to be confused

L2 Definition:



Word: tulig2

Passive Verb: matulig

English Definition: (verb) to be defeaned by noise

L2 Definition:


Examples: Takpan mo ang iyong tenga at baka ka matulig sa ingay ng paputok. (Cover your ears so you won't be defeaned by the noise of the firecraker.)

Word: tulin

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ fast; swift; rapid

Word: tulingan

English Definition: (noun) tuna

Word: tulis

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ sharp-pointed Tagalog slang (adj) someone who is fond of girls

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) mahilig sa babae

Word: tulisan

English Definition: (noun) highwayman; brigand

Word: tulo

Active Verb: tumulo

English Definition: (verb) to drip

L2 Definition:


Examples: Tumulo ang tubig-ulan sa loob ng bahay. (The rain-water dripped inside the house.)

Word: tulog

English Definition: see tulog1 see tulog2

Word: tulog1

English Definition: (adj) asleep; sluggard

Word: tulog2

Active Verb: matulog

English Definition: (verb) to sleep; to go to bed

L2 Definition:


Examples: Matulog ka ng maaga para maaga kang magising. (You should sleep early so you could wake up early.)

Word: tulong

Active Verb: tumulong

Passive Verb: tulungan

English Definition: (verb) to help; to aid

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Tumulong tayo sa mga nasalanta ng baha. (Let us help those flood victims.) 2) Tulungan mo ang mga nasalanta ng baha. (Help the flood victims.)

Word: tuloy

English Definition: see tuloy1 see tuloy2

Word: tuloy1

Active Verb: tumuloy

English Definition: (verb) to come in; to enter; to stay in a place temporarily

L2 Definition:


Examples: Tumuloy tayo sa bahay namin. (Let's stay first in our house.)

Word: tuloy2

Active Verb: magtuloy

Passive Verb: ituloy

English Definition: (verb) to continue; to go ahead

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Magtuloy ka na sa iyong paglalakad. (You continue walking.) 2) Ituloy mo na ang iyong pagkanta. (Continue with your singing.)

Word: tulya

English Definition: (noun) a species of clam

Word: tumag

English Definition: see tumag1 see tumag2

Word: tumag1

English Definition: (noun) dunce; dolt; blockhead

Word: tumag2

English Definition: (adj) dunce; doltish; blockheaded

Word: tumal

English Definition: see tumal1 see tumal2

Word: tumal1

English Definition: (noun) slowness or dullness (in sales or market activity)

Word: tumal2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ slow in sales

Word: tumana

English Definition: (noun) wide level highland (above water lavel)

Word: tumba

English Definition: see tumba1 see tumba2

Word: tumba1

Active Verb: tumumba

English Definition: (verb) to fall down; to topple; to tumble

L2 Definition:


Examples: Tumumba ang puno sa harap ng bahay. (The tree fell infront of the house.)

Word: tumba2

Active Verb: magtumba

Passive Verb: itumba

English Definition: (verb) to cause something to tumble or be overturned; to push over

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Magtumba ka ng punong-kahoy. (You push over the tree.) 2) Itumba mo ang timba ng tubig. (Turn over the pail of water.)

Word: tumbalik

English Definition: (adj) inverted; upside down; reverse

Word: tumbas

English Definition: see tumbas1 see tumbas2

Word: tumbas1

English Definition: (adj) /ka--/ equal

Word: tumbas2

Active Verb: tumumbas

Passive Verb: tumbasan

English Definition: (verb) to equal; to counterbalance; to match

L2 Definition:


Examples: 1) Tumumbas ang kanyang donation sa aming kahilingan. (Her donation matched our request.) 2) Tumbasan natin ang donasyon nila. (Let's match their donation.)

Word: tumbok

English Definition: see tumbok1 see tumbok2

Word: tumbok1

English Definition: (adj) right smack on (center or near center), e.g. a bull'seye hit

Word: tumbok2

Passive Verb: matumbok

English Definition: (verb) to be hit

Word: tumbong

English Definition: (noun) rectum

Word: tumor

English Definition: (noun) tumor

Notes: Spanish

Word: tumpak

English Definition: (adj) correct; right; proper

Word: tumpok

English Definition: see tumpok1 see tumpok2

Word: tumpok1

English Definition: (noun) a heap; a pile, usually serving as a unit of measure for tomatoes, garlic, shrimps, etc.

Word: tumpok2

Active Verb: magtumpok

Passive Verb: itumpok

English Definition: (verb) to make a heap or pile; to pile up

Word: tunaw

English Definition: see tunaw1 see tunaw2 see tunaw3

Word: tunaw1

English Definition: (adj) melted; liquefied

Word: tunaw2

Passive Verb: matunaw

English Definition: (verb) to melt

Word: tunaw3

Active Verb: magtunaw

Passive Verb: tunawin

English Definition: (verb) to melt; to dissolve; to digest

Word: tunay

English Definition: (adj) genuine; true; real

Word: tunganga

English Definition: (adj) /naka--/ open-mouthed, as when one is curious or surprised

Word: tungga

Active Verb: tumungga

Passive Verb: tunggain

English Definition: (verb) to drink in gulps (as wine)

Word: tunggak

English Definition: (adj) doltish

Word: tungkod

English Definition: see tungkod1 see tungkod2

Word: tungkod1

English Definition: (noun) cane; a walking stick; a staff

Word: tungkod2

Active Verb: magtungkod

Passive Verb: itungkod

English Definition: (verb) to walk with a cane

Word: tungkol

English Definition: (prep) (used with SA) regarding; about; referring to; concerning

Word: tungkos

English Definition: (noun) something wrapped, especially in cloth or leaves; bouquet (of flowers); bundle (of leaves, sticks, vegetables)

Word: tungkulin

English Definition: (noun) duty; obligation

Word: tungo

English Definition: see tungo1 see tungo2 see tungo3

L2 Definition:



Word: tungo1

Active Verb: tumungo

English Definition: (verb) to go to

Word: tungo2

Active Verb: magtungo

English Definition: (verb) to go

Word: tungo3

Active Verb: tumango

Passive Verb: itungo

English Definition: (verb) to bow (one's head)

Word: tunog

English Definition: see tunog1 see tunog2

Word: tunog1

English Definition: (noun) sound; noise

Word: tunog2

English Definition: (adj) resounding; alert

Word: tunsoy

English Definition: (noun) adult fimbriated herring

Word: tuntong

English Definition: see tuntong1 see tuntong2

L2 Definition:



Word: tuntong1

English Definition: (noun) pot cover made of clay

Word: tuntong2

Active Verb: tumuntong

English Definition: (verb) to step on; to tread on

L2 Definition:



Word: tuos

Active Verb: magtuos

Passive Verb: tuusin

English Definition: (verb) to make an accounting of; to settle differences

Word: tupa

English Definition: (noun) sheep

Word: tupad

Active Verb: tumupad

Passive Verb: tuparin

English Definition: (verb) to comply with; to accomplish what is required or agreed upon

Word: tupada

English Definition: (noun) picnic; illegal cockfighting

L2 Definition:

Notes: Spanish


Word: tupi

English Definition: (noun) fold; plait

Word: tupok

English Definition: (adj) completely burned; burnt to ashes

Word: turero

English Definition: Tagalog slang (noun) a macho dancer; a male hired for live sex shows

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) makisig na mananayaw

Word: turing

Passive Verb: ituring

English Definition: (noun) treatment, attitude (verb) to treat someone in a certain way, usually with respect and natural affection

Examples: Ituring mong tunay na anak ang iyong ampon. (Treat your adopted child as though he was your own.)

Word: turista

English Definition: (noun) tourist

Notes: Spanish

Word: turnilyo

English Definition: (noun) screw

Notes: Spanish

Word: turno

English Definition: (noun) turn; alternation

Notes: Spanish

Word: turo

Active Verb: magturo

Passive Verb: ituro

English Definition: (verb) to teach; to point to; to point at

Word: turok

English Definition: see turok1 see turok2

Word: turok1

Active Verb: magturok

Passive Verb: turukan

English Definition: (verb) to be pierced by a pointed instrument (e.g. pin, needle, etc.)

Word: turok2

Active Verb: magturok

Passive Verb: iturok

English Definition: (verb) to pierce (with a needle); to give hypodermic injection

Word: turon

English Definition: (noun) fritters in LUMPIYA (egg roll) wrapper

Notes: Spanish

Word: turumpo

English Definition: (noun) toy top

L2 Definition:



See a picture

Word: tusino

English Definition: (noun) bacon

Word: tuso

English Definition: (adj) shrewd; astute; cunning

Word: tusok

English Definition: (noun) the act of piercing or perforating with a pointed object Tagalog slang (verb) to stab, or to have been stabbed

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) saksak, nasaksak

Notes: Malay

Word: tustado

English Definition: (adj) toasted

Word: tustos

Active Verb: magtustos

Passive Verb: itustos

English Definition: (verb) to support financially, e.g. sending someone to school; to give some kind of allowance or pension; to provide someone with regular support

Word: tuta

English Definition: (noun) puppy

Word: tuto

Active Verb: matuto

English Definition: (verb) to learn; to become skillful

Word: tutok

English Definition: see tutok1 see tutok2

Word: tutok1

English Definition: (noun) direction of a point or end of a weapon

Word: tutok2

Passive Verb: tutukan

English Definition: (verb) to stick up (as in a holdup) Tagalog slang (verb) to attempt, to try, to challenge, to dare

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) subukan

Word: tutol

English Definition: see tutol1 see tutol2

Word: tutol1

English Definition: (noun) objection; protest

Notes: Malay

Word: tutol2

Active Verb: tumutol

English Definition: (verb) to object; to protest; to disagree

Word: tutong

English Definition: (noun) burnt rice sticking to the bottom of the pot

Word: tutsang

English Definition: (noun) short hair on a woman's head

Notes: Chinese

Word: tutubi

English Definition: (noun) dragonfly

Word: tutuli

English Definition: (noun) ear wax

Word: tutyal

English Definition: Tagalog slang (adj) pretentious; whiner

L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) maarte

Word: tuwa

English Definition: see tuwa1 see tuwa2

Word: tuwa1

English Definition: (noun) joy; pleasure; gladness

Word: tuwa2

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ to become glad; to be pleased; to be joyful; to be amused

Word: tuwalya

English Definition: (noun) towel

Word: tuwi

English Definition: see tuwi1 see tuwi2

Word: tuwi1

English Definition: (adv) every; each time; always

Word: tuwi2

English Definition: (conj) (used with NG) whenever; every time

L2 Definition:



Word: tuwid

English Definition: see tuwid1 see tuwid2 see tuwid3 see tuwid4

Word: tuwid1

English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ straight; direct; correct; to the point

Word: tuwid2

Active Verb: tumuwid

English Definition: (verb) to become straight; to straighten out

Word: tuwid3

Active Verb: magtuwid

Passive Verb: tuwirin

English Definition: (verb) to straighten; to straighten out

Word: tuwid4

Passive Verb: ituwid

English Definition: (verb) to straighten; to straighten out

Word: tuwing

English Definition: (adverb) every time, every now and then

Word: tuya

English Definition: see tuya1 see tuya2

L2 Definition:



Word: tuya1

Active Verb: manuya

Passive Verb: tuyain

English Definition: (verb) to be sarcastic or ironical

L2 Definition:



Word: tuya2

Passive Verb: tuyain

English Definition: (verb) to ridicule

Word: tuyo

English Definition: see tuyo1 see tuyo2 see tuyo3 see tuyo4

L2 Definition:



Word: tuyo1

English Definition: (noun) dried herring or fish

Word: tuyo2

English Definition: (adj) dry; dehydrated; dried

Word: tuyo3

Passive Verb: matuyo

English Definition: (verb) to dry

Word: tuyo4

Active Verb: magtuyo

Passive Verb: tuyuin

English Definition: (verb) to dry up

Word: tuyot

English Definition: (adj) extremely dry

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analgesic analogous analogue analogy analyses analysis analyst analytic anamorphic anaplasmosis anarch anarchic anarchy anastigmat anastigmatic anastomosis anastomotic anathema Anatole anatomic anatomy ancestor ancestral ancestry anchor anchorage anchorite anchoritism anchovy ancient ancillary and Andean Andersen Anderson Andes andesine andesite Andorra Andover Andre Andrea Andrei Andrew Andrews Andromache Andromeda Andy anecdotal anecdote anemone anent anew angel Angela Angeles angelfish angelic Angelica Angelina Angeline Angelo anger Angie angiosperm angle Angles Anglican Anglicanism anglicize angling Anglo Anglophobia Angola Angora angry angst angstrom anguish angular Angus anharmonic Anheuser anhydride anhydrite anhydrous ani aniline animadversion animadvert animal animate manimation anime animism animosity anion anionic anise aniseikonic anisotropic anisotropy Anita Ankara ankle Ann Anna annal Annale Annalen Annapolis Anne anneal Annette annex Annie annihilate anniversary annotate announce annoy annoyance annual annuity annul annular annuli annulled annulling annulus annum annunciate anode anodic anomalous anomaly anomie anonymity anonymous anorexia anorthic anorthosite another Anselm Anselmo ANSI answer ant antacid Antaeus antagonism antagonist antagonistic antarctic Antarctica Antares ante anteater antebellum antecedent antedate antelope antenna antennae anterior anthem anther anthology Anthony anthracite anthracnose anthropogenic anthropology anthropomorphic anti antic anticipate anticipatory Antietam antigen Antigone antimony Antioch antipasto antipathy antiperspirant antiphonal antipodes antiquarian antiquary antiquated antique antiquity antisemitic antisemitism antithetic antivirus antler Antoine Antoinette Anton Antonio Antony antonym anus anvil anxiety anxious any anybody anybody'd anyhow anyone anyplace anything anyway anywhere aorta apache apart apartheid apathetic apathy ape aperiodic aperture apex aphasia aphasic aphelion aphid aphorism Aphrodite apices apiece aplomb apocalypse apocalyptic Apocrypha apocryphal apogee Apollo Apollonian apologetic apologia apology apostate apostle apostolic apostrophe apothecary apothegm apotheosis Appalachia appall appanage apparatus apparel apparent apparition appeal appear appearance appeasable appease appellant appellate append appendage appendices appendix appertain appetite Appian applaud applause apple Appleby applejack Appleton appliance applicable applicant applicate applied applique apply appoint appointe appointee apportion apposite apposition appraisal appraise appreciable appreciate apprehend apprehension apprehensive apprentice apprise approach approbation appropriable appropriate approval approve approximable approximant approximate apricot April apron apropos APS apse apt aptitude aqua aquarium Aquarius aquatic aqueduct aqueous Aquila Aquinas Arab arabesque Arabia Arabic Araby Arachne arachnid arbiter arbitrage arbitrary arbitrate arboreal arboretum arbutus arc arcade Arcadia arcana arcane arccos arccosine arch archae archaic archaism archangel archbishop archdiocese archenemy Archer archery archetype archetypical archfool Archibald Archimedes arching archipelago architect architectonic architectural architecture archival archive arcing arcsin arcsine arctan arctangent arctic Arcturus Arden ardency ardent arduous are area areaway areawide aren't arena arenaceous Arequipa Ares Argentina argillaceous Argive argo argon Argonaut Argonne argot argue argument argumentation argumentative Argus arhat Ariadne Arianism arid Aries arise arisen aristocracy aristocrat aristocratic Aristotelean Aristotelian Aristotle arithmetic Arizona ark Arkansan Arkansas Arlen Arlene Arlington arm armada armadillo Armageddon armament Armata armature armchair Armco Armenian armhole armillaria armistice armload armoire Armonk Armour armpit Armstrong army Arnold aroma aromatic arose around arousal arouse ARPA arpeggio arrack Arragon arraign arrange arrangeable array arrear arrest Arrhenius arrival arrive arrogant arrogate arrow arrowhead arrowroot arroyo arsenal arsenate arsenic arsenide arsine arson art Artemis artemisia arterial arteriole arteriolosclerosis arteriosclerosis artery arthritis Arthur artichoke article articulate articulatory Artie artifact artifice artificial artillery artisan artistry Arturo artwork arty Aruba arum aryl as asbestos ascend ascendant ascension ascent ascertain ascetic asceticism ascomycetes ascribe ascription aseptic ash ashame ashen Asher Asheville Ashland Ashley ashman ashmen Ashmolean ashore ashtray ashy Asia Asiatic aside Asilomar asinine ask askance askew asleep asocial asparagus aspect aspen asperity aspersion asphalt aspheric asphyxiate aspidistra aspirant aspirate aspire aspirin asplenium ass assai assail assailant Assam assassin assassinate assault assay assemblage assemble assent assert assess assessor asset assiduity assiduous assign assignation assignee assimilable assimilate assist assistant associable associate associative assonant assort assuage assume assumption assurance assure Assyria Assyriology Astarte astatine aster asteria asterisk asteroid asteroidal asthma astigmat astigmatic astigmatism ASTM astonish Astor Astoria astound astraddle astral astray astride astringent astronaut astronautic astronomer astronomic astronomy astrophysical astrophysics astute Asuncion asunder Asus asylum asymmetry asymptote asymptotic asynchronous asynchrony at AT&T Atalanta atavism atavistic Atchison ate Athabascan atheism atheist Athena Athenian Athens athlete athletic athwart Atkins Atkinson Atlanta atlantes atlantic Atlantica Atlantis atlas atmosphere atmospheric atom atomic atonal atone atop Atreus atrocious atrocity atrophic atrophy Atropos attach attache attack attain attainder attempt attend attendant attendee attention attentive attenuate attest attestation attic Attica attire attitude attorney attract attribute attribution attributive attrition attune Atwater Atwood atypic Auberge Aubrey auburn auction auctioneer audacious audacity audible audience audio audiotape audiovisual audit audition auditor auditorium auditory Audrey Audubon Auerbach Aug Augean auger augment augmentation augur august Augusta Augustan Augustine Augustus auk aunt auntie aura aural Aurelius aureomycin auric Auriga aurora Auschwitz auspices auspicious austere Austin Australia Australis australite Austria authentic authenticate author authoritarian authoritative autism autistic auto autobiography autoclave autocollimate autocorrelate autocracy autocrat autocratic autograph automat automata automate automatic automaton automobile automotive autonomic autonomous autonomy autopsy autosuggestible autotransformer autumn autumnal auxiliary avail avalanche avarice avaricious Ave avenge Aventine avenue aver average averred averring averse aversion aversive avert avertive Avery Avesta AVG free aviary aviate aviatrix avid avionic Avis Aviv avocado avocate avocet Avogadro avoid avoidance Avon avow await awake awaken award aware awash away awe awesome awful awhile awkward awl awn awoke awry ax axe axes axial axiology axiom axiomatic axis axle axon aye Ayers Aylesbury azalea Azerbaijan azimuth azimuthal Aztec Aztecan azure b b's babbitt babble Babcock babe Babel baboon baby babyhood Babylon Babylonian babysat babysit baccarat Bacchus Bach bachelor bacilli bacillus back backboard backbone backdrop backfill backgammon background backhand backlash backlog backorder backpack backplane backplate backside backspace backstage backstitch backstop backtrack backup backward backwater backwood backyard bacon bacteria bacterial bacterium bad bade Baden badge badinage badland badminton Baffin baffle bag bagatelle baggage bagging baggy Baghdad Bagley bagpipe bah Bahama Bahrein bail Bailey bailiff Baird bait bake Bakelite Bakersfield bakery Bakhtiari baklava Baku balance Balboa balcony bald baldpate Baldwin baldy bale baleen Balfour Bali Balinese balk Balkan balky ball ballad Ballard ballast balled ballerina ballet balletomane ballfield balloon ballot ballroom ballyhoo balm balmy balsa balsam Baltic Baltimore Baltimorean balustrade Balzac bam Bamako Bamberger Bambi bamboo ban banal banana Banbury band bandage bandgap bandit bandpass bandstand bandstop bandwagon bandwidth bandy bane baneberry bang bangkok Bangladesh bangle Bangor Bangui banish banister banjo bank bankrupt bankruptcy Banks banquet banshee bantam banter Bantu Bantus baptism baptismal Baptist Baptiste baptistery bar barb Barbados Barbara barbarian barbaric barbarism barbarous barbecue barbell barber barberry barbital barbiturate Barbour barbudo Barcelona Barclay bard bare barefaced barefoot barfly bargain barge baritone barium bark barkeep barley Barlow barn Barnabas barnacle Barnard Barnes Barnet Barnett Barney Barnhard barnstorm barnyard barometer baron baroness baronet baronial barony baroque Barr barrack barracuda barrage barre barrel barren Barrett barrette barricade barrier Barrington barrow Barry Barrymore Barstow bartend bartender barter Barth Bartholomew Bartlett Bartok Barton barycentric basal base baseball baseband baseboard Basel baseline baseman basemen baseplate bash bashaw basic basidiomycetes basil basilar basilisk basin basis bask basket basketball basophilic bass Bassett bassi bassinet basso basswood bastard baste bastion bat Batavia batch Batchelder bate bateau Bateman bater Bates bath bathe bathos bathrobe bathroom bathtub Bathurst batik baton Bator batt battalion Battelle batten battery battle battlefield battlefront battleground batwing bauble baud Baudelaire Bauer Bauhaus Bausch bauxite Bavaria bawd bawdy bawl Baxter bay bayberry Bayda bayed Bayesian Baylor bayonet Bayonne bayou Bayport Bayreuth bazaar be beach beachhead beacon bead beadle beady beak beam bean bear bearberry beard Beardsley bearish beast beat beaten beater beatific beatify beatitude beatnik Beatrice beau Beaujolais Beaumont Beauregard beauteous beautify beauty beaux beaver bebop becalm became because Bechtel beck Becker becket Beckman beckon Becky become bed bedazzle bedbug bedfast Bedford bedim bedimmed bedimming bedlam bedpost bedraggle bedridden bedrock bedroom bedside bedspread bedspring bedstraw bedtime bee Beebe beebread beech Beecham beechwood beef beefsteak beefy beehive been beep beer beet Beethoven beetle befall befallen befell befit befitting befog before beforehand befoul befuddle beg began beget begetting beggar beggary begging begin beginner beginning begonia begotten begrudge beguile begun behalf behave behavioral behead beheld behind behold beige being Beirut bel Bela belate belch Belfast belfry Belgian Belgium Belgrade belie belief believe belittle bell Bella belladonna Bellamy Bellatrix bellboy belle bellflower bellhop bellicose belligerent Bellingham Bellini bellman bellmen bellow bellum bellwether belly bellyache Belmont Beloit belong belove below Belshazzar belt Beltsville belvedere belvidere belying BEMA bemadden beman bemoan bemuse Ben bench benchmark bend Bender Bendix beneath Benedict Benedictine benediction benefactor benefice beneficent beneficial beneficiary benefit Benelux benevolent Bengal Bengali benight benign Benjamin Bennett Bennington Benny Benson bent Bentham benthic Bentley Benton Benz Benzedrine benzene Beowulf beplaster bequeath bequest berate Berea bereave bereft Berenices beret berg bergamot Bergen Bergland Berglund Bergman Bergson Bergstrom beribbon beriberi Berkeley berkelium Berkowitz Berkshire Berlin Berlioz Berlitz Berman Bermuda Bern Bernadine Bernard Bernardino Bernardo berne Bernet Bernhard Bernice Bernie Berniece Bernini Bernoulli Bernstein Berra berry berserk Bert berth Bertha Bertie Bertram Bertrand Berwick beryl beryllium beseech beset beside besiege besmirch besotted bespeak bespectacled bespoke Bess Bessel Bessemer Bessie best bestial bestir bestow bestowal bestseller bestselling bestubble bet beta betatron betel Betelgeuse beth bethel Bethesda Bethlehem bethought betide betoken betony betray betrayal betrayer betroth betrothal Betsey Betsy Bette bettor Betty between betwixt bevel beverage Beverly bevy bewail beware bewhisker bewilder bewitch bey beyond bezel bhoy Bhutan bianco bias biaxial bib bibb Bible biblical bibliography bibliophile bicameral bicarbonate bicep biceps bichromate bicker biconcave biconnected bicycle bid biddable biddy bide bidiagonal bidirectional Bidvertiser bien biennial biennium bifocal bifurcate big Bigelow Biggs bigot bigotry biharmonic bijouterie bikini bilateral bilayer bile bilge bilharziasis bilinear bilingual bilk bill billboard billet billiard Billie Billiken Billings billion billionth billow billy Biltmore bimetallic bimetallism Bimini bimodal bimolecular bimonthly bin binary binaural bind bindery bindle bing binge Bingham Binghamton bingle Bini binocular binomial binuclear biography biology Biometrika biometry biopsy biota bipartisan bipartite biplane bipolar biracial birch bird birdbath birdie birdlike birdseed birdwatch birefringent Birgit Birmingham birth birthday birthplace birthright biscuit bisect bishop bishopric Bismarck Bismark bismuth bison bisque Bissau bistable bistate bit bitch bite bitt bitten bittern bitternut bitterroot bittersweet bitumen bituminous bitwise bivalve bivariate bivouac biz bizarre Bizet blab black blackball blackberry blackbird blackboard blackbody Blackburn blacken Blackfeet blackjack blackmail Blackman blackout blacksmith Blackstone Blackwell bladder bladdernut blade Blaine Blair Blake blame blameworthy blanc blanch Blanchard Blanche bland blandish blank blanket blare blaspheme blasphemous blasphemy blast blat blatant blather Blatz blaze blazon bleach bleak bleary bleat bled bleed Bleeker blemish blend Blenheim bless blest blew blight blimp blind blindfold blink Blinn blip bliss blister blithe blitz blizzard bloat blob bloc Bloch block blockade blockage blockhouse blocky blog blogger blogspot bloke Blomberg Blomquist blond blonde blood bloodbath bloodhound bloodroot bloodshed bloodshot bloodstain bloodstone bloodstream bloody bloom Bloomfield Bloomington bloop blossom blot blotch blouse blow blowback blowfish blown blowup blubber bludgeon blue blueback blueberry bluebill bluebird bluebonnet bluebook bluebush bluefish bluegill bluegrass bluejacket blueprint bluestocking bluet bluff bluish Blum Blumenthal blunder blunt blur blurry blurt blush bluster blustery blutwurst Blythe BMW boa boar board boardinghouse boast boat boathouse boatload boatman boatmen boatswain boatyard bob Bobbie bobbin bobble bobby bobcat bobolink Boca bock bocklogged bode bodhisattva bodice bodied Bodleian body bodybuild bodyguard Boeing Boeotian bog bogey bogeymen bogging boggle boggy Bogota bogus bogy Bohemia Bohr boil Bois Boise boisterous bold boldface bole boletus bolivar Bolivia bolo Bologna bolometer Bolshevik Bolshevism Bolshevist Bolshoi bolster bolt Bolton Boltzmann bomb bombard bombast bombastic Bombay bombproof bon bona bonanza Bonaparte Bonaventure bond bondage bondsman bondsmen bone bonfire bong bongo Boniface bonito Bonn bonnet Bonneville Bonnie bonus bony bonze boo booby boogie book bookbind bookcase bookend bookie bookish bookkeep booklet bookplate bookseller bookshelf bookshelves bookstore booky boolean boom boomerang boon Boone boor boorish boost boot Bootes booth bootleg bootlegger bootlegging bootstrap bootstrapped bootstrapping booty booze bop borate borax Bordeaux bordello Borden border borderland borderline bore Borealis Boreas boredom Borg boric Boris born borne Borneo boron borosilicate borough Borroughs borrow Bosch Bose bosom boson boss Boston Bostonian Boswell botanic botanist botany botch botfly both bothersome Botswana bottle bottleneck bottom bottommost botulin botulism Boucher bouffant bough bought boulder boule boulevard bounce bouncy bound boundary bounty bouquet bourbon bourgeois bourgeoisie bourn boustrophedon bout boutique bovine bow Bowditch Bowdoin bowel Bowen bowfin bowie bowl bowline bowman bowmen bowstring box boxcar boxwood boxy boy boyar Boyce boycott Boyd boyhood boyish Boyle Boylston BP brace bracelet bracken bracket brackish bract brad Bradbury Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Brady brae brag Bragg bragging Brahmaputra Brahms Brahmsian braid Braille brain Brainard brainstorm brainwash brainy brake brakeman bramble bran branch brand Brandeis Brandenburg brandish Brandon Brandt brandy brandywine Braniff brant brash Brasilia brass brassiere brassy bratwurst Braun bravado brave bravery bravo bravura brawl bray brazen brazier Brazil Brazilian Brazzaville breach bread breadboard breadfruit breadroot breadth break breakage breakaway breakdown breakfast breakoff breakpoint breakthrough breakup breakwater bream breast breastplate breastwork breath breathe breathtaking breathy breccia bred breech breeches breed breeze breezy Bremen bremsstrahlung Brenda Brendan Brennan Brenner Brent Brest brethren Breton Brett breve brevet brevity brew brewery Brewster Brian briar bribe bribery Brice brick brickbat bricklayer bricklaying bridal bride bridegroom bridesmaid bridge bridgeable bridgehead Bridgeport Bridget Bridgetown Bridgewater bridgework bridle brief briefcase brig brigade brigadier brigantine Briggs Brigham bright brighten Brighton brilliant Brillouin brim brimstone Brindisi brindle brine bring brink brinkmanship briny Brisbane brisk bristle Bristol Britain Britannic Britannica britches British Briton Brittany Britten brittle broach broad broadcast broaden broadloom broadside Broadway brocade broccoli brochure Brock brockle Broglie broil broke broken brokerage Bromfield bromide bromine Bromley bronchi bronchial bronchiolar bronchiole bronchitis bronchus bronco Bronx bronze bronzy brood broody brook Brooke Brookhaven Brookline Brooklyn brookside broom broomcorn broth brothel brother brotherhood brought brouhaha brow browbeaten brown Browne Brownell Brownian brownie brownish browse Bruce brucellosis Bruckner Bruegel bruise bruit Brumidi brunch brunette Brunhilde Bruno Brunswick brunt brush brushfire brushlike brushwork brushy brusque Brussels brutal brute Bryan Bryant Bryce Bryn bryophyta bryophyte bryozoa BSTJ BTL bub bubble Buchanan Bucharest Buchenwald Buchwald buck buckaroo buckboard bucket buckeye buckhorn buckle Buckley Bucknell buckshot buckskin buckthorn buckwheat bucolic bud Budapest Budd Buddha Buddhism Buddhist buddy budge budget budgetary Budweiser Buena Buenos buff buffalo buffet bufflehead buffoon bug bugaboo bugeyed bugging buggy bugle Buick build buildup built builtin Bujumbura bulb bulblet Bulgaria bulge bulk bulkhead bulky bull bulldog bulldoze bullet bulletin bullfinch bullfrog bullhead bullhide bullish bullock bullseye bullwhack bully bullyboy bulrush bulwark bum bumble bumblebee bump bumptious bun bunch Bundestag bundle bundy bungalow bungle bunk bunkmate bunny Bunsen bunt Bunyan buoy buoyant burbank Burch burden burdensome burdock bureau bureaucracy bureaucrat bureaucratic buret burette burg burgeon burgess burgher burglar burglarproof burglary Burgundian Burgundy burial buried Burke burl burlap burlesque burley Burlington burly Burma Burmese burn Burnett Burnham burnish burnout Burnside burnt burp Burr burro Burroughs burrow bursitis burst bursty Burt Burton Burtt Burundi bury bus busboy Busch bush bushel bushmaster Bushnell bushwhack bushy business businessman businessmen buss bust bustard bustle busy but butadiene butane butch butchery butene buteo butler butt butte butterball buttercup butterfat Butterfield butterfly buttermilk butternut buttery buttock button buttonhole buttress Buttrick butyl butyrate buxom Buxtehude Buxton buy buyer buzz Buzzard buzzer buzzing buzzword buzzy by bye Byers bygone bylaw byline bypass bypath byproduct Byrd Byrne byroad Byron Byronic bystander byte byway byword Byzantine Byzantium c c's cab cabal cabana cabaret cabbage cabdriver cabin cabinet cabinetmake cabinetry cable Cabot cacao cachalot cache cackle CACM cacophonist cacophony cacti cactus cadaver cadaverous caddis caddy cadent cadenza cadet Cadillac cadmium cadre Cady Caesar cafe cafeteria cage cagey Cahill cahoot caiman Cain Caine cairn Cairo cajole cake Cal Calais calamitous calamity calamus calcareous calcify calcine calcite calcium calculable calculate calculi calculus Calcutta Calder caldera Caldwell Caleb calendar calendrical calf calfskin Calgary Calhoun caliber calibrate calibre calico California californium caliper caliph caliphate calisthenic Calkins call calla Callaghan Callahan caller calligraph calligraphy calliope Callisto callous callus calm caloric calorie calorimeter Calumet calumniate calumny Calvary calve Calvert Calvin Calvinist calypso cam camaraderie camber Cambodia cambric Cambridge Camden came camel camelback camellia camelopard Camelot cameo camera cameraman cameramen Cameron Cameroun camilla Camille Camino camouflage camp campaign campanile Campbell campfire campground campion campsite campus can can't Canaan Canada Canadian canal canary Canaveral Canberra cancel cancellate cancer cancerous candela candelabra candid candidacy candidate Candide candle candlelight candlestick candlewick candy cane Canfield canine Canis canister canker cankerworm canna cannabis cannel cannery cannibal cannister cannon cannonball cannot canny canoe Canoga canon canonic canopy canst cant cantaloupe canteen Canterbury canterelle canticle cantilever cantle canto canton Cantonese cantor canvas canvasback canvass canyon cap capacious capacitance capacitate capacitive capacitor capacity cape capella caper Capetown capillary Capistrano capita capital capitol Capitoline capitulate capo caprice capricious Capricorn capstan capstone capsule captain captaincy caption captious captivate captive captor capture Caputo capybara car carabao Caracas caramel caravan caraway carbide carbine carbohydrate Carboloy carbon carbonaceous carbonate Carbondale Carbone carbonic carbonyl carborundum carboxy carboy carbuncle carcass carcinogen carcinogenic carcinoma card cardamom cardboard cardiac cardinal cardioid cardiology cardiovascular care careen career carefree caress caret caretaker careworn Carey Cargill cargo cargoes Carib Caribbean caribou caricature Carl Carla Carleton Carlin Carlisle Carlo carload Carlson Carlton Carlyle Carmela Carmen Carmichael carmine carnage carnal carnation carne Carnegie carney carnival carob carol Carolina Caroline Carolingian Carolinian Carolyn carouse carp Carpathia carpenter carpentry carpet carport Carr carrageen Carrara carrel carriage Carrie carrion Carroll carrot Carruthers carry carryover Carson cart carte cartel Cartesian Carthage cartilage cartographer cartographic cartography carton cartoon cartridge cartwheel Caruso carve carven Casanova casbah cascade cascara case casebook casein casework Casey cash cashew cashier cashmere casino cask casket Cassandra casserole cassette Cassiopeia Cassius cassock cast castanet caste casteth castigate Castillo castle castor Castro casual casualty cat cataclysmic Catalina catalogue catalpa catalysis catalyst catalytic catapult cataract catastrophe catastrophic catatonia catatonic catawba catbird catch catchup catchword catchy catechism categoric category catenate cater caterpillar catfish catharsis cathedra cathedral Catherine Catherwood catheter cathode cathodic catholic Catholicism Cathy cation cationic catkin catlike catnip Catskill catsup cattail cattle cattleman cattlemen Caucasian Caucasus Cauchy caucus caught cauliflower caulk causal causate cause caustic caution cautionary cautious cavalcade cavalier cavalry cave caveat caveman cavemen Cavendish cavern cavernous caviar cavil cavilling Caviness cavitate cavort caw cayenne Cayley Cayuga CBS CDC cease Cecil Cecilia Cecropia cedar cede cedilla Cedric ceil celandine Celanese Celebes celebrant celebrate celebrity celerity celery celesta celestial Celia cell cellar cellophane cellular cellulose Celsius Celtic cement cemetery Cenozoic censor censorial censure census cent centaur centenary centennial centerline centerpiece centigrade centipede central centrex centric centrifugal centrifugate centrifuge centrist centroid centum century Cepheus ceramic ceramium Cerberus cereal cerebellum cerebral cerebrate ceremonial ceremonious ceremony Ceres cereus cerise cerium CERN certain certainty certificate certified certify certiorari certitude cerulean Cervantes Cesare cesium cessation cession Cessna cetera Cetus Ceylon Cezanne Chablis Chad Chadwick chafe chaff chagrin chain chair chairlady chairman chairmen chairperson chairwoman chairwomen chaise chalcedony chalice chalk chalkline chalky challenge Chalmers chamber chamberlain chambermaid Chambers chameleon chamfer chamois chamomile champ champagne Champaign champion Champlain chance chancel chancellor chancery chancy chandelier chandler Chang change changeable changeover channel chanson chant chantey Chantilly chantry Chao chaos chaotic chap chaparral chapel chaperon chaperone chaplain chaplaincy Chaplin Chapman chapter char character characteristic charcoal chard charge chargeable chariot charisma charismatic charitable charity Charles Charleston Charley Charlie Charlotte Charlottesville charm Charon chart Charta Chartres chartreuse chartroom Charybdis chase chasm chassis chaste chastise chastity chat chateau chateaux Chatham Chattanooga chattel chatty Chaucer chauffeur Chauncey Chautauqua chaw cheap cheat cheats cheater check checkbook checkerberry checkerboard checklist checkout checkpoint checksum checksummed checkup cheek cheekbone cheeky cheer cheerleader cheery cheese cheesecake cheesecloth cheesy cheetah chef chelate chemic chemise chemisorb chemisorption chemist chemistry chemotherapy Chen Cheney chenille cherish Cherokee cherry chert cherub cherubim Chesapeake Cheshire chess chest Chester Chesterton chestnut chevalier Chevrolet chevron chevy chew Cheyenne chi Chiang chianti chic Chicago Chicagoan chicanery Chicano chick chickadee chicken chicory chide chief chiefdom chieftain chiffon chigger chignon chikka chilblain child childbirth childhood childish childlike children Chile chili chill chilly chime chimera chimeric Chimique chimney chimpanzee chin china Chinaman Chinamen Chinatown chinch chinchilla chine Chinese chink Chinook chinquapin chip chipboard chipmunk Chippendale chiropractor chirp chisel Chisholm chit chiton chivalrous chivalry chive chlorate chlordane chloride chlorine chloroform chlorophyll chloroplatinate chock chocolate Choctaw choice choir choirmaster choke chokeberry cholera cholesterol cholinesterase chomp choose choosy chop Chopin choppy choral chorale chord chordal chordata chordate chore choreograph choreography chorine chortle chorus chose chosen Chou chow chowder Chris Christ christen Christendom Christensen Christenson Christian Christiana Christianson Christie Christina Christine Christlike Christmas Christoffel Christopher Christy chromate chromatic chromatogram chromatograph chromatography chrome chromic chromium chromosphere chronic chronicle chronograph chronography chronology chrysanthemum Chrysler chub chubby chuck chuckle chuckwalla chuff chug chugging chum chummy chump Chungking chunk chunky church churchgo Churchill Churchillian churchman churchmen churchwoman churchwomen churchyard churn chute chutney CIA cicada Cicero Ciceronian cider cigar cigarette cilia ciliate cimcumvention cinch Cincinnati cinder Cinderella cinema cinematic Cinerama cinnabar cinnamon cinquefoil cipher circa Circe circle circlet circuit circuitous circuitry circulant circular circulate circulatory circumcircle circumcise circumcision circumference circumferential circumflex circumlocution circumpolar circumscribe circumscription circumspect circumsphere circumstance circumstantial circumvent circumvention circus cirmcumferential cistern citadel citation cite citizen citizenry citrate citric Citroen citron citrus city cityscape citywide civet civic civil civilian clad cladophora claim claimant Claire clairvoyant clam clamber clammy clamp clamshell clan clandestine clang clank clannish clap clapboard Clapeyron Clara Clare Claremont Clarence Clarendon claret clarify clarinet clarity Clark Clarke clash clasp class classic classification classificatory classify classmate classroom classy clatter clattery Claude Claudia Claudio Claus clause Clausen Clausius claustrophobia claustrophobic claw clay Clayton clean cleanse cleanup clear clearance clearheaded Clearwater cleat cleavage cleave cleft clement Clemson clench clergy clergyman clergymen cleric clerk Cleveland clever cliche click client clientele cliff cliffhang Clifford Clifton climactic climate climatic climatology climax climb clime clinch cling clinging clinic clinician clink Clint Clinton Clio clip clipboard clique Clive cloak cloakroom clobber clock clockwatcher clockwise clockwork clod cloddish clog clogging cloister clomp clone clonic close closet closeup closure clot cloth clothbound clothe clothesbrush clotheshorse clothesline clothesman clothesmen clothier Clotho cloture cloud cloudburst cloudy clout clove clown cloy club clubhouse clubroom cluck clue clump clumsy clung cluster clutch clutter Clyde Clytemnestra coach coachman coachmen coachwork coadjutor coagulable coagulate coal coalesce coalescent coalition coarse coarsen coast coastal coastline coat Coates coattail coauthor coax coaxial cobalt Cobb cobble cobblestone Cobol cobra cobweb coca cocaine coccidiosis cochineal cochlea Cochran Cochrane cock cockatoo cockcrow cockeye cockle cocklebur cockleshell cockpit cockroach cocksure cocktail cocky coco cocoa coconut cocoon cod coda Coddington coddle code codebreak codeposit codetermine codeword codfish codicil codify codpiece Cody coed coeditor coeducation coefficient coequal coerce coercible coercion coercive coexist coexistent coextensive cofactor coffee coffeecup coffeepot coffer Coffey coffin Coffman cog cogent cogitate cognac cognate cognition cognitive cognizable cognizant Cohen cohere coherent cohesion cohesive Cohn cohort cohosh coiffure coil coin coinage coincide coincident coincidental coke col cola colander colatitude Colby cold Cole Coleman Coleridge Colette coleus Colgate colicky coliform coliseum collaborate collage collagen collapse collapsible collar collarbone collard collate collateral colleague collect collectible collector college collegian collegiate collet collide collie Collier collimate collinear Collins collision collocation colloidal colloquia colloquial colloquium colloquy collude collusion Cologne Colombia Colombo colon colonel colonial colonist colonnade colony Colorado colorate coloratura colorimeter colossal Colosseum colossi colossus colt coltish coltsfoot Columbia columbine Columbus column columnar colza coma Comanche comatose comb combat combatant combatted combinate combinator combinatorial combinatoric combine combustible combustion come comeback comedian comedy comet cometary cometh comfort comic Cominform comma command commandant commandeer commando commemorate commend commendation commendatory commensurable commensurate comment commentary commentator commerce commercial commingle commiserate commissariat commissary commission commit committable committal committed committee committeeman committeemen committeewoman committeewomen committing commodious commodity commodore common commonality commonplace commonweal commonwealth commotion communal commune communicable communicant communicate communion communique commutate commute compact Compagnie companion companionway company Compaq comparative comparator compare comparison compartment compass compassion compassionate compatible compatriot compel compellable compelled compelling compendia compendium compensable compensate compensatory compete competent competition competitive competitor compilation compile complacent complain complainant complaint complaisant compleat complement complementarity complementary complementation complete completion complex complexion compliant complicate complicity compliment complimentary compline comply component comport compose composite composition compositor compost composure compote compound comprehend comprehensible comprehension comprehensive compress compressible compression compressive compressor comprise compromise Compton comptroller compulsion compulsive compulsory computation compute comrade con Conakry Conant concatenate concave conceal concede conceit conceive concentrate concentric concept conception conceptual concern concert concerti concertina concertmaster concerto concession concessionaire conch concierge conciliate conciliatory concise concision conclave conclude conclusion conclusive concoct concomitant concord concordant concourse concrete concretion concubine concur concurred concurrent concurring concussion condemn condemnate condemnatory condensate condense condensible condescend condescension condiment condition condolence condone conduce conducive conduct conductance conductor conduit cone coneflower Conestoga coney confabulate confect confectionery confederacy confederate confer conferee conference conferred conferring confess confession confessor confidant confidante confide confident confidential configuration configure confine confirm confirmation confirmatory confiscable confiscate confiscatory conflagrate conflict confluent confocal conform conformal conformance conformation confound confrere confront confrontation Confucian Confucianism Confucius confuse confusion confute congeal congener congenial congenital congest congestion congestive conglomerate Congo Congolese congratulate congratulatory congregate congress congressional congressman congressmen congresswoman congresswomen congruent conic conifer coniferous conjectural conjecture conjoin conjoint conjugal conjugate conjunct conjuncture conjure Conklin Conley conn Connally connect Connecticut connector Conner Connie connivance connive connoisseur Connors connotation connotative connote connubial conquer conqueror conquest conquistador Conrad Conrail consanguine consanguineous conscience conscientious conscionable conscious conscript conscription consecrate consecutive consensus consent consequent consequential conservation conservatism conservative conservator conservatory conserve consider considerate consign consignee consignor consist consistent consolation console consolidate consonant consonantal consort consortium conspicuous conspiracy conspirator conspiratorial conspire Constance constant Constantine Constantinople constellate consternate constipate constituent constitute constitution constrain constraint constrict constrictor construct constructible constructor construe consul consular consulate consult consultant consultation consultative consume consummate consumption consumptive contact contagion contagious contain contaminant contaminate contemplate contemporaneous contemporary contempt contemptible contemptuous contend content contention contentious contest contestant context contextual contiguity contiguous continent continental contingent continua continual continuant continuation continue continued continuity continuo continuous continuum contort contour contraband contrabass contraception contraceptive contract contractor contractual contradict contradictory contradistinct contradistinguish contralateral contralto contraption contrariety contrary contrast contravariant contravene contravention contretemps contribute contribution contributor contributory contrite contrition contrivance contrive control controllable controlled controller controlling controversial controversy controvertible contumacy contusion conundrum Convair convalesce convalescent convect convene convenient convent convention converge convergent conversant conversation converse conversion convert convertible convex convey conveyance conveyor convict convince convivial convocate convoke convolute convolution convolve convoy convulse convulsion convulsive Conway cony coo cook cookbook Cooke cookery cookie cooky cool coolant Cooley coolheaded Coolidge coon coop cooperate coordinate Coors coot cop cope Copeland Copenhagen Copernican Copernicus copious coplanar copolymer copperas Copperfield copperhead coppery copra coprinus copter copy copybook copyright copywriter coquette coquina coral coralberry coralline corbel Corbett Corcoran cord cordage cordial cordite cordon corduroy core corel Corey coriander Corinth Corinthian Coriolanus cork corkscrew cormorant corn cornbread cornea Cornelia Cornelius Cornell cornerstone cornet cornfield cornflower cornish cornmeal cornstarch cornucopia Cornwall corny corollary corona Coronado coronary coronate coroner coronet coroutine Corp corpora corporal corporate corporeal corps corpse corpsman corpsmen corpulent corpus corpuscular corral corralled correct corrector correlate correspond correspondent corridor corrigenda corrigendum corrigible corroborate corroboree corrode corrodible corrosion corrosive corrugate corrupt corruptible corruption corsage cortege cortex cortical Cortland corundum coruscate corvette Corvus cos cosec coset Cosgrove cosh cosine cosmetic cosmic cosmology cosmopolitan cosmos cosponsor Cossack cost Costello costume cosy cot cotangent cotillion cotman cotoneaster cotta cottage cotton cottonmouth cottonseed cottonwood cottony Cottrell cotty couch cougar cough could couldn't coulomb Coulter council councilman councilmen councilwoman councilwomen counsel counselor count countenance counteract counterargument counterattack counterbalance counterclockwise counterexample counterfeit counterflow counterintuitive counterman countermen counterpart counterpoint counterpoise counterproductive counterproposal countersink countersunk countervail countrify country countryman countrymen countryside countrywide county countywide coup coupe couple coupon courage courageous courier course court courteous courtesan courtesy courthouse courtier Courtney courtroom courtyard couscous cousin couturier covalent covariant covariate covary cove coven covenant cover coverage coverall coverlet covert covet covetous cow Cowan coward cowardice cowbell cowbird cowboy cowhand cowherd cowhide cowl cowlick cowman cowmen coworker cowpea cowpoke cowpony cowpox cowpunch cowry cowslip cox coxcomb coy coyote coypu cozen cozier cozy CPA crab crabapple crack crackle crackpot cradle craft craftsman craftsmen craftspeople craftsperson crafty crag craggy Craig cram Cramer cramp cranberry Crandall crane cranelike Cranford crania cranium crank crankcase crankshaft cranky cranny Cranston crap crappie crash crass crate crater cravat crave craven craw Crawford crawl crawlspace crayfish crayon craze crazy creak creaky cream creamery creamy crease create creating creature creche credent credential credenza credible credit creditor credo credulity credulous creed creedal creek creekside creep creepy cremate crematory Creole Creon creosote crepe crept crescendo crescent cress crest crestfallen Crestview Cretaceous Cretan Crete cretin cretinous crevice crew crewcut crewel crewman crewmen crib cricket cried crime Crimea criminal crimp crimson cringe crinkle cripple crises crisis crisp Crispin criss crisscross criteria criterion critic critique critter croak crochet crock crockery Crockett crocodile crocodilian crocus croft Croix Cromwell Cromwellian crone crony crook croon crop Crosby cross crossarm crossbar crossbill crosscut crosshatch crosslink crossover crosspoint crossroad crosstalk crosswalk crossway crosswise crotch crotchety crouch croupier crow crowbait crowberry crowd crowfoot Crowley crown croydon CRT crucial crucible crucifix crucifixion crucify crud cruddy crude cruel cruelty Cruickshank cruise crumb crumble crummy crump crumple crunch crupper crusade crush Crusoe crust crutch crux cry cryogenic cryostat crypt cryptanalysis cryptanalyst cryptanalytic cryptic cryptogram cryptographer cryptography crystal crystalline crystallite crystallographer crystallography CS CS1 CS2 CS3 cso cub Cuba cubbyhole cube cubic cuckoo cucumber cud cuddle cuddly cudgel cue cuff cufflink cuisine Culbertson culinary cull culminate culpa culpable culprit cult cultivable cultivate cultural culture Culver culvert Cumberland cumbersome cumin Cummings Cummins cumulate cumulus Cunard cunning Cunningham CUNY cup cupboard Cupid cupidity cupric cuprous cur curate curb curbside curd curdle cure curfew curia curie curio curiosity curious curium curl curlew curlicue Curran currant current curricula curricular curriculum curry curse cursive cursor cursory curt curtail curtain Curtis curtsey curvaceous curvature curve curvilinear Cushing cushion Cushman cusp Custer custodial custodian custody custom customary customhouse cut cutaneous cutback cute cutlass cutler cutlet cutoff cutout cutover cutthroat cuttlebone cuttlefish cutworm Cyanamid cyanate cyanic cyanide cybernetics cycad Cyclades cycle cyclic cyclist cyclone cyclopean Cyclops cyclorama cyclotron Cygnus cylinder cylindric cynic Cynthia cypress Cyprian Cypriot Cyprus Cyril Cyrus cyst cytochemistry cytolysis cytoplasm czar czarina Czechoslovakia Czerniak d d'art d'etat d'oeuvre d's dab dabble Dacca dachshund dactyl dactylic dad Dadaism Dadaist daddy Dade Daedalus daffodil daffy dagger Dahl dahlia Dahomey Dailey Daimler dainty dairy Dairylea dairyman dairymen dais daisy Dakar Dakota dale Daley Dallas dally Dalton Daly Dalzell dam damage Damascus damask dame damn damnation Damon damp dampen damsel Dan Dana Danbury dance dandelion dandy Dane dang danger dangerous dangle Daniel Danielson Danish dank Danny Dante Danube Danubian Danzig Daphne dapper dapple Dar dare Darius dark darken darkle Darlene darling darn Darrell dart Dartmouth Darwin Darwinian dash dashboard dastard data database date dateline dater Datsun datum daub Daugherty daughter daunt dauphin dauphine Dave davenport David Davidson Davies Davis Davison davit Davy dawn Dawson day daybed daybreak daydream daylight daytime Dayton Daytona daze dazzle DC De deacon deaconess deactivate dead deaden deadhead deadline deadlock deadwood deaf deafen deal deallocate dealt dean Deane Deanna dear Dearborn dearie dearth death deathbed deathward debacle debar debase debate debater debauch debauchery Debbie Debby debenture debilitate debility debit debonair Deborah Debra debrief debris debt debtor debug debugged debugger debugging debunk Debussy debut debutante Dec decade decadent decal decant decathlon Decatur decay Decca decease decedent deceit deceive decelerate December decennial decent deception deceptive decertify decibel decide deciduous decile decimal decipher decision decisional decisive deck Decker declaim declamation declamatory declaration declarative declarator declaratory declare declassify declination decline declivity decode decolletage decollimate decompile decomposable decompose decomposition decompress decompression decontrol decontrolled decontrolling deconvolution deconvolve decor decorate decorous decorticate decorum decouple decrease decree decreeing decrement decry decrypt decryption dedicate dedicated deduce deducible deduct deductible Dee deed deem deep deepen deer Deere deerskin deerstalker deface default defeat defecate defect defector defend defendant defensible defensive defer deferable deferent deferred deferring defiant deficient deficit define definite definition definitive deflate deflater deflect deflector defocus deforest deforestation deform deformation defraud defray defrost deft defunct defy degas degeneracy degenerate degradation degrade degrease degree degum dehumidify dehydrate deify deign deity deja deject Del Delaney Delano Delaware delay delectable delectate delegable delegate delete deleterious deletion Delhi Delia deliberate delicacy delicate delicatessen delicious delicti delight Delilah delimit delimitation delineament delineate delinquent deliquesce deliquescent delirious delirium deliver deliverance delivery dell Della Delmarva delouse Delphi Delphic delphine delphinium Delphinus delta deltoid delude deluge delusion delusive deluxe delve demagnify demagogue demand demarcate demark demean demented demerit demigod demijohn demiscible demise demit demitted demitting democracy democrat democratic demodulate demography demolish demolition demon demoniac demonic demonstrable demonstrate demote demountable Dempsey demultiplex demur demure demurred demurrer demurring demythologize den denature dendrite dendritic Deneb Denebola deniable denial denigrate denizen Denmark Dennis Denny denominate denotation denotative denote denouement denounce dense densitometer dent dental dentistry Denton denture denudation denude denumerable denunciate Denver deny deodorant deoxyribonucleic depart department departure depend dependent depict deplete depletion deplore deploy deport deportation deportee depose deposit depositary deposition depositor depository depot deprave deprecate deprecatory depreciable depreciate depress depressant depressed depressible depressing depression depressive depressor deprivation deprive depth deputation depute deputy derail derange derate derby Derbyshire dereference deregulate Derek derelict deride derision derisive derivate derive derogate derogatory derrick derriere dervish Des descant Descartes descend descendant descendent descent describe description descriptive descriptor desecrate desecrater desegregate desert deserve desiderata desideratum design designate desire desirous desist desk Desmond desolate desolater desorption despair desperado desperate despicable despise despite despoil despond despondent despot despotic dessert dessicate destabilize destinate destine destiny destitute destroy destruct destructor desuetude desultory desynchronize detach detail detain detect detector detent detente detention deter detergent deteriorate determinant determinate determine deterred deterrent deterring detest detestation detonable detonate detour detoxify detract detractor detriment Detroit deuce deus deuterate deuterium devastate develop deviant deviate device devil devilish devious devise devisee devoid devolve Devon Devonshire devote devotee devotion devour devout dew dewar dewdrop Dewey Dewitt dewy dexter dexterity dextrous dey Dhabi dharma diabase diabetes diabetic diabolic diachronic diacritical diadem diagnosable diagnose diagnoses diagnosis diagnostic diagnostician diagonal diagram diagrammatic dial dialect dialectic dialogue dialysis diamagnetic diamegnetism diameter diamond Diana Diane Dianne diaper diaphanous diaphragm diary diathermy diathesis diatom diatomaceous diatomic diatonic dibble dice dichloride dichondra dichotomy dick dickcissel dickens Dickerson dickey Dickinson Dickson dicotyledon dicta dictate dictatorial diction dictionary dictum did didactic diddle didn't Dido die Diebold died Diego diehard dieldrin dielectric diem diesel diet dietary dietetic diethylstilbestrol dietician Dietrich diety Dietz differ different differentiable differential differentiate difficult difficulty diffident diffract diffractometer diffuse diffusible diffusion diffusive difluoride dig digest digestible digestion digestive digging digit digital digitalis dignify dignitary dignity digram digress digression dihedral dilapidate dilatation dilate dilatory dilemma dilettante diligent dill Dillon dilogarithm diluent dilute dilution dim dime dimension dimethyl diminish diminution diminutive dimple din Dinah dine ding dinghy dingo dingy dinnertime dinnerware dinosaur dint diocesan diocese diode Dionysian Dionysus Diophantine diopter diorama dioxide dip diphthong diploma diplomacy diplomat diplomatic dipole Dirac dire direct director directorate directory directrices directrix dirge Dirichlet dirt dirty Dis disambiguate disastrous disburse disc discern discernible disciple disciplinary discipline discoid discomfit discordant discovery discreet discrepant discrete discretion discretionary discriminable discriminant discriminate discriminatory discus discuss discussant discussion disdain disembowel disgruntle dish dishevel dishwasher dishwater disjunct disk dismal dismissal Disney Disneyland disparage disparate dispel dispelled dispelling dispensable dispensary dispensate dispense dispersal disperse dispersible dispersion dispersive disposable disposal disputant dispute disquietude disquisition disrupt disruption disruptive dissemble disseminate dissension dissertation dissident dissipate dissociable dissociate dissonant dissuade distaff distal distant distillate distillery distinct distinguish distort distortion distraught distribution distributive distributor district disturb disturbance disulfide disyllable ditch dither ditto ditty diurnal diva divalent divan dive diverge divergent diverse diversify diversion diversionary divert divest divestiture divide dividend divination divine divisible division divisional divisive divisor divorce divorcee divulge Dixie dixieland Dixon dizzy Djakarta DNA Dnieper do Dobbin Dobbs doberman dobson docile dock docket dockside dockyard doctor doctoral doctorate doctrinaire doctrinal doctrine document documentary documentation DOD Dodd dodecahedra dodecahedral dodecahedron dodge Dodson doe doesn't doff dog dogbane dogberry Doge dogfish dogging doggone doghouse dogleg dogma dogmatic dogmatism dogtooth dogtrot dogwood Doherty Dolan dolce doldrum dole doll dollar dollop dolly dolomite dolomitic Dolores dolphin dolt doltish domain dome Domenico Domesday domestic domicile dominant dominate domineer Domingo Dominic Dominican Dominick dominion Dominique domino don don't Donahue Donald Donaldson donate done Doneck donkey Donna Donnelly Donner donnybrook donor Donovan doodle Dooley Doolittle doom doomsday door doorbell doorkeep doorkeeper doorknob doorman doormen doorstep doorway dopant dope Doppler Dora Dorado Dorcas Dorchester Doreen Doria Doric Doris dormant dormitory Dorothea Dorothy Dorset dosage dose dosimeter dossier Dostoevsky dot DOTA dote double Doubleday doubleheader doublet doubleton doubloon doubt douce Doug dough Dougherty doughnut Douglas Douglass dour douse dove dovekie dovetail Dow dowager dowel dowitcher Dowling down downbeat downcast downdraft Downey downfall downgrade downhill Downing download downplay downpour downright Downs downside downslope downspout downstairs downstream downtown downtrend downtrodden downturn downward downwind dowry Doyle doze dozen Dr drab Draco draft draftee draftsman draftsmen draftsperson drafty drag dragging dragnet dragon dragonfly dragonhead dragoon drain drainage drake dram drama dramatic dramatist dramaturgy drank drape drapery drastic draw drawback drawbridge drawl drawn dread dreadnought dream dreamboat dreamlike dreamt dreamy dreary dredge dreg drench dress dressmake dressy drew Drexel Dreyfuss drib dribble dried drier drift drill drink drip drippy Driscoll drive driven driveway drizzle drizzly droll dromedary drone drool droop droopy drop drophead droplet dropout drosophila dross drought drove drown drowse drowsy drub drudge drudgery drug drugging drugstore druid drum drumhead drumlin Drummond drunk drunkard drunken Drury dry dryad Dryden du dual dualism Duane dub Dubhe dubious dubitable Dublin ducat Ducati duchess duck duckling duct ductile ductwork dud Dudley due duel duet duff duffel Duffy dug Dugan dugout duke dukedom dulcet dull dully dulse Duluth duly Duma dumb dumbbell dummy dump Dumpty dumpy dun Dunbar Duncan dunce dune Dunedin dung dungeon Dunham dunk Dunkirk Dunlap Dunlop Dunn duopolist duopoly dupe duplex duplicable duplicate duplicity DuPont durable Durango duration Durer duress Durham during Durkee Durkin Durrell Durward Dusenberg Dusenbury dusk dusky Dusseldorf dust dustbin dusty Dutch dutchess Dutchman Dutchmen dutiable Dutton duty dwarf dwarves dwell dwelt Dwight dwindle Dwyer dyad dyadic dye dyer dying Dyke Dylan dynamic dynamism dynamite dynamo dynast dynastic dynasty dyne dysentery dyspeptic dysplasia dysprosium dystrophy e e'er e's each Eagan eager eagle ear eardrum earl earmark earn earnest earphone earring earth earthen earthenware earthmen earthmove earthquake earthworm earthy earwig ease easel east eastbound eastern easternmost Eastland Eastman eastward Eastwood easy easygoing eat eaten eater Eaton eave eavesdrop ebb Eben ebony ebullient eccentric Eccles ecclesiastic echelon echinoderm echo echoes eclat eclectic eclipse ecliptic eclogue Ecole ecology Econometrica economic economist economy ecosystem ecstasy ecstatic Ecuador ecumenic ecumenist Ed Eddie eddy edelweiss edematous Eden Edgar edge Edgerton edgewise edging edgy edible edict edifice edify Edinburgh Edison edit Edith edition editor editorial Edmonds Edmondson Edmonton Edmund Edna EDT educable educate Edward Edwardian Edwards Edwin Edwina eel eelgrass EEOC eerie eerily efface effaceable effect effectual effectuate effeminate efferent effete efficacious efficacy efficient Effie effloresce efflorescent effluent effluvia effluvium effort effusive eft egalitarian Egan egg egghead eggplant eggshell ego egocentric egotism egotist egregious egress egret Egypt Egyptian eh Ehrlich eider eidetic eigenfunction eigenstate eigenvalue eigenvector eight eighteen eighteenth eightfold eighth eightieth eighty Eileen Einstein Einsteinian einsteinium Eire Eisenhower Eisner either ejaculate eject ejector eke Ekstrom Ektachrome el elaborate Elaine elan elapse elastic elastomer elate Elba elbow elder eldest Eldon Eleanor Eleazar elect elector electoral electorate Electra electress electret electric electrician electrify electro electrocardiogram electrocardiograph electrode electroencephalogram electroencephalograph electroencephalography electrolysis electrolyte electrolytic electron electronic electrophoresis electrophorus elegant elegiac elegy element elementary Elena elephant elephantine elevate eleven eleventh elfin Elgin Eli elicit elide eligible Elijah eliminate Elinor Eliot Elisabeth Elisha elision elite Elizabeth Elizabethan elk Elkhart ell Ella Ellen Elliott ellipse ellipsis ellipsoid ellipsoidal ellipsometer elliptic Ellis Ellison Ellsworth Ellwood elm Elmer Elmhurst Elmira Elmsford Eloise elongate elope eloquent else Elsevier elsewhere Elsie Elsinore Elton eluate elucidate elude elusive elute elution elves Ely Elysee elysian em emaciate emanate emancipate Emanuel emasculate embalm embank embarcadero embargo embargoes embark embarrass embassy embattle embed embedded embedder embedding embellish ember embezzle emblem emblematic embodiment embody embolden emboss embouchure embower embrace embraceable embrittle embroider embroidery embroil embryo embryonic emcee emendable emerald emerge emergent emeritus Emerson Emery emigrant emigrate Emil Emile Emilio Emily eminent emirate emissary emission emissivity emit emittance emitted emitter emitting emma Emmanuel Emmett emo emolument Emory emotion emotional empathy emperor emphases emphasis emphatic emphysema emphysematous empire empiric emplace employ employed employee employer employing emporium empower empress empty emulate emulator emulsify emulsion en enable enamel encapsulate encephalitis enchantress enclave encomia encomium encroach encryption encumber encumbrance encyclopedic end endgame Endicott endogamous endogamy endogenous endorse endosperm endothelial endothermic endow endpoint endurance endure enemy energetic energy enervate enfant Enfield enforceable Eng Engel engine engineer England Engle Englewood English Englishman Englishmen enhance Enid enigma enigmatic enjoinder enlargeable enliven enmity Enoch enormity enormous Enos enough enquire enquiry Enrico enrollee ensconce ensemble entendre enter enterprise entertain enthalpy enthrall enthusiasm enthusiast enthusiastic entice entirety entity entomology entourage entranceway entrant entrepreneur entrepreneurial entropy enumerable enumerate enunciable enunciate envelop envelope envious environ envoy envy enzymatic enzyme enzymology Eocene eohippus eosine EPA epaulet ephemeral ephemerides ephemeris Ephesian Ephesus Ephraim epic epicure Epicurean epicycle epicyclic epidemic epidemiology epidermic epidermis epigenetic epigram epigrammatic epigraph epileptic epilogue Epiphany epiphyseal epiphysis episcopal Episcopalian episcopate episode episodic epistemology epistle epistolatory epitaph epitaxial epitaxy epithelial epithelium epithet epitome epoch epochal epoxy epsilon Epsom Epstein equable equal equanimity equate equatorial equestrian equidistant equilateral equilibrate equilibria equilibrium equine equinoctial equinox equip equipoise equipotent equipped equipping equitable equitation equity equivalent equivocal era eradicable eradicate erasable erase Erasmus Erastus erasure Erato Eratosthenes erbium ERDA ere erect erg ergodic Eric Erich Erickson Ericsson Erie Erlenmeyer Ernest Ernestine Ernie Ernst erode erodible Eros erosible erosion erosive erotic erotica err errancy errand errant errantry errata erratic erratum Errol erroneous error ersatz Erskine erudite erudition erupt eruption Ervin Erwin escadrille escalate escapade escape escapee escheat eschew escort escritoire escrow escutcheon Eskimo Esmark esophagi esoteric especial espionage esplanade Esposito espousal espouse esprit esquire essay Essen essence essential Essex EST establish estate esteem Estella ester Estes Esther estimable estimate estop estoppal estrange estuarine estuary et eta etc etch eternal eternity Ethan ethane ethanol Ethel ether ethereal ethic Ethiopia ethnic ethnography ethnology ethology ethos ethyl ethylene etiology etiquette Etruscan etude etymology eucalyptus Eucharist Euclid Euclidean eucre Eugene Eugenia eugenic Euler Eulerian eulogy Eumenides Eunice euphemism euphemist euphorbia euphoria euphoric Euphrates Eurasia eureka Euridyce Euripides Europa Europe European europium Eurydice eutectic Euterpe euthanasia Eva evacuate evade evaluable evaluate evanescent evangel evangelic Evans Evanston Evansville evaporate evasion evasive eve Evelyn even evenhanded evensong event eventide eventual eventuate Eveready Everett Everglades evergreen Everhart everlasting every everybody everyday everyman everyone everything everywhere evict evident evidential evil evildoer evince evocable evocate evoke evolution evolutionary evolve evzone ewe Ewing ex exacerbate exact exaggerate exalt exaltation exam examination examine example exasperate exasperater excavate exceed excel excelled excellent excelling excelsior except exception exceptional excerpt excess excessive exchange exchangeable exchequer excisable excise excision excitation excitatory excite exciton exclaim exclamation exclamatory exclude exclusion exclusionary exclusive excommunicate excoriate excrescent excresence excrete excretion excretory excruciate exculpate exculpatory excursion excursus excusable excuse execrable execrate execute execution executive executor executrix exegesis exegete exemplar exemplary exemplify exempt exemption exercisable exercise exert Exeter exhale exhaust exhaustible exhaustion exhaustive exhibit exhibition exhibitor exhilarate exhort exhortation exhumation exhume exigent exile exist existent existential exit exodus exogamous exogamy exogenous exonerate exorbitant exorcise exorcism exorcist exoskeleton exothermic exotic exotica expand expanse expansible expansion expansive expatiate expect expectant expectation expectorant expectorate expedient expedite expedition expeditious expel expellable expelled expelling expend expenditure expense expensive experience experiential experiment experimentation expert expertise expiable expiate expiration expire explain explanation explanatory expletive explicable explicate explicit explode exploit exploitation exploration exploratory explore explosion explosive exponent exponential exponentiate export exportation expose exposit exposition expositor expository exposure expound express expressible expression expressive expressway expropriate expulsion expunge expurgate exquisite extant extemporaneous extempore extend extendible extensible extension extensive extensor extent extenuate exterior exterminate external extinct extinguish extirpate extol extolled extoller extolling extort extra extracellular extract extractor extraditable extralegal extramarital extraneous extraordinary extrapolate extraterrestrial extravagant extravaganza extrema extremal extreme extremum extricable extricate extrinsic extroversion extrovert extrude extrusion extrusive exuberant exudation exude exult exultant exultation Exxon eye eyeball eyebright eyebrow eyed eyeglass eyelash eyelet eyelid eyepiece eyesight eyewitness Ezekiel Ezra f f's FAA Faber Fabian fable fabric fabricate fabulous facade face faceplate facet facetious facial facile facilitate facsimile fact factious facto factor factorial factory factual faculty fad fade fadeout faery Fafnir fag Fahey Fahrenheit fail failsafe failsoft failure fain faint fair Fairchild Fairfax Fairfield fairgoer Fairport fairway fairy faith fake falcon falconry fall fallacious fallacy fallen fallible falloff fallout fallow Falmouth false falsehood falsify Falstaff falter fame familial familiar familiarly familism family famine famous fan fanatic fancy fanfare fanfold fang fangled Fanny fanout fantasia fantasist fantastic fantasy fantod far farad Faraday Farber farce farcical fare farewell farfetched Fargo farina Farkas Farley farm farmhouse Farmington farmland Farnsworth faro Farrell farsighted farther farthest fascicle fasciculate fascinate fascism fascist fashion fast fasten fastidious fat fatal fate father fathom fatigue Fatima fatten fatty fatuous faucet Faulkner fault faulty faun fauna Faust Faustian Faustus fawn fay Fayette Fayetteville faze FBI FCC FDA Fe fealty fear fearsome feasible feast feat feather featherbed featherbrain feathertop featherweight feathery feature Feb febrile February fecund fed Fedders federal federate Fedora fee feeble feed feedback feel Feeney feet feign feint Feldman feldspar Felice Felicia felicitous felicity feline Felix fell fellow felon felonious felony felt female feminine feminism feminist femur fence fencepost fend fennel Fenton fenugreek Ferber Ferdinand Ferguson Ferrari Fermat ferment fermentation Fermi fermion fermium fern Fernando fernery ferocious ferocity Ferrer ferret ferric ferris ferrite ferroelectric ferromagnet ferromagnetic ferromagnetism ferrous ferruginous ferrule ferry fertile fervent fescue fest festival festive fetal fetch fete fetid fetish fetter fettle fetus feud feudal feudatory fever feverish few fiance fiancee fiasco fiat fib fiberboard Fiberglas Fibonacci fibrin fibrosis fibrous fiche fickle fiction fictitious fictive fiddle fiddlestick fide fidelity fidget fiducial fief fiefdom field Fields fieldstone fieldwork fiend fiendish fierce fiery fiesta fife FIFO fifteen fifteenth fifth fiftieth fifty fig figaro fight figural figurate figure figurine filament filamentary filbert filch file filet filial filibuster filigree Filipino fill filled filler fillet fillip filly film filmdom filmmake filmstrip filmy filter filth filthy filtrate fin final finale finance financial financier finch find fine finesse finessed finessing finger fingernail fingerprint fingertip finial finicky finish finite fink Finland Finley Finn Finnegan Finnish finny fir fire firearm fireboat firebreak firebug firecracker firefly firehouse firelight fireman firemen fireplace firepower fireproof fireside Firestone firewall firewood firework firm firmware first firsthand fiscal Fischbein Fischer fish fisherman fishermen fishery fishmonger fishpond fishy Fisk Fiske fissile fission fissure fist fisticuff fit Fitch Fitchburg Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Fitzroy five fivefold fix fixate fixture Fizeau fizzle fjord flabbergast flack flag flagellate flageolet flagging Flagler flagpole flagrant Flagstaff flagstone flail flair flak flake flaky flam flamboyant flame flamingo flammable Flanagan Flanders flange flank flannel flap flare flash flashback flashlight flashy flask flat flatbed flathead flatiron flatland flatten flattery flatulent flatus flatworm flaunt flautist flaw flax flaxen flaxseed flea fleabane fleck fled fledge fledgling flee fleece fleeing fleet Fleming flemish flesh fleshy fletch Fletcher flew flex flexible flexural flexure flick flier flight flimsy flinch fling flint flintlock flinty flip flipflop flippant flirt flirtation flirtatious flit Flo float floc flocculate flock floe flog flogging flood floodgate floodlight floodlit floor floorboard flop floppy flora floral Florence Florentine florican florid Florida Floridian florin florist flotation flotilla flounce flounder flour flourish floury flout flow flowchart flowerpot flowery flown Floyd flu flub fluctuate flue fluency fluent fluff fluffy fluid fluke flung fluoresce fluorescein fluorescent fluoridate fluoride fluorine fluorite fluorocarbon fluorspar flurry flush fluster flute flutter flux fly flycatcher flyer Flynn flyway FM FMC foal foam foamflower foamy fob focal foci focus focussed fodder foe fog fogging foggy fogy foible foil foist fold foldout Foley foliage foliate folio folk folklore folksong folksy follicle follicular follow followeth folly Fomalhaut fond fondle fondly font Fontaine Fontainebleau food foodstuff fool foolhardy foolish foolproof foot footage football footbridge Foote footfall foothill footman footmen footnote footpad footpath footprint footstep footstool footwear footwork fop foppish for forage foray forbade forbear forbearance Forbes forbid forbidden forbore forborne force forcible ford Fordham fore foreign forensic forest forestry forever forfeit forfeiture forfend forgave forge forgery forget forgettable forgive forgiven forgot forgotten fork forklift forlorn form formal formaldehyde formant format formate formic Formica formidable Formosa formula formulae formulaic formulate Forrest forsake forsaken forsook forswear Forsythe fort forte Fortescue forth forthcome forthright forthwith fortieth fortify fortin fortiori fortitude fortnight Fortran fortress fortuitous fortunate fortune forty forum forward Foss fossil fossiliferous foster fought foul foulmouth found foundation foundling foundry fount fountain fountainhead four fourfold Fourier foursome foursquare fourteen fourteenth fourth fovea fowl fox foxglove Foxhall foxhole foxhound foxtail foxy foyer FPC fraction fractionate fractious fracture fragile fragment fragmentary fragmentation fragrant frail frailty frambesia frame framework franc franca France Frances franchise Francis Franciscan Francisco francium franco frangipani frank Frankfort Frankfurt frankfurter franklin frantic Franz Fraser fraternal fraternity Frau fraud fraudulent fraught fray frayed Frazier frazzle freak freakish freckle Fred Freddie Freddy Frederic Frederick Fredericks Fredericksburg Fredericton Fredholm Fredrickson free freeboot freed Freedman freedmen freedom freehand freehold freeing freeman freemen Freeport freer freest freestone freethink Freetown freeway freewheel freeze freight French Frenchman Frenchmen frenetic frenzy freon frequent fresco frescoes fresh freshen freshman freshmen freshwater Fresnel Fresno fret Freud Freudian Frey Freya friable friar fricative Frick friction frictional Friday fried Friedman friend friendster frieze frigate Frigga fright frighten frigid Frigidaire frill frilly fringe frisky fritillary fritter Fritz frivolity frivolous frizzle fro frock frog frolic from front frontage frontal frontier frontiersman frontiersmen frost frostbite frostbitten frosty froth frothy frown frowzy froze frozen Fruehauf frugal fruit fruition frustrate frustrater frustum fry Frye FTC Fuchs Fuchsia fudge fuel fugal fugitive fugue Fuji Fujitsu fulcrum fulfill full fullback Fullerton fully fulminate fulsome Fulton fum fumble fume fumigant fumigate fun function functionary functor fund fundamental funeral funereal fungal fungi fungible fungicide fungoid fungus funk funnel funny fur furbish furious furl furlong furlough Furman furnace furnish furniture furrier furrow furry further furthermore furthermost furthest furtive fury furze fuse fuselage fusible fusiform fusillade fusion fuss fussy fusty futile future fuzz fuzzy g g's gab gabardine gabble gabbro Gaberones gable Gabon Gabriel Gabrielle gad gadfly gadget gadgetry gadolinium gadwall Gaelic gaff gaffe gag gage gagging gaggle gagwriter gaiety Gail gaillardia gain Gaines Gainesville gait Gaithersburg gal gala galactic Galapagos Galatea Galatia galaxy Galbreath gale Galen galena Galilee gall Gallagher gallant gallantry gallberry gallery galley gallinule gallium gallivant gallon gallonage gallop Galloway gallows gallstone Gallup gallus Galois Galt galvanic galvanism galvanometer Galveston Galway gam Gambia gambit gamble gambol game gamecock gamin gamma gamut gander gang Ganges gangland gangling ganglion gangplank gangster gangway gannet Gannett gantlet gantry Ganymede GAO gap gape gar garage garb garbage garble Garcia garden gardenia Gardner Garena Garfield gargantuan gargle Garibaldi garish garland garlic garner garnet Garrett garrison Garrisonian garrulous Garry garter Garth Garvey Gary gas Gascony gaseous gash gasify gasket gaslight gasoline gasp Gaspee gassy Gaston gastrointestinal gastronome gastronomy gate Gates gateway gather Gatlinburg gator gauche gaucherie gaudy gauge gaugeable Gauguin Gaul gauleiter Gaulle gaunt gauntlet gaur gauss Gaussian gauze gave gavel Gavin gavotte gawk gawky gay Gaylord gaze gazelle gazette GE gear gecko gedanken gee geese Gegenschein Geiger Geigy geisha gel gelable gelatin gelatine gelatinous geld gem Gemini gemlike Gemma gemstone gender gene genealogy genera general generate generic generosity generous Genesco genesis genetic Geneva Genevieve genial genie genii genius Genoa genotype genre gent genteel gentian gentile gentility gentle gentleman gentlemen gentry genuine genus geocentric geochemical geochemistry geochronology geodesic geodesy geodetic geoduck Geoffrey geographer geography geology geometer geometrician geophysical geophysics geopolitic George Georgetown Georgia Gerald Geraldine geranium Gerard Gerber gerbil Gerhard Gerhardt geriatric germ German germane Germanic germanium Germantown Germany germicidal germicide germinal germinate Gerry Gershwin Gertrude gerund gerundial gerundive gestalt Gestapo gesticulate gesture get getaway Getty Gettysburg geyser Ghana ghastly Ghent gherkin ghetto ghost ghostlike ghostly ghoul ghoulish Giacomo giant giantess gibberish gibbet gibbon Gibbons gibbous Gibbs gibby gibe giblet Gibraltar Gibson giddap giddy Gideon Gifford gift gig gigabyte gigacycle gigahertz gigantic gigavolt gigawatt gigging giggle Gil gila gilbert Gilbertson Gilchrist gild Gilead Giles gill Gillespie Gillette Gilligan Gilmore gilt gimbal Gimbel gimpy gin Gina ginger gingham gingko ginkgo ginmill Ginn Gino Ginsberg Ginsburg ginseng Giovanni giraffe gird girdle girl girlie girlish girth gist Giuliano Giuseppe give giveaway given giveth glacial glaciate glacier glacis glad gladden gladdy glade gladiator gladiolus Gladstone Gladys glamor glamorous glamour glance gland glandular glare Glasgow glass glassine glassware glassy Glaswegian glaucoma glaucous glaze gleam glean Gleason glee glen Glenda Glendale Glenn glib Glidden glide glimmer glimpse glint glissade glisten glitch glitter gloat glob global globe globular globule globulin glom glomerular gloom gloomy Gloria Gloriana glorify glorious glory gloss glossary glossed glossolalia glossy glottal glottis Gloucester glove glow glue glued gluey gluing glum glut glutamic glutinous glutton glyceride glycerin glycerinate glycerine glycerol glycol glyph GM GMT gnarl gnash gnat gnaw gneiss gnome gnomon gnomonic gnostic GNP gnu go Goa goad goal goat gob gobble gobbledygook goblet god Goddard goddess godfather Godfrey godhead godkin godlike godmother godparent godsend godson Godwin godwit goer goes Goethe Goff gog goggle Gogh gogo gold Goldberg golden goldeneye goldenrod goldenseal goldfinch goldfish Goldman goldsmith Goldstein Goldstine Goldwater Goleta golf Goliath golly gondola gone gong goniometer Gonzales Gonzalez goober good Goode Goodman Goodrich goodwill Goodwin goody Goodyear goof goofy google goose gooseberry GOP gopher Gordian Gordon gore Goren gorge gorgeous gorgon Gorham gorilla Gorky gorse Gorton gory gosh goshawk gosling gospel gossamer gossip got Gotham Gothic gotten Gottfried gouge Gould gourd gourmet gout govern governance governess governor gown GPO grab grace gracious grackle grad gradate grade gradient gradual graduate Grady Graff graft graham grail grain grainy grammar grammarian grammatic granary grand grandchild grandchildren granddaughter grandeur grandfather grandiloquent grandiose grandma grandmother grandnephew grandniece grandpa grandparent grandson grandstand granite granitic granny granola grant grantee grantor granular granulate granule Granville grape grapefruit grapevine graph grapheme graphic graphite grapple grasp grass grassland grassy grata grate grater gratify gratis gratitude gratuitous gratuity grave gravel graven Graves gravestone graveyard gravid gravitate gravy gray graybeard Grayson graywacke graze grease greasy great greatcoat greater grebe Grecian Greece greed greedy Greek green Greenbelt Greenberg Greenblatt Greenbriar Greene greenery Greenfield greengrocer greenhouse greenish Greenland Greensboro greensward greenware Greenwich greenwood Greer greet Greg gregarious Gregg Gregory grenade Grendel Grenoble Gresham Greta Gretchen grew grey greyhound greylag grid griddle gridiron grief grievance grieve grievous griffin Griffith grill grille grilled grillwork grim grimace Grimaldi grime Grimes Grimm grin grind grindstone grip gripe grippe grisly grist gristmill Griswold grit gritty grizzle grizzly groan groat grocer grocery groggy groin grommet groom groove grope grosbeak gross Grosset Grossman Grosvenor grotesque Groton ground groundsel groundskeep groundwork group grout grove grovel Grover grow growl grown grownup growth grub grubby grudge gruesome gruff grumble Grumman grunt gryphon GSA Guam guanidine guano guarantee guaranteeing guaranty guard guardhouse Guardia guardian Guatemala gubernatorial Guenther guerdon guernsey guerrilla guess guesswork guest guffaw Guggenheim Guiana guidance guide guidebook guideline guidepost guiding guignol guild guildhall guile Guilford guillemot guillotine guilt guilty guinea guise guitar gules gulf gull Gullah gullet gullible gully gulp gum gumbo gumdrop gummy gumption gumshoe gun Gunderson gunfight gunfire gunflint gunk gunky gunman gunmen gunnery gunny gunplay gunpowder gunshot gunsling Gunther gurgle Gurkha guru Gus gush gusset gust Gustafson Gustav Gustave Gustavus gusto gusty gut Gutenberg Guthrie gutsy guttural guy Guyana guzzle Gwen Gwyn gym gymnasium gymnast gymnastic gymnosperm gyp gypsite gypsum gypsy gyrate gyrfalcon gyro gyrocompass gyroscope h h's ha Haag Haas habeas haberdashery Haberman Habib habit habitant habitat habitation habitual habituate hacienda hack hackberry Hackett hackle hackmatack hackney hackneyed hacksaw had Hadamard Haddad haddock Hades Hadley hadn't Hadrian hadron hafnium Hagen Hager haggard haggle Hagstrom Hague Hahn Haifa haiku hail hailstone hailstorm Haines hair haircut hairdo hairpin hairy Haiti Haitian Hako Hal halcyon hale Haley half halfback halfhearted halfway halibut halide Halifax halite hall hallelujah Halley hallmark hallow Halloween hallucinate hallway halma halo halocarbon halogen Halsey Halstead halt halvah halve Halverson ham Hamal Hamburg hamburger Hamilton Hamiltonian hamlet Hamlin hammerhead hammock Hammond hamper Hampshire Hampton hamster Han Hancock hand handbag handbook handclasp handcuff Handel handgun handhold handicap handicapped handicapper handicraft handicraftsman handicraftsmen handiwork handkerchief handle handleable handlebar handline handmade handmaiden handout handset handshake handsome handspike handstand handwrite handwritten handy handyman handymen Haney Hanford hang hangable hangar hangman hangmen hangout hangover hank Hankel Hanley Hanlon Hanna Hannah Hannibal Hanoi Hanover Hanoverian Hans Hansel Hansen hansom Hanson Hanukkah hap haphazard happen happenstance happy harangue harass Harbin harbinger Harcourt hard hardbake hardboard hardboiled hardcore harden hardhat Hardin Harding hardscrabble hardtack hardtop hardware hardwood hardworking hardy hare harelip harem hark Harlan Harlem Harley harm Harmon harmonic harmonious harmony harness Harold harp harpsichord Harpy Harriet Harriman Harrington Harris Harrisburg Harrison harrow harry harsh harshen hart Hartford Hartley Hartman Harvard harvest harvestman Harvey hash hashish hasn't hasp hassle hast haste hasten Hastings hasty hat hatch hatchet hatchway hate hater Hatfield hath Hathaway hatred Hatteras Hattie Haugen haughty haul haulage haunch haunt Havana have haven haven't Havilland havoc haw Hawaii Hawaiian hawk Hawkins Hawley hawthorn Hawthorne hay Hayden Haydn Hayes hayfield Haynes Hays haystack hayward hazard hazardous haze hazel hazelnut hazy he he'd he'll head headache headboard headdress headland headlight headline headmaster headphone headquarter headroom headset headsman headsmen headstand headstone headstrong headwall headwater headway headwind heady heal Healey health healthy Healy heap hear heard hearken hearsay hearse Hearst heart heartbeat heartbreak hearten heartfelt hearth hearty heat heater heath heathen heathenish Heathkit heave heaven heavenward heavy heavyweight Hebe hebephrenic Hebraic Hebrew Hecate hecatomb heck heckle Heckman hectic hector Hecuba hedge hedgehog hedonism hedonist heed heel heft hefty Hegelian hegemony Heidelberg heigh height heighten Heine Heinrich Heinz heir heiress Heisenberg held Helen Helena Helene Helga helical helicopter heliocentric heliotrope helium helix hell hellbender hellebore Hellenic hellfire hellgrammite hellish hello helm helmet Helmholtz helmsman helmsmen Helmut help helpmate Helsinki Helvetica hem hematite Hemingway hemisphere hemispheric hemlock hemoglobin hemolytic hemorrhage hemorrhoid hemosiderin hemp Hempstead hen henbane hence henceforth henchman henchmen Henderson Hendrick Hendricks Hendrickson henequen Henley henpeck Henri Henrietta henry hepatica hepatitis Hepburn heptane her Hera Heraclitus herald herb Herbert Herculean Hercules herd herdsman here hereabout hereafter hereby hereditary heredity Hereford herein hereinabove hereinafter hereinbelow hereof heresy heretic hereto heretofore hereunder hereunto herewith heritable heritage Herkimer Herman hermeneutic Hermes hermetic Hermite hermitian Hermosa hero Herodotus heroes heroic heroin heroine heroism heron herpes herpetology Herr herringbone Herschel herself Hershel Hershey hertz Hertzog hesitant hesitate hesitater Hesperus Hess Hessian Hester heterodyne heterogamous heterogeneity heterogeneous heterosexual heterostructure heterozygous Hetman Hettie Hetty Heublein heuristic Heusen Heuser hew Hewett Hewitt Hewlett hewn hex hexachloride hexadecimal hexafluoride hexagon hexagonal hexameter hexane hey heyday hi Hiatt hiatus Hiawatha hibachi Hibbard hibernate Hibernia hick Hickey Hickman hickory Hicks hid hidalgo hidden hide hideaway hideous hideout hierarchal hierarchic hierarchy hieratic hieroglyphic Hieronymus hifalutin Higgins high highball highboy highest highfalutin highhanded highland highlight highroad hightail highway highwayman highwaymen hijack hike hilarious hilarity Hilbert Hildebrand hill hillbilly Hillcrest Hillel hillman hillmen hillock hillside hilltop hilly hilt Hilton hilum him Himalaya himself hind hindmost hindrance hindsight Hindu Hinduism Hines hinge Hinman hint hinterland hip hippo hippodrome hippopotamus hippy hipster Hiram hire hireling Hiroshi Hiroshima Hirsch hirsute his Hispanic hiss histochemic histochemistry histogram histology historian historic historiography history histrionic hit Hitachi hitch Hitchcock hither hitherto Hitler hive ho hoagie Hoagland hoagy hoar hoard hoarfrost hoarse hob Hobart Hobbes hobble Hobbs hobby hobbyhorse hobo Hoboken hoc hock hockey hodge hodgepodge Hodges Hodgkin hoe Hoff Hoffman hog hogan hogging hoi Hokan Holbrook Holcomb hold holden holdover holdup hole holeable holiday Holland Hollandaise holler Hollerith Hollingsworth Hollister hollow Holloway hollowware holly hollyhock Hollywood Holm Holman Holmdel Holmes holmium holocaust Holocene hologram holography Holst Holstein holster holt Holyoke holystone homage home homebound homebuild homecome homeland homemade homemake homeomorph homeomorphic homeopath homeown Homeric homesick homestead homeward homework homicidal homicide homily homo homogenate homogeneity homogeneous homologous homologue homology homomorphic homomorphism homonym homosexual homotopy homozygous Honda hondo Honduras hone honest honesty honey honeybee honeycomb honeydew honeymoon honeysuckle Honeywell hong honk Honolulu honoraria honorarium honorary honoree honorific Honshu hooch hood hoodlum hoof hoofmark hook hookup hookworm hooligan hoop hoopla hoosegow Hoosier hoot Hoover hooves hop hope Hopkins Hopkinsian hopple hopscotch Horace Horatio horde horehound horizon horizontal hormone horn hornbeam hornblende Hornblower hornet hornmouth horntail horny horology horoscope Horowitz horrendous horrible horrid horrify horror horse horseback horsedom horseflesh horsefly horsehair horselike horseman horsemen horseplay horsepower horseshoe horsetail horsewoman horsewomen horticulture Horton Horus hose hosiery hospice hospitable hospital host hostage hostelry hostess hostile hosting hostler hot hotbed hotbox hotel hotelman hothead hothouse hotrod Houdaille Houdini hough Houghton hound hour hourglass house houseboat housebreak housebroken housefly household housekeep housewife housewives housework Houston hove hovel hover how how to Howard howdy Howe Howell however howl howsoever howsomever hoy hoyden hoydenish Hoyt HP Hrothgar HTML hub Hubbard Hubbell hubbub hubby Huber Hubert hubris huck huckleberry huckster huddle Hudson hue hued huff Huffman hug huge hugging Huggins Hugh Hughes Hugo huh hulk hull hum human humane humanitarian humble Humboldt humerus humid humidify humidistat humiliate humility Hummel hummingbird hummock humorous hump humpback Humphrey humpty humus Hun hunch hundred hundredfold hundredth hung Hungarian Hungary hungry hunk hunt Hunter Huntington Huntley Huntsville Hurd hurdle hurl hurley Huron hurrah hurray hurricane hurry Hurst hurt hurtle hurty Hurwitz husband husbandman husbandmen husbandry hush husky hustle Huston hut hutch Hutchins Hutchinson Hutchison Huxley Huxtable huzzah hyacinth Hyades hyaline Hyannis hybrid Hyde hydra hydrangea hydrant hydrate hydraulic hydride hydro hydrocarbon hydrochemistry hydrochloric hydrochloride hydrodynamic hydroelectric hydrofluoric hydrogen hydrogenate hydrology hydrolysis hydrometer hydrophilic hydrophobia hydrophobic hydrosphere hydrostatic hydrothermal hydrous hydroxide hydroxy hydroxyl hydroxylate hyena hygiene hygrometer hygroscopic hying hymen hymn hymnal hyperbola hyperbolic hyperboloid hyperboloidal hypertensive hyphen hyphenate hypnosis hypnotic hypoactive hypocrisy hypocrite hypocritic hypocycloid hypodermic hypophyseal hypotenuse hypothalamic hypothalamus hypotheses hypothesis hypothetic hypothyroid hysterectomy hysteresis hysteria hysteric hysteron i I'd I'll I'm i's I've iambic Iberia ibex ibid ibis IBM Ibn Icarus ICC ice iceberg icebox iceland Icelandic ichneumon icicle icon iconoclasm iconoclast icosahedra icosahedral icosahedron icy Ida Idaho IDE idea ideal ideate idempotent identical identify identity ideology idiocy idiom idiomatic idiosyncrasy idiosyncratic idiot idiotic idle idol idolatry idyll idyllic IEEE if iffy Ifni igloo igneous ignite ignition ignoble ignominious ignoramus ignorant ignore ii iii Ike ileum iliac Iliad ill illegal illegible illegitimacy illegitimate illicit illimitable Illinois illiteracy illiterate illogic illume illuminate illumine illusion illusionary illusive illusory illustrate illustrious Ilona Ilyushin image imagery imaginary imaginate imagine imbalance imbecile imbibe Imbrium imbroglio imbrue imbue imitable imitate immaculate immanent immaterial immature immeasurable immediacy immediate immemorial immense immerse immersion immigrant immigrate imminent immiscible immobile immobility immoderate immodest immodesty immoral immortal immovable immune immunization immunoelectrophoresis immutable imp impact impair impale impalpable impart impartation impartial impassable impasse impassion impassive impatient impeach impeccable impedance impede impediment impel impelled impeller impelling impend impenetrable imperate imperceivable imperceptible imperfect imperial imperil imperious imperishable impermeable impermissible impersonal impersonate impertinent imperturbable impervious impetuous impetus impiety impinge impious impish implacable implant implantation implausible implement implementation implementer implementor implicant implicate implicit implore impolite impolitic imponderable import important importation importunate importune imposable impose imposition impossible impost imposture impotent impound impoverish impracticable impractical imprecate imprecise impregnable impregnate impresario impress impressible impression impressive imprimatur imprint imprison improbable impromptu improper impropriety improve improvident improvisate improvise imprudent impudent impugn impulse impulsive impunity impure imputation impute in inability inaccessible inaccuracy inaccurate inaction inactivate inactive inadequacy inadequate inadmissible inadvertent inadvisable inalienable inalterable inane inanimate inappeasable inapplicable inappreciable inapproachable inappropriate inapt inaptitude inarticulate inasmuch inattention inattentive inaudible inaugural inaugurate inauspicious inboard inborn inbred inbreed Inc Inca incalculable incandescent incant incantation incapable incapacitate incapacity incarcerate incarnate incautious incendiary incense incentive inception inceptor incessant incest incestuous inch incident incidental incinerate incipient incise incisive incite inclement inclination incline inclose include inclusion inclusive incoherent incombustible income incommensurable incommensurate incommunicable incommutable incomparable incompatible incompetent incomplete incompletion incomprehensible incomprehension incompressible incomputable inconceivable inconclusive incondensable incongruity incongruous inconsequential inconsiderable inconsiderate inconsistent inconsolable inconspicuous inconstant incontestable incontrollable incontrovertible inconvenient inconvertible incorporable incorporate incorrect incorrigible incorruptible increasable increase incredible incredulity incredulous increment incriminate incubate incubi incubus inculcate inculpable incumbent incur incurred incurrer incurring incursion indebted indecent indecipherable indecision indecisive indecomposable indeed indefatigable indefensible indefinable indefinite indelible indelicate indemnity indent indentation indenture independent indescribable indestructible indeterminable indeterminacy indeterminate index India Indian Indiana Indianapolis indicant indicate indices indict Indies indifferent indigene indigenous indigent indigestible indigestion indignant indignation indignity indigo Indira indirect indiscernible indiscoverable indiscreet indiscretion indiscriminate indispensable indispose indisposition indisputable indissoluble indistinct indistinguishable indium individual individualism individuate indivisible Indochina indoctrinate indolent indomitable Indonesia Indonesian indoor indubitable induce inducible induct inductance inductee inductor indulge indulgent industrial industrialism industrious industry indwell indy ineducable ineffable ineffective ineffectual inefficacy inefficient inelastic inelegant ineligible ineluctable inept inequality inequitable inequity inequivalent ineradicable inert inertance inertia inertial inescapable inestimable inevitable inexact inexcusable inexhaustible inexorable inexpedient inexpensive inexperience inexpert inexpiable inexplainable inexplicable inexplicit inexpressible inextinguishable inextricable infallible infamous infamy infancy infant infantile infantry infantryman infantrymen infarct infatuate infeasible infect infectious infelicitous infelicity infer inference inferential inferior infernal inferno inferred inferring infertile infest infestation infidel infield infight infiltrate infima infimum infinite infinitesimal infinitive infinitude infinitum infinity infirm infirmary infix inflame inflammable inflammation inflammatory inflate inflater inflationary inflect inflexible inflict inflow influence influent influential influenza influx inform informal informant Informatica information informative infra infract infrared infrastructure infrequent infringe infuriate infuse infusible infusion ingather ingenious ingenuity ingenuous Ingersoll ingest ingestible ingestion inglorious ingot Ingram ingrate ingratiate ingratitude ingredient ingrown inhabit inhabitant inhabitation inhalation inhale inharmonious inhere inherent inherit inheritance inheritor inhibit inhibition inhibitor inhibitory inholding inhomogeneity inhomogeneous inhospitable inhuman inhumane inimical inimitable iniquitous iniquity initial initiate inject injudicious Injun injunct injure injurious injury injustice ink inkling inlaid inland inlay inlet Inman inmate inn innards innate inner innermost innocent innovate innuendo innumerable inoculate inoperable inoperative inopportune inordinate inorganic input inquest inquire inquiry inquisition inquisitive inquisitor inroad insane insatiable inscribe inscription inscrutable insect insecticide insecure inseminate insensible insensitive inseparable insert inset inshore inside insidious insight insignia insignificant insincere insinuate insipid insist insistent insofar insolent insoluble insolvable insolvent insomnia insomniac insouciant inspect inspector inspiration inspire instable install installation instalment instance instant instantaneous instead instep instigate instill instillation instinct instinctual institute institution instruct instructor instrument instrumentation insubordinate insubstantial insufferable insufficient insular insulate insulin insult insuperable insupportable insuppressible insurance insure insurgent insurmountable insurrect intact intake intangible integer integrable integral integrand integrate integrity integument intellect intellectual intelligent intelligentsia intelligible intemperance intemperate intend intendant intense intensify intensive intent intention inter intercalate intercept interception interceptor intercom interdict interest interfere interference interferometer interim interior interject interlude intermediary intermit intermittent intern internal internescine internet Interpol interpolate interpolatory interpret interpretation interpretive interregnum interrogate interrogatory interrupt interruptible interruption intersect intersperse interstice interstitial interval intervene intervenor intervention interviewee intestate intestine intimacy intimal intimate intimater intimidate into intolerable intolerant intonate intone intoxicant intoxicate intractable intramolecular intransigent intransitive intrepid intricacy intricate intrigue intrinsic introduce introduction introductory introit introject introspect introversion introvert intrude intrusion intrusive intuit intuitable intuition intuitive inundate inure invade invalid invalidate invaluable invariable invariant invasion invasive invective inveigh inveigle invent invention inventive inventor inventory Inverness inverse inversion invert invertebrate invertible invest investigate investigatory investor inveterate inviable invidious invigorate invincible inviolable inviolate invisible invitation invite invitee invocate invoice invoke involuntary involute involution involutorial involve invulnerable inward Io iodate iodide iodinate iodine ion ionic ionosphere ionospheric iota Iowa ipecac iphone ipsilateral ipso IQ IR Ira Iran Iraq irate ire Ireland Irene iridium iris Irish Irishman Irishmen irk irksome Irma iron ironic ironside ironstone ironwood irony Iroquois irradiate irrational Irrawaddy irreclaimable irreconcilable irrecoverable irredeemable irredentism irredentist irreducible irrefutable irregular irrelevancy irrelevant irremediable irremote irremovable irreparable irreplaceable irrepressible irreproachable irreproducible irresistible irresolute irresolution irresolvable irrespective irresponsible irretrievable irreverent irreversible irrevocable irrigate irritable irritant irritate irruption IRS Irvin Irvine Irving Irwin is Isaac Isaacson Isabel Isabella Isaiah isentropic Isfahan Ising isinglass Isis Islam Islamabad Islamic island isle isn't iso isochronal isochronous isocline isolate Isolde isomer isomorph isomorphic isopleth isotherm isothermal isotope isotopic isotropic isotropy Israel Israeli Israelite issuance issuant issue Istanbul it IT&T it'd it'll Italian italic Italy itch item iterate Ithaca itinerant itinerary Ito itouch itself ITT iv Ivan Ivanhoe Iverson ivory ivy ix Izvestia j j's jab Jablonsky jack jackanapes jackass jackboot jackdaw jacket Jackie jackknife Jackman jackpot Jackson Jacksonian Jacksonville Jacky JACM Jacob Jacobean Jacobi Jacobian Jacobs Jacobsen Jacobson Jacobus Jacqueline Jacques jade Jaeger jag jagging jaguar jail Jakarta jake jalopy jam Jamaica jamboree James Jamestown Jan Jane Janeiro Janet jangle Janice janissary janitor janitorial Janos Jansenist January Janus Japan Japanese jar jargon Jarvin Jason jasper jaundice jaunty Java javascript javelin jaw jawbone jay jazz jazzy jealous jealousy jean Jeannie Jed jeep Jeff Jefferson Jeffersonian Jeffrey Jehovah jejune jejunum jelly jellyfish Jenkins Jennie Jennifer Jennings jenny Jensen jeopard jeopardy Jeremiah Jeremy Jeres Jericho jerk jerky Jeroboam Jerome jerry jersey Jerusalem jess Jesse Jessica Jessie jest Jesuit Jesus jet jetliner jettison Jew jewel Jewell jewelry Jewett Jewish jibe jiffy jig jigging jiggle jigsaw Jill jilt Jim Jimenez Jimmie jimmy jingle jinx jitter jitterbug jitterbugger jitterbugging jittery jive Jo Joan Joanna Joanne Joaquin job jobholder jock jockey jockstrap jocose jocular jocund Joe Joel joey jog jogging joggle Johann Johannes Johannesburg Johansen Johanson John Johnny Johns Johnsen Johnson Johnston Johnstown join joint joke Joliet Jolla jolly jolt Jon Jonas Jonathan Jones jonquil Jordan Jorge Jorgensen Jorgenson Jose Josef Joseph Josephine Josephson Josephus Joshua Josiah joss jostle jot joule jounce journal journalese journey journeyman journeymen joust Jovanovich Jove jovial Jovian jowl jowly joy Joyce joyous joyride joystick Jr Juan Juanita jubilant jubilate Judaism Judas Judd Jude judge judicable judicatory judicature judicial judiciary judicious Judith judo Judson Judy jug jugate jugging juggle juice juicy juju jujube juke Jukes julep Jules Julia Julie Juliet Julio Julius July jumble jumbo jump jumpy junco junction junctor juncture June Juneau jungle junior juniper junk junkerdom junketeer junky Juno junta Jupiter Jura jure juridic jurisdiction jurisprudent jurisprudential juror jury just justice justiciable justify Justine Justinian jut jute Jutish juvenile juxtapose juxtaposition k k's Kabuki Kabul Kaddish Kafka Kafkaesque Kahn kaiser Kajar Kalamazoo kale kaleidescope kaleidoscope kalmia Kalmuk Kamchatka kamikaze Kampala Kane kangaroo Kankakee Kansas Kant kaolin Kaplan kapok kappa Karachi Karamazov karate Karen Karl Karol Karp karyatid Kaskaskia Kate Katharine Katherine Kathleen Kathy Katie Katmandu Katowice Katz Kauffman Kaufman kava Kay kayo kazoo Keaton Keats keddah keel keelson keen Keenan keep keeshond keg Keith Keller Kelley Kellogg kelly kelp Kelsey Kelvin Kemp ken Kendall Kennan Kennecott Kennedy kennel Kenneth Kenney keno Kensington Kent Kenton Kentucky Kenya Kenyon Kepler kept kerchief Kermit kern kernel kerosene Kerr kerry kerygma Kessler kestrel ketch ketchup ketone ketosis Kettering kettle Kevin key keyboard keyed Keyes keyhole Keynes Keynesian keynote keypunch keys keystone keyword khaki khan Khartoum Khmer Khrushchev kibbutzim kibitz kick kickback kickoff kid Kidde kiddie kidnap kidney Kieffer Kiev Kiewit Kigali Kikuyu Kilgore kill killdeer killjoy kilohm Kim Kimball Kimberly kimono kin kind kindergarten kindle kindred kinematic kinesic kinesthesis kinetic king kingbird kingdom kingfisher kinglet kingpin Kingsbury Kingsley Kingston kink kinky Kinney Kinshasha kiosk Kiowa Kipling Kirby Kirchner Kirchoff kirk Kirkland Kirkpatrick Kirov kiss kissing kit Kitakyushu kitchen kitchenette kite kitten kittenish kittle kitty kiva kivu Kiwanis Klan Klaus klaxon kleenex Klein Kline Klux klystron knack Knapp knapsack Knauer knead knee kneecap kneel knelt knew knick Knickerbocker knife knifelike knight Knightsbridge knit knives knob knobby knock knockdown knockout knoll knot Knott knotty know knoweth knowhow knowledge knowledgeable Knowles Knowlton known Knox Knoxville knuckle knuckleball Knudsen Knudson knurl Knutsen Knutson koala Koch Kochab Kodachrome kodak Kodiak Koenig Koenigsberg kohlrabi koinonia kola kolkhoz kombu Kong Koppers Koran Korea kosher Kowalewski Kowalski kraft Krakatoa Krakow Kramer Krause kraut Kremlin Kresge Krieger Krishna Kristin Kronecker Krueger Kruger Kruse krypton Ku kudo kudzu Kuhn kulak kumquat Kurd Kurt Kuwait kwashiorkor Kyle Kyoto l l'oeil l's la lab Laban label labile laboratory laborious labour Labrador labyrinth lac lace lacerate Lacerta lacewing Lachesis lack lackadaisic lackey lacquer lacrosse lactate lacuna lacunae lacustrine lacy lad laden ladle lady ladyfern ladylike Lafayette lag lager lagging lagoon Lagos Lagrange Lagrangian Laguerre Lahore laid Laidlaw lain lair laissez laity lake Lakehurst lakeside lam Lamar lamb lambda lambert lame lamellar lament lamentation laminar laminate lamp lampblack lamplight lampoon lamprey Lana Lancashire Lancaster lance land landau landfill landhold Landis landlord landmark landowner landscape landslide lane Lang Lange Langley Langmuir language languid languish Lanka lanky Lansing lantern lanthanide lanthanum Lao Laocoon Laos Laotian lap lapel lapelled lapidary Laplace lappet lapse Laramie larceny larch lard Laredo Lares large largemouth largesse lariat lark Larkin larkspur Larry Lars Larsen Larson larva larvae larval laryngeal larynges larynx lascar lascivious lase lash lass lasso last latch late latent later latera lateral Lateran laterite latest latex lath lathe Lathrop Latin Latinate latitude latitudinal latitudinary Latrobe latter lattice latus laud laudanum laudatory Lauderdale Laue laugh laughingstock Laughlin laughter launch launder laundry laura laureate laurel Lauren Laurence Laurent Laurentian Laurie Lausanne lava lavabo lavatory lavender lavish Lavoisier law lawbreak lawgive lawmake lawman lawmen lawn Lawrence lawrencium Lawson lawsuit lawyer lax laxative lay layette layman laymen layoff layout Layton layup Lazarus laze lazy lazybones lea leach leachate lead leaden leadeth leadsman leadsmen leaf leaflet leafy league leak leakage leaky lean Leander leap leapfrog leapt Lear learn lease leasehold leash least leather leatherback leatherneck leatherwork leathery leave leaven Leavenworth Lebanese Lebanon lebensraum Lebesgue lecher lechery lectionary lecture led ledge lee leech Leeds leek leer leery leeward leeway left leftmost leftover leftward lefty leg legacy legal legate legatee legato legend legendary Legendre legerdemain legging leggy leghorn legible legion legislate legislature legitimacy legitimate legume leguminous Lehigh Lehman Leigh Leighton Leila leisure leitmotif leitmotiv Leland lemma lemming lemon lemonade Lemuel Len Lena lend length lengthen lengthwise lengthy lenient Lenin Leningrad Leninism Leninist Lennox Lenny lens lent Lenten lenticular lentil Leo Leon Leona Leonard Leonardo Leone Leonid leonine leopard Leopold leper leprosy Leroy Lesbian lesion Leslie Lesotho less lessee lessen lesson lessor lest Lester let lethal lethargy Lethe Letitia letterhead letterman lettermen lettuce leukemia levee level lever leverage Levi Levin Levine Levis levitate Leviticus Levitt levity levy lew lewd lewis lexical lexicography lexicon Lexington Leyden liable liaison liar libation libel libelous liberal liberate Liberia libertarian libertine liberty libidinous libido librarian library librate librettist libretto Libreville Libya lice licensable licensee licensor licentious lichen lick licorice lid lie Liechtenstein lied lien lieu lieutenant life lifeblood lifeboat lifeguard lifelike lifelong lifespan lifestyle lifetime LIFO lift ligament ligand ligature Ligget Liggett light lighten lightface lighthearted lighthouse lightning lightproof lightweight lignite lignum like liken likewise Lila lilac Lilian Lillian Lilliputian Lilly lilt lily Lima limb limbic limbo lime limelight Limerick limestone limit limitate limousine limp limpet limpid limpkin Lin Lincoln Lind Linda Lindberg Lindbergh linden Lindholm Lindquist Lindsay Lindsey Lindstrom line lineage lineal linear linebacker lineman linemen linen lineup linger lingerie lingo lingua lingual linguist liniment link linkage linoleum Linotype linseed lint Linus Linux lion Lionel lioness lip lipid Lippincott Lipschitz Lipscomb lipstick Lipton liquefy liqueur liquid liquidate liquidus liquor Lisa Lisbon Lise lisle lisp Lissajous list listen lit litany literacy literal literary literate literature lithe lithic lithium lithograph lithography lithology lithosphere lithospheric litigant litigate litigious litmus litterbug little littleneck Littleton Litton littoral liturgic liturgy live Livermore Liverpool livery livestock liveth livid Livingston livre Liz lizard Lizzie Lloyd lo load loaf loam loamy loan loath loathe loathsome loaves lob lobar lobby lobe loblolly lobo lobscouse lobster lobular lobule local locale locate loci lock Locke Lockhart Lockheed Lockian locknut lockout locksmith lockup Lockwood locomote locomotion locomotive locomotor locomotory locus locust locutor lodestone lodge lodgepole Lodowick Loeb loess loft lofty log Logan logarithm logarithmic loge loggerhead logging logic logistic logjam loin loincloth Loire Lois loiter Loki Lola loll lollipop lolly Lomb Lombard Lombardy Lome London lone lonesome long longevity Longfellow longhand longhorn longish longitude longitudinal longleg longstanding longtime longue look lookout lookup loom Loomis loon loop loophole loose looseleaf loosen loosestrife loot lop lope Lopez lopseed lopsided loquacious loquacity lord lore Lorelei Loren Lorinda Lorraine Los losable lose loss lossy lost lot lotion Lotte lottery Lottie lotus Lou loud loudspeak Louis Louisa Louise Louisiana Louisville lounge Lounsbury Lourdes louse lousy louver Louvre love lovebird Lovelace Loveland lovelorn low lowboy lowdown Lowe Lowell lower lowland Lowry loy loyal loyalty lozenge LSI LTV Lubbock Lubell lubricant lubricate lubricious lubricity Lucas Lucerne Lucia Lucian lucid Lucifer Lucille Lucius luck lucky lucrative lucre Lucretia Lucretius lucy ludicrous Ludlow Ludwig Lufthansa Luftwaffe lug luge luger luggage lugging Luis luke lukemia lukewarm lull lullaby lulu lumbar lumber lumberman lumbermen lumen luminance luminary luminescent luminosity luminous lummox lump lumpish Lumpur lumpy lunacy lunar lunary lunate lunatic lunch luncheon lunchroom lunchtime Lund Lundberg Lundquist lung lunge lupine Lura lurch lure lurid lurk Lusaka luscious lush lust lustrous lusty lutanist lute lutetium Luther Lutheran Lutz lux luxe Luxembourg luxuriant luxuriate luxurious luxury Luzon lycopodium Lydia lye lying Lykes Lyle Lyman lymph lymphocyte lymphoma lynch Lynchburg Lynn lynx Lyon Lyons Lyra lyric lyricism lysergic m m's ma Mabel Mac macabre macaque MacArthur Macassar Macbeth MacDonald mace Macedon Macedonia MacGregor Mach Machiavelli machination machine machinelike machinery machismo macho macintosh mack MacKenzie mackerel Mackey Mackinac Mackinaw mackintosh MacMillan Macon macro macromolecular macromolecule macrophage macroscopic macrostructure mad Madagascar madam Madame madcap madden Maddox made Madeira Madeleine Madeline madhouse Madison madman madmen Madonna Madras Madrid madrigal Madsen madstone Mae Maelstrom maestro magazine Magdalene magenta Maggie maggot maggoty magi magic magician magisterial magistrate magixz magna magnanimity magnanimous magnate magnesia magnesite magnesium magnet magnetic magnetite magneto magnetron magnificent magnify magnitude magnolia magnum Magnuson Magog magpie Magruder Mahayana Mahayanist mahogany Mahoney maid maiden maidenhair maidservant Maier mail mailbox mailman mailmen maim main Maine mainland mainline mainstream maintain maintenance maitre majestic majesty major make makeshift makeup Malabar maladapt maladaptive maladjust maladroit malady Malagasy malaise malaprop malaria malarial Malawi Malay Malaysia Malcolm malconduct malcontent Malden maldistribute Maldive male maledict malevolent malfeasant malformation malformed malfunction Mali malice malicious malign malignant mall mallard malleable mallet Mallory mallow malnourished malnutrition malocclusion Malone Maloney malposed malpractice Malraux malt Malta Maltese Malton maltreat mambo mamma mammal mammalian mammoth man mana manage manageable managerial Managua Manama manatee Manchester mandamus mandarin mandate mandatory mandrake mandrel mandrill mane maneuver Manfred manganese mange mangel mangle Manhattan manhole manhood mania maniac maniacal manic manifest manifestation manifold manikin Manila manipulable manipulate Manitoba mankind Manley Mann manna mannequin mannerism manometer manor manpower Mans manse manservant Mansfield mansion manslaughter mantel mantic mantis mantissa mantle mantlepiece mantrap manual Manuel manufacture manumission manumit manumitted manure manuscript Manville many manzanita Mao Maori map maple mar marathon maraud marble Marc Marceau Marcel Marcello march Marcia Marco Marcus Marcy Mardi mare Margaret margarine Margery margin marginal marginalia Margo Marguerite maria Marie Marietta marigold marijuana Marilyn marimba Marin marina marinade marinate marine Marino Mario Marion marionette marital maritime marjoram Marjorie Marjory mark market marketeer marketplace marketwise Markham Markov Markovian Marks marksman marksmen Marlboro Marlborough Marlene marlin Marlowe marmalade marmot maroon marque marquee marquess Marquette marquis marriage marriageable married Marrietta Marriott marrow marrowbone marry Mars Marseilles marsh Marsha marshal Marshall marshland marshmallow mart marten martensite Martha martial Martian martin Martinez martingale martini Martinique Martinson Marty martyr martyrdom marvel marvelous Marvin Marx Mary Maryland mascara masculine maser Maseru mash mask mason Masonic Masonite masonry masque masquerade mass Massachusetts massacre massage masseur Massey massif massive mast mastermind masterpiece mastery mastic mastiff mastodon mat match matchbook matchmake mate Mateo mater material materiel maternal maternity math mathematic mathematician Mathematik Mathews Mathewson Mathias Mathieu Matilda matinal matinee matins Matisse matriarch matriarchal matrices matriculate matrimonial matrimony matrix matroid matron Matson matte Matthew Matthews mattock mattress Mattson maturate mature maudlin maul Maureen Maurice Maurine Mauritania Mauritius mausoleum mauve maverick Mavis maw mawkish Mawr Max maxim maxima maximal Maximilian maximum Maxine maxwell Maxwellian may Maya mayapple maybe Mayer Mayfair Mayflower mayhem Maynard Mayo mayonnaise mayor mayoral mayst Mazda maze mazurka MBA Mbabane McAdams McAllister McBride McCabe McCall McCann McCarthy McCarty McCauley McClain McClellan McClure McCluskey McConnel McConnell McCormick McCoy McCracken McCullough McDaniel McDermott McDonald McDonnell McDougall McDowell McElroy McFadden McFarland McGee McGill McGinnis McGovern McGowan McGrath McGraw McGregor McGuire McHugh McIntosh McIntyre McKay McKee McKenna McKenzie McKeon McKesson McKinley McKinney McKnight McLaughlin McLean McLeod McMahon McMillan McMullen McNally McNaughton McNeil McPherson me mead meadow meadowland meadowsweet meager meal mealtime mealy mean meander meant meantime meanwhile measle measure meat meaty Mecca mechanic mechanism mechanist mecum medal medallion meddle Medea media medial median mediate medic medicate Medici medicinal medicine medico mediocre mediocrity meditate Mediterranean medium medley Medusa meek meet meetinghouse Meg megabit megabyte megahertz megalomania megalomaniac megaton megaupload megavolt megawatt megaword megohm Meier Meistersinger Mekong Mel melamine melancholy Melanesia melange Melanie melanin melanoma Melbourne Melcher meld melee Melinda meliorate Melissa Mellon mellow melodic melodious melodrama melodramatic melody melon Melpomene melt Melville Melvin member membrane memento memo memoir memorabilia memorable memoranda memorandum memorial memory Memphis men menace menagerie menarche mend mendacious mendacity mendelevium Mendelssohn Menelaus menfolk menhaden menial meniscus Menlo Mennonite menstruate mensurable mensuration mental mention mentor menu Menzies Mephistopheles mercantile Mercator Mercedes mercenary mercer merchandise merchant mercilessly Merck mercurial mercuric mercury mercy mere Meredith meretricious merganser merge meridian meridional meringue merit meritorious Merle merlin mermaid Merriam Merrill Merrimack merriment Merritt merry merrymake Mervin mesa mescal mescaline mesenteric mesh mesmeric meson Mesozoic mesquite mess message messenger Messiah messieurs Messrs messy met metabole metabolic metabolism metabolite metal metallic metalliferous metallography metalloid metallurgic metallurgist metallurgy metalwork metamorphic metamorphism metamorphose metamorphosis metaphor metaphoric Metcalf mete meteor meteoric meteorite meteoritic meteorology meter methacrylate methane methanol method methodic Methodism Methodist methodology Methuen Methuselah methyl methylene meticulous metier metric metro metronome metropolis metropolitan mettle mettlesome Metzler mew Mexican Mexico Meyer Meyers mezzo mi Miami miasma miasmal mica mice Michael Michaelangelo Michelangelo Michelin Michelson michigan Mickelson Mickey Micky micro microbial microcosm microfiche micrography microjoule micron Micronesia microscopy microsoft mid Midas midband midday middle Middlebury middleman middlemen Middlesex Middleton Middletown middleweight midge midget midland midmorn midnight midpoint midrange midscale midsection midshipman midshipmen midspan midst midstream midway midweek Midwest Midwestern midwife midwinter midwives mien miff mig might mightn't mighty mignon migrant migrate migratory Miguel MiHD mike mila Milan milch mild mildew Mildred mile mileage Miles milestone milieu militant militarism militarist military militate militia militiamen milk milkweed milky mill Millard millenarian millenia millennia millennium miller millet Millie Millikan millinery million millionaire millionth millipede Mills millstone milord milt Milton Miltonic Milwaukee mimeograph mimesis mimetic Mimi mimic mimicked mimicking minaret mince mincemeat mind Mindanao mine minefield mineral mineralogy Minerva minestrone minesweeper mingle mini miniature minibike minicomputer minim minima minimal minimax minimum minion ministerial ministry mink Minneapolis Minnesota Minnie minnow Minoan minor Minos minot Minsky minstrel minstrelsy mint minuend minuet minus minuscule minute minuteman minutemen minutiae Miocene Mira miracle miraculous mirage Miranda mire Mirfak Miriam mirror mirth misanthrope misanthropic miscegenation miscellaneous miscellany mischievous miscible miscreant miser misery misnomer misogynist misogyny mispronunciation miss misshapen missile mission missionary Mississippi Mississippian missive Missoula Missouri Missy mist mistletoe misty MIT Mitchell mite mitigate mitral mitre mitt mitten mix mixture mixup Mizar mnemonic moan moat mob mobcap Mobil mobile mobility mobster moccasin mock mockernut mockery mockingbird mockup modal mode model modem moderate modern modest Modesto modesty modicum modify modish modular modulate module moduli modulo modulus Moe Moen Mogadiscio Mohammedan Mohawk Mohr moiety Moines moire Moiseyev moist moisten moisture molal molar molasses mold moldboard mole molecular molecule molehill molest Moliere Moline Moll Mollie mollify mollusk Molly mollycoddle Moloch molt molten Moluccas molybdate molybdenite molybdenum moment momenta momentary momentous momentum mommy Mona Monaco monad monadic monarch monarchic monarchy monastery monastic monaural Monday monel monetarism monetary money moneymake Mongolia mongoose Monica monies monitor monitory monk monkey monkeyflower monkish Monmouth Monoceros monochromatic monochromator monocotyledon monocular monogamous monogamy monolith monologist monologue monomer monomeric monomial Monongahela monopoly monotonous monoxide Monroe Monrovia Monsanto monsieur monsoon monster monstrosity monstrous Mont montage Montague Montana Montclair monte Montenegrin Monterey Monteverdi Montevideo Montgomery month Monticello Montmartre Montpelier Montrachet Montreal Monty monument moo mood moody moon Mooney moonlight moonlike moonlit moor Moore Moorish moose moot mop moraine moral morale Moran morass moratorium Moravia morbid more morel Moreland moreover Moresby Morgan morgen morgue Moriarty moribund Morley Mormon morn Moroccan Morocco moron morose morpheme morphemic morphine morphology morphophonemic Morrill morris Morrison Morrissey Morristown morrow Morse morsel mort mortal mortar mortem mortgage mortgagee mortgagor mortician mortify mortise Morton mosaic Moscow Moser Moses Moslem mosque mosquito moss mossy most mot motel motet moth mother motherboard motherhood motherland motif motion motivate motive motley motor motorcycle Motorola mottle motto mould Moulton mound mount mountain mountaineer mountainous mountainside mourn mouse moustache mousy mouth mouthpiece Mouton move movie mow Moyer Mozart Mozilla Firefox MP3 MP4 MPH Mr Mrs Ms mu much mucilage muck mucosa mucus mud Mudd muddle muddlehead muddy mudguard mudsling Mueller muezzin muff muffin muffle mug mugging muggy mugho Muir Mukden mulatto mulberry mulch mulct mule mulish mull mullah mullein Mullen mulligan mulligatawny mullion multi multifarious multinomial multiple multiplet multiplex multiplexor multipliable multiplicand multiplication multiplicative multiplicity multiply multitude multitudinous mum mumble Mumford mummy munch Muncie mundane mung Munich municipal munificent munition Munson muon Muong mural murder murderous muriatic Muriel murk murky murmur Murphy Murray murre Muscat muscle Muscovy muscular musculature muse museum mush mushroom mushy music musicale musician musicology musk Muskegon muskellunge musket muskmelon muskox muskoxen muskrat muslim muslin mussel must mustache mustachio mustang mustard mustn't musty mutagen mutandis mutant mutate mutatis mute mutilate mutineer mutiny mutt mutter mutton mutual mutuel Muzak Muzo muzzle my Mycenae Mycenaean mycobacteria mycology myel myeline myeloid Myers mylar mynah Mynheer myocardial myocardium myofibril myopia myopic myosin Myra myriad Myron myrrh myrtle myself myspace mysterious mystery mystic mystify mystique myth mythic mythology n n's NAACP nab Nabisco nabla Nadine nadir nag Nagasaki nagging Nagoya Nagy naiad nail Nair Nairobi naive naivete naked name nameable nameplate namesake Nan Nancy Nanette Nanking nanosecond Nantucket Naomi nap nape napkin Naples Napoleon Napoleonic Narbonne narcissist narcissus narcosis narcotic Narragansett narrate narrow nary NASA nasal nascent Nash Nashua Nashville Nassau nasturtium nasty Nat natal Natalie Natchez Nathan Nathaniel nation nationhood nationwide native NATO natty natural nature naturopath naughty nausea nauseate nauseum nautical nautilus Navajo naval nave navel navigable navigate navy nay Nazarene Nazareth Nazi Nazism NBC NBS NC NCAA NCR ND NDS Ndjamena ne Neal Neanderthal neap Neapolitan near nearby nearest nearsighted neat neater neath Nebraska nebula nebulae nebular nebulous necessary necessitate necessity neck necklace neckline necktie necromancer necromancy necromantic necropsy necrosis necrotic nectar nectareous nectary Ned nee need needham needle needlepoint needn't needy Neff negate neglect negligee negligent negligible negotiable negotiate Negro Negroes Negroid Nehru Neil neither Nell Nellie Nelsen Nelson nemesis neoclassic neodymium neolithic neologism neon neonatal neonate neophyte neoprene Nepal nepenthe nephew Neptune neptunium nereid Nero nerve nervous Ness nest nestle Nestor net nether Netherlands netherworld nettle nettlesome network Neumann neural neuralgia neurasthenic neuritis neuroanatomic neuroanatomy neuroanotomy neurology neuromuscular neuron neuronal neuropathology neurophysiology neuropsychiatric neuroses neurosis neurotic neuter neutral neutrino neutron Neva Nevada neve nevertheless Nevins new Newark Newbold newborn Newcastle newcomer newel Newell newfound Newfoundland newlywed Newman Newport newsboy newscast newsletter newsman newsmen newspaper newspaperman newspapermen newsreel newsstand Newsweek newt newton Newtonian next Nguyen NH Niagara Niamey nib nibble Nibelung nibs Nicaragua nice nicety niche Nicholas Nicholls Nichols Nicholson nichrome nick nickel nickname Nicodemus Nicosia nicotine niece Nielsen Nielson Nietzsche Niger Nigeria niggardly nigger niggle nigh night nightcap nightclub nightdress nightfall nightgown nighthawk nightingale nightmare nightmarish nightshirt nighttime NIH nihilism nihilist Nikko Nikolai nil Nile nilpotent nimble nimbus NIMH Nina nine ninebark ninefold nineteen nineteenth ninetieth ninety Nineveh nintendo ninth Niobe niobium nip nipple Nippon nirvana nissan nit nitpick nitrate nitric nitride nitrite nitrogen nitrogenous nitroglycerine nitrous nitty Nixon NJ NM no NOAA Noah nob Nobel nobelium noble nobleman noblemen noblesse nobody nobody'd nocturnal nocturne nod nodal node nodular nodule Noel noise noisemake noisy Nolan Noll nolo nomadic nomenclature nominal nominate nominee nomograph non nonce nonchalant nondescript none nonetheless nonogenarian nonsensic noodle nook noon noontime noose nor Nordhoff Nordstrom Noreen Norfolk norm Norma normal normalcy Norman Normandy normative Norris north Northampton northbound northeast northeastern northerly northern northernmost northland Northrop Northrup Northumberland northward northwest northwestern Norton Norwalk Norway Norwegian Norwich nose nosebag nosebleed nostalgia nostalgic Nostradamus Nostrand nostril not notary notate notch note notebook noteworthy nothing notice noticeable notify notion notoriety notorious Nottingham notwithstanding Nouakchott noun nourish nouveau Nov nova Novak novel novelty November novice novitiate novo Novosibirsk now nowaday nowhere nowise noxious nozzle NRC NSF NTIS nu nuance Nubia nubile nucleant nuclear nucleate nuclei nucleic nucleoli nucleolus nucleotide nucleus nuclide nude nudge nugatory nugget nuisance null nullify numb numerable numeral numerate numeric Numerische numerology numerous numinous numismatic numismatist nun nuptial nurse nursery nurture nut nutate nutcrack nuthatch nutmeg nutria nutrient nutrition nutritious nutritive nutshell nuzzle NY NYC nylon nymph nymphomania nymphomaniac Nyquist NYU o O'Brien o'clock O'Connell O'Connor O'Dell O'Donnell O'Dwyer o'er O'Hare O'Leary o's O'Shea O'Sullivan oaf oak oaken Oakland Oakley oakwood oar oases oasis oat oath oatmeal obduracy obdurate obedient obeisant obelisk Oberlin obese obey obfuscate obfuscatory obituary object objectify objectivity objector objet oblate obligate obligatory oblige oblique obliterate oblivion oblivious oblong obnoxious oboe oboist obscene obscure obsequious obsequy observant observation observatory observe obsess obsession obsessive obsidian obsolescent obsolete obstacle obstetric obstinacy obstinate obstruct obtain obtrude obtrusive obverse obviate obvious ocarina occasion occident occidental occipital occlude occlusion occlusive occult occultate occupant occupation occupy occur occurred occurrent occurring ocean Oceania oceanic oceanography oceanside ocelot Oct octagon octagonal octahedra octahedral octahedron octal octane octant octave Octavia octennial octet octile octillion October octogenarian octopus octoroon ocular odd ode Odessa Odin odious odium odometer odorous Odysseus Odyssey Oedipal Oedipus oersted of off offal offbeat Offenbach offend offensive offer offertory offhand office officeholder officemate official officialdom officiate officio officious offload offsaddle offset offsetting offshoot offshore offspring offstage oft often oftentimes Ogden ogle ogre ogress oh Ohio ohm ohmic ohmmeter oil oilcloth oilman oilmen oilseed oily oint OK Okay Okinawa Oklahoma Olaf old olden Oldenburg Oldsmobile oldster oldy oleander olefin oleomargarine olfactory Olga oligarchic oligarchy oligoclase oligopoly Olin olive Oliver Olivetti Olivia olivine Olsen Olson Olympia Olympic Omaha Oman ombudsman omega omelet omen omicron ominous omission omit omitted omitting omnibus omnipotent omnipresent omniscient on once oncology oncoming one Oneida onerous oneself onetime oneupmanship ongoing onion onlook only onomatopoeic Onondaga onrush onrushing onset onslaught Ontario onto ontogeny ontology onus onward onyx oodles ooze opacity opal opalescent opaque OPEC Opel open opera operable operand operant operate operatic operating system operetta Ophiucus opiate opinion opinionate opium opossum Oppenheimer opponent opportune opposable oppose opposite opposition oppress oppression oppressive oppressor opprobrium opt opthalmic opthalmologic opthalmology optic optima optimal optimism optimist optimistic optimum option optoacoustic optoisolate optometrist optometry opulent opus or oracle oral orange orangeroot orangutan orate oratoric oratorio oratory orb orbit orbital orchard orchestra orchestral orchestrate orchid orchis ordain ordeal order orderly ordinal ordinance ordinary ordinate ordnance ore oregano Oregon Oresteia Orestes organ organdy organic organismic organometallic orgasm orgiastic orgy orient oriental orifice origin original originate Orin Orinoco oriole Orion Orkney Orlando Orleans ornament ornamentation ornate ornately ornery orographic orography Orono orphan orphanage Orpheus Orphic Orr Ortega orthant orthicon orthoclase orthodontic orthodontist orthodox orthodoxy orthogonal orthography orthonormal orthopedic orthophosphate orthorhombic Orville Orwell Orwellian Osaka Osborn Osborne Oscar oscillate oscillatory oscilloscope Osgood Oshkosh osier Osiris Oslo osmium osmosis osmotic osprey osseous ossify ostensible ostentatious osteology osteopath osteopathic osteopathy osteoporosis ostracism ostracod Ostrander ostrich Oswald Othello other otherwise otherworld otherworldly Otis Ott Ottawa otter Otto Ottoman Ouagadougou ouch ought oughtn't ounce our ourselves oust out outermost outlandish outlawry outrageous ouzel ouzo ova oval ovary ovate oven ovenbird over overhang overt overture Ovid oviform ow owe Owens owing owl owly own ox oxalate oxalic oxcart oxen oxeye Oxford oxidant oxidate oxide Oxnard oxygen oxygenate oyster Ozark ozone p p's pa Pablo Pabst pace pacemake pacific pacifism pacifist pacify pack package Packard packet pact pad paddle paddock paddy padlock padre paean pagan page pageant pageantry paginate pagoda paid pail pain Paine painstaking paint painter paintbrush pair pairwise Pakistan Pakistani pal palace palate Palatine palazzi palazzo pale Paleolithic Paleozoic Palermo Palestine palette palfrey palindrome palindromic palisade pall palladia Palladian palladium pallet palliate pallid palm palmate palmetto Palmolive Palmyra Palo Palomar palpable palsy Pam Pamela pampa pamper pamphlet pan panacea panama pancake Pancho pancreatic panda Pandanus pandemic pandemonium pander Pandora pane panel pang panic panicked panicky panicle panjandrum panoply panorama panoramic pansy pant pantheism pantheist pantheon panther pantomime pantomimic pantry panty Paoli pap papa papal papaw paper paperback paperweight paperwork papery papillary papoose Pappas pappy paprika Papua papyri papyrus par parabola parabolic paraboloid paraboloidal parachute parade paradigm paradigmatic paradise paradox paradoxic paraffin paragon paragraph Paraguay parakeet paralinguistic parallax parallel parallelepiped paralysis paramagnet paramagnetic parameter paramilitary paramount Paramus paranoia paranoiac paranoid paranormal parapet paraphernalia paraphrase parapsychology parasite parasitic parasol parasympathetic paratroop paraxial parboil parcel parch pardon pare paregoric parent parentage parental parentheses parenthesis parenthetic parenthood Pareto pariah parimutuel Paris parish parishioner Parisian park Parke Parkinson parkish parkland parklike Parks parkway parlance parlay parley parliament parliamentarian parliamentary parochial parody parole parolee parquet Parr Parrish parrot parrotlike parry parse Parsifal parsimonious parsimony parsley parsnip parson parsonage Parsons part partake Parthenon partial participant participate participle particle particular particulate partisan partition partner partook partridge party parvenu Pasadena Pascal paschal pasha Paso pass passage passageway Passaic passband passe passenger passer passerby passion passionate passivate passive Passover passport password past paste pasteboard pastel pasteup Pasteur pastiche pastime pastor pastoral pastry pasture pasty pat Patagonia patch patchwork patchy pate patent patentee pater paternal paternoster Paterson path pathetic pathogen pathogenesis pathogenic pathology pathos pathway patient patina patio patriarch patriarchal patriarchy Patrice Patricia patrician Patrick patrimonial patrimony patriot patriotic patristic patrol patrolled patrolling patrolman patrolmen patron patronage patroness Patsy pattern Patterson Patti Patton patty paucity Paul Paula Paulette Pauli Pauline Paulo Paulsen Paulson Paulus paunch paunchy pauper pause pavanne pave pavilion Pavlov paw pawn pawnshop Pawtucket pax pay paycheck payday paymaster Payne payoff payroll Paz PBS PC PCI pea Peabody peace peaceable peacemake peacetime peach Peachtree peacock peafowl peak peaky peal Peale peanut pear Pearce pearl pearlstone Pearson peasant peasanthood Pease peat pebble pecan peccary peck Pecos pectoral pectoralis peculate peculiar pecuniary pedagogic pedagogue pedagogy pedal pedant pedantic pedantry peddle pedestal pedestrian pediatric pediatrician pedigree pediment Pedro pee peed peek peel peep peephole peepy peer peg Pegasus pegboard pegging Peggy pejorative Peking Pelham pelican pellagra pellet pelt peltry pelvic pelvis Pembroke pemmican pen penal penalty penance penates pence penchant pencil pend pendant pendulum Penelope penetrable penetrate penguin Penh penicillin peninsula penitent penitential penitentiary penman penmen Penn penna pennant Pennsylvania penny pennyroyal Penrose Pensacola pension pensive pent pentagon pentagonal pentane Pentecost pentecostal penthouse penultimate penumbra penurious penury peony people Peoria pep peppergrass peppermint pepperoni peppery peppy Pepsi PepsiCo peptide per perceive percent percentage percentile percept perceptible perception perceptive perceptual perch perchance perchlorate Percival percolate percussion percussive Percy perdition peremptory perennial Perez perfect perfectible perfidious perfidy perforate perforce perform performance perfume perfumery perfunctory perfusion Pergamon perhaps Periclean Pericles perihelion peril Perilla perilous perimeter period periodic peripatetic peripheral periphery periphrastic periscope perish peritectic periwinkle perjure perjury perk Perkins perky Perle permalloy permanent permeable permeate Permian permissible permission permissive permit permitted permitting permutation permute pernicious peroxide perpendicular perpetrate perpetual perpetuate perpetuity perplex perquisite Perry persecute persecution persecutory Perseus perseverance persevere Pershing Persia Persian persiflage persimmon persist persistent person persona personage personal personify personnel perspective perspicacious perspicous perspicuity perspicuous perspiration perspire persuade persuasion persuasive pert pertain Perth pertinacious pertinent perturb perturbate Peru perusal peruse Peruvian pervade pervasion pervasive perverse perversion pervert pessimal pessimism pessimist pessimum pest peste pesticide pestilent pestilential pestle pet petal Pete Peter Peters Petersburg Petersen Peterson petit petite petition petrel petri petrify petrochemical petroglyph petrol petroleum petrology petticoat petty petulant petunia Peugeot pew pewee pewter pfennig Pfizer phagocyte phalanger phalanx phalarope phantasy phantom pharmaceutic pharmacist pharmacology pharmacopoeia pharmacy phase phat PhD pheasant Phelps phenol phenolic phenomena phenomenal phenomenology phenomenon phenotype phenyl phi Phil Philadelphia philanthrope philanthropic philanthropy philharmonic Philip Philippine Philippines Philistine Phillips philodendron philology philosoph philosophic philosophy Phipps phloem phlox phobic phoebe Phoenicia phoenix phon phone phoneme phonemic phonetic phonic phonograph phonology phonon phony phosgene phosphate phosphide phosphine phosphor phosphoresce phosphorescent phosphoric phosphorus photo photogenic photography photolysis photolytic photon photoshop php phrase phrasemake phraseology phthalate phycomycetes phyla Phyllis phylogeny physic physician Physik physiochemical physiognomy physiology physiotherapist physiotherapy physique phytoplankton pi pianissimo pianist piano piazza pica Picasso picayune Piccadilly piccolo pick pickaxe pickerel Pickering picket Pickett Pickford pickle Pickman pickoff pickup picky picnic picnicked picnicker picnicking picofarad picojoule picosecond pictorial picture picturesque piddle pidgin pie piece piecemeal piecewise Piedmont pier pierce Pierre Pierson pietism piety piezoelectric pig pigeon pigeonberry pigeonfoot pigeonhole pigging piggish piggy pigment pigmentation pigpen pigroot pigskin pigtail pike Pilate pile pilfer pilferage pilgrim pilgrimage pilipino pill pillage pillar pillory pillow Pillsbury pilot pimp pimple pin pinafore pinball pinch pincushion pine pineapple Pinehurst ping pinhead pinhole pinion pink pinkie pinkish pinnacle pinnate pinochle pinoy pinpoint pinscher Pinsky pint pintail pinto pinwheel pinxter pion pioneer pious pip pipe pipeline Piper pipette pipsissewa piquant pique piracy Piraeus pirate pirogue pirouette Piscataway Pisces piss pistachio pistol pistole piston pit pitch pitchblende pitchfork pitchstone piteous pitfall pith pithy pitiable pitilessly pitman Pitney Pitt Pittsburgh Pittsfield Pittston pituitary pity Pius pivot pivotal pixel pixy pizza pizzicato placate placater place placeable placebo placeholder placenta placental placid plagiarism plagiarist plagioclase plague plagued plaguey plaid plain Plainfield plaintiff plaintive plan planar Planck plane planeload planet planetaria planetarium planetary planetesimal planetoid plank plankton planoconcave planoconvex plant plantain plantation plaque plasm plasma plasmon plaster plastic plastisol plastron plat plate plateau platelet platen platform platinize platinum platitude platitudinous Plato platonic Platonism Platonist platoon Platte plausible play playa playback playboy playground playhouse playmate playoff playroom playtime playwright playwriting plaza plea plead pleasant please pleasure pleat plebeian plebian pledge Pleiades Pleistocene plenary plenipotentiary plenitude plenty plenum plethora pleura pleural Plexiglas pliable pliancy pliant pliers plight Pliny Pliocene plod plop plot plover plowman plowshare pluck plucky plug plugboard pluggable plugging plum plumage plumb plumbago plumbate plume plummet plump plunder plunge plunk plural plus plush plushy Plutarch Pluto plutonium ply Plymouth plyscore plywood PM pneumatic pneumonia Po poach pocket pocketbook Pocono pod podge podia podium Poe poem poesy poet poetic poetry pogo pogrom poi poignant Poincare poinsettia point poise poison poisonous Poisson poke pokerface pol Poland polar polarimeter Polaris polariscope polariton polarogram polarograph polarography Polaroid polaron pole polecat polemic police policeman policemen policy polio polis polish Politburo polite politic politician politicking politico polity Polk polka poll Pollard pollcadot pollen pollock polloi pollutant pollute pollution Pollux polo polonaise polonium polopony polygon polygonal polygynous polyhedra polyhedral polyhedron Polyhymnia polymer polymerase polymeric polymorph polymorphic polynomial Polyphemus polyphony polypropylene polytechnic polytope polytypy pomade pomegranate Pomona pomp pompadour pompano Pompeii pompey pompon pomposity pompous Ponce Ponchartrain poncho pond ponder ponderous pong Pontiac pontiff pontific pontificate pony pooch poodle pooh pool Poole poop poor pop pope popish poplar poplin poppy populace popular populate populous porcelain porch porcine porcupine pore pork porn pornographer pornography porosity porous porphyry porpoise porridge port portage portal Porte portend portent portentous porterhouse portfolio Portia portico portland portmanteau Porto portrait portraiture portray portrayal Portsmouth Portugal Portuguese portulaca posable pose Poseidon poseur posey posh posit position positive positron posse posseman possemen possess possession possessive possessor possible possum post postage postal postcard postcondition postdoctoral posterior posteriori posterity postfix postgraduate posthumous postlude postman postmark postmaster postmen postmortem postmultiply postoperative postorder postpone postprocess postprocessor postscript postulate posture postwar posy pot potable potash potassium potato potatoes potbelly potboil potent potentate potential potentiometer pothole potion potlatch Potomac potpourri pottery Potts pouch Poughkeepsie poultice poultry pounce pound pour pout poverty pow powder powderpuff powdery Powell power powerhouse Powers Poynting ppm practicable practical practice practise practitioner Prado pragmatic pragmatism pragmatist Prague prairie praise praiseworthy pram prance prank praseodymium Pratt Pravda pray prayer preach preachy preamble Precambrian precarious precaution precautionary precede precedent precept precess precession precinct precious precipice precipitable precipitate precipitous precis precise precision preclude precocious precocity precursor predatory predecessor predicament predicate predict predictor predilect predispose predisposition predominant predominate preeminent preempt preemption preemptive preemptor preen prefab prefabricate preface prefatory prefect prefecture prefer preference preferential preferred preferring prefix pregnant prehistoric prejudice prejudicial preliminary prelude premature premeditate premier premiere premise premium premonition premonitory Prentice preoccupy prep preparation preparative preparatory prepare preponderant preponderate preposition preposterous prerequisite prerogative presage Presbyterian presbytery Prescott prescribe prescript prescription prescriptive presence present presentation presentational preservation preserve preside president presidential press pressure prestidigitate prestige prestigious presto Preston presume presumed presuming presumption presumptive presumptuous presuppose presupposition pretend pretense pretension pretentious pretext Pretoria pretty prevail prevalent prevent prevention preventive preview previous prexy prey Priam price prick prickle pride priest Priestley prig priggish prim prima primacy primal primary primate prime primeval primitive primitivism primp primrose prince princess Princeton principal Principia principle print printmake printout prior priori priory Priscilla prism prismatic prison prissy pristine Pritchard privacy private privet privilege privy prize pro probabilist probate probe probity problem problematic procaine procedural procedure proceed process procession processor proclaim proclamation proclivity procrastinate procreate procrustean Procrustes Procter proctor procure Procyon prod prodigal prodigious prodigy produce producible product productivity Prof profane profess profession professional professor professorial proffer proficient profile profit profligate profound profundity profuse profusion progenitor progeny prognosis prognosticate programmable programmed programmer programming progress progression progressive prohibit prohibition prohibitive prohibitory project projectile projector Prokofieff prolate proletariat proliferate prolific prolix prologue prolong prolongate prolusion prom promenade Promethean Prometheus promethium prominent promiscuous promise promote promotion prompt promptitude promulgate prone prong pronoun pronounce pronounceable pronto pronunciation proof proofread prop propaganda propagandist propagate propane propel propellant propelled propeller propelling propensity proper property prophecy prophesy prophet prophetic propionate propitiate propitious proponent proportion proportionate propos proposal propose proposition proprietary proprietor propriety proprioception proprioceptive propulsion propyl propylene prorate prorogue prosaic proscenium proscribe proscription prose prosecute prosecution prosecutor Proserpine prosodic prosody prosopopoeia prospect prospector prospectus prosper prosperous prostate prosthetic prostitute prostitution prostrate protactinium protagonist protean protease protect protector protectorate protege protein proteolysis proteolytic protest protestant protestation prothonotary protocol proton protoplasm protoplasmic prototype prototypic Protozoa protozoan protract protrude protrusion protrusive protuberant proud Proust prove proven provenance proverb proverbial provide provident providential province provincial provision provisional proviso provocateur provocation provocative provoke provost prow prowess prowl proximal proximate proximity proxy prudent prudential prune prurient Prussia pry psalm psalter pseudo psi ps1 ps2 ps3 psp psych psyche psychiatric psychiatrist psychiatry psychic psycho psychoacoustic psychoanalysis psychoanalyst psychoanalytic psychobiology psychology psychometry psychopath psychopathic psychophysic psychophysical psychophysics psychophysiology psychopomp psychoses psychosis psychosomatic psychotherapeutic psychotherapist psychotherapy psychotic psyllium PTA ptarmigan Ptolemaic Ptolemy pub puberty pubescent public publication publish Puccini puck puckish pudding puddingstone puddle puddly pueblo puerile Puerto puff puffball puffed puffery puffin puffy pug Pugh puissant puke Pulaski Pulitzer pull pulley Pullman pullover pulmonary pulp pulpit pulsar pulsate pulse pulverable puma pumice pummel pump pumpkin pumpkinseed pun punch punctual punctuate puncture pundit punditry pungent Punic punish punitive punk punky punster punt puny pup pupal pupate pupil puppet puppeteer puppy puppyish Purcell purchasable purchase Purdue pure purgation purgative purgatory purge purify Purina Puritan puritanic purl purloin purple purport purpose purposive purr purse purslane pursuant pursue pursuer pursuit purvey purveyor purview pus Pusan Pusey push pushbutton pussy pussycat put putative Putnam putt putty puzzle PVC Pygmalion pygmy Pyhrric pyknotic Pyle Pyongyang pyracanth pyramid pyramidal pyre Pyrex pyridine pyrite pyroelectric pyrolyse pyrolysis pyrometer pyrophosphate pyrotechnic pyroxene Pythagoras Pythagorean python q q's Qatar QED qua quack quackery quad quadrangle quadrangular quadrant quadratic quadrature quadrennial quadric quadriceps quadrilateral quadrille quadrillion quadripartite quadrivium quadruple quadrupole quaff quagmire quahog quail quaint quake Quakeress qualified qualify qualitative quality qualm quandary quanta Quantico quantify quantile quantitative quantity quantum quarantine quark quarrel quarrelsome quarry quarryman quarrymen quart quarterback quartermaster quartet quartic quartile quartz quasar quash quasi quasicontinuous quasiorder quasiparticle quasiperiodic quasistationary quaternary quatrain quaver quay queasy Quebec queen queer quell quench querulous query quest question questionnaire quetzal queue Quezon quibble quick quicken quickie quicklime quicksand quicksilver quickstep quid quiescent quiet quietus quill quilt quince quinine Quinn quint quintet quintic quintillion quintus quip quipping Quirinal quirk quirky quirt quit quite Quito quitting quiver Quixote quixotic quiz quizzical quo quod quonset quorum quota quotation quote quotient r R&D r's rabat rabbet rabbi rabbit rabble rabid rabies Rabin raccoon race racetrack raceway Rachel Rachmaninoff racial rack racket racketeer rackety racy radar Radcliffe radial radian radiant radiate radical radices radii radio radioactive radioastronomy radiocarbon radiochemical radiochemistry radiography radiology radiometer radiophysics radiosonde radiosterilize radiotherapy radish radium radius radix radon Rae Rafael Rafferty raffia raffish raft rag rage ragging ragout ragweed raid rail railbird railhead raillery railroad railway rain rainbow raincoat raindrop rainfall rainstorm rainy raise raisin raj rajah rake rakish Raleigh rally Ralph Ralston ram Ramada Raman ramble ramify Ramo ramp rampage rampant rampart ramrod Ramsey ran ranch rancho rancid rancorous Rand Randall Randolph random randy rang range rangeland Rangoon rangy Ranier rank Rankin rankle ransack ransom rant Raoul rap rapacious rape Raphael rapid rapidshare rapier rapport rapprochement rapt rapture rare rarefy Raritan rasa rascal rash Rasmussen rasp raspberry raster Rastus rat rata rate rater rather ratify ratio ratiocinate rationale rattail rattle rattlesnake raucous ravage rave ravel raven ravenous ravine ravish raw rawboned rawhide Rawlinson ray Rayleigh Raymond Raytheon raze razor razorback RCA re reach reactant reactionary reactive read readout ready Reagan reagent real realisable realm realtor realty ream reap rear reason reave reb Rebecca rebel rebelled rebelling rebellion rebellious rebuke rebut rebuttal rebutted rebutting recalcitrant recant recappable recede receipt receive recent receptacle reception receptive receptor recess recession recessive recherche Recife recipe recipient reciprocal reciprocate reciprocity recital recitative reck reckon reclamation recline recluse recompense reconcile recondite reconnaissance record recoup recourse recovery recriminate recruit rectangle rectangular rectifier rectify rectilinear rectitude rector rectory recumbent recuperate recur recurred recurrent recurring recursion recursive recusant recuse red redact redactor redbird redbud redcoat redden reddish redeem redemption redemptive redhead Redmond redneck redound redpoll redshank redstart Redstone redtop reduce reducible reduct redundant redwood reed reedbuck reedy reef reek reel Reese reeve Reeves refection refectory refer referable referee refereeing referenda referendum referent referential referral referred referring refinery reflect reflectance reflector reflexive reforestation reformatory refract refractometer refractory refrain refrigerate refuge refugee refusal refutation refute regal regale regalia regard regatta regent regime regimen regiment regimentation Regina Reginald region regional Regis registrable registrant registrar registration registry regress regression regressive regret regrettable regretted regretting regular regulate regulatory Regulus regurgitate rehabilitate rehearsal rehearse Reich Reid reign Reilly reimbursable reimburse rein reindeer reinforce Reinhold reinstate reject rejoice rejoinder relate relax relaxation relay releasable relevant reliable reliant relic relict relief relieve religion religiosity religious relinquish reliquary relish reluctant remainder reman remand remark Rembrandt remediable remedial remedy remember remembrance Remington reminisce reminiscent remiss remission remit remittance remitted remitting remnant remonstrate remorse remote removal remunerate Remus Rena renaissance renal Renault rend render rendezvous rendition renegotiable renewal Renoir renounce renovate renown Rensselaer rent rental renunciate rep repairman repairmen reparation repartee repeal repeat repeater repel repelled repellent repelling repent repentant repertoire repertory repetition repetitious repetitive replaceable replenish replete replica replicate report reportorial repository reprehensible representative repression repressive reprieve reprimand reprisal reprise reproach reptile reptilian republic republican repudiate repugnant repulsion repulsive reputation repute request require requisite requisition requited reredos rescind rescue resemblant resemble resent reserpine reservation reserve reservoir reside resident residential residual residuary residue residuum resign resignation resilient resin resinlike resiny resist resistant resistible resistive resistor resolute resolution resolve resonant resonate resorcinol resort respect respiration respirator respiratory respire respite resplendent respond respondent response responsible responsive rest restaurant restaurateur restitution restive restoration restorative restrain restraint restrict restroom result resultant resume resuming resumption resurgent resurrect resurrection resurrecting resuscitate ret retail retain retaliate retaliatory retard retardant retardation retch retention retentive reticent reticulate reticulum retina retinal retinue retire retiree retort retract retribution retrieval retrieve retroactive retrofit retrofitted retrofitting retrograde retrogress retrogressive retrorocket retrospect retrovision return Reub Reuben Reuters reveal revel revelation revelatory revelry revenge revenue rever reverberate revere reverend reverent reverie reversal reverse reversible reversion revert revertive revery revet revile revisable revisal revise revision revisionary revival revive revocable revoke revolt revolution revolutionary revolve revulsion revved revving reward Rex Reykjavik Reynolds rhapsodic rhapsody Rhea Rhenish rhenium rheology rheostat rhesus rhetoric rhetorician rheum rheumatic rheumatism Rhine rhinestone rhino rhinoceros rho Rhoda Rhode Rhodes Rhodesia rhodium rhododendron rhombi rhombic rhombus rhubarb rhyme rhythm rhythmic rib ribald ribbon riboflavin ribonucleic Rica rice rich Richard Richards Richardson Richfield Richmond Richter rick rickets Rickettsia rickety rickshaw Rico ricochet rid riddance ridden riddle ride ridge ridgepole Ridgway ridicule ridiculous Riemann riffle rifle rifleman riflemen rift rig Rigel rigging Riggs right righteous rightmost rightward rigid rigorous Riley rill rilly rim rime rimy Rinehart ring ringlet ringside rink rinse Rio Riordan riot riotous rip riped riparian ripe ripen Ripley ripoff ripple rise risen risible risk risky Ritchie rite Ritter ritual Ritz rival rivalry riven river riverbank riverfront riverine riverside rivet Riviera rivulet Riyadh roach road roadbed roadblock roadhouse roadside roadster roadway roam roar roast rob robbery robbin Robbins robe Robert Roberta Roberto Roberts Robertson robin Robinson robot robotics robust Rochester rock rockabye rockaway rockbound Rockefeller rocket Rockford Rockies Rockland rocklike Rockwell rocky rococo rod rode rodent rodeo Rodgers Rodney Rodriguez roe roebuck Roentgen Roger Rogers rogue roil roister Roland role roll rollback rollick Rollins Roman romance Romano romantic Rome Romeo romp Romulus Ron Ronald rondo Ronnie rood roof rooftop rooftree rook rookie rooky room roommate roomy Roosevelt Rooseveltian roost root rope Rosa Rosalie rosary rose rosebud rosebush Roseland rosemary Rosen Rosenberg Rosenblum Rosenthal Rosenzweig rosette Ross roster rostrum rosy rot Rotarian rotary rotate ROTC rotenone Roth rotogravure rotor rototill rotten rotund rotunda rouge rough roughcast roughen roughish roughneck roughshod roulette round roundabout roundhead roundhouse roundoff roundtable roundup roundworm rouse Rousseau roustabout rout route routine rove row rowboat rowdy Rowe Rowena Rowland Rowley Roy royal royalty Royce RPM RSVP Ruanda rub rubbery rubbish rubble rubdown Rube Ruben rubicund rubidium rubric ruby ruckus rudder ruddy rude rudiment rudimentary Rudolf Rudolph Rudy Rudyard rue ruffian ruffle rufous Rufus rug ruin ruinous rule rum Rumania rumble rumen Rumford ruminant rummage rummy rump rumple rumpus run runabout runaway rundown rune rung Runge runic runneth Runnymede runoff runt runty runway Runyon rupee rupture rural ruse rush Rushmore rusk Russ Russell russet Russia Russo russula rust rustic rustle rustproof rusty rut rutabaga Rutgers Ruth ruthenium Rutherford ruthless rutile Rutland Rutledge rutty Rwanda Ryan Rydberg Ryder rye s s's sa sabbath sabbatical Sabina Sabine sable sabotage sabra sac sachem sack sacral sacrament Sacramento sacred sacrifice sacrificial sacrilege sacrilegious sacrosanct sad sadden saddle saddlebag Sadie sadism sadist Sadler safari safe safeguard safekeeping safety saffron sag saga sagacious sagacity sage sagebrush sagging Saginaw sagittal Sagittarius sago saguaro Sahara said Saigon sail sailboat sailfish sailor saint sainthood sake Sal Salaam salacious salad salamander salami salaried salary sale Salem Salerno salesgirl Salesian saleslady salesman salesmen salesperson salient Salina saline Salisbury Salish saliva salivary salivate Salk Salle sallow sally salmon salmonberry salon saloon saloonkeep salsify salt saltbush saltwater salty salubrious salutary salutation salute Salvador salvage salvageable salvation Salvatore salve salvo Sam samarium samba same Sammy Samoa samovar sample Sampson Samson Samuel Samuelson San Sana sanatoria sanatorium Sanborn Sanchez Sancho sanctify sanctimonious sanction sanctity sanctuary sand sandal sandalwood sandbag sandblast Sandburg sanderling Sanders Sanderson sandhill Sandia sandman sandpaper sandpile sandpiper Sandra sandstone Sandusky sandwich sandy sane Sanford sang sangaree sanguinary sanguine sanguineous Sanhedrin sanicle sanitarium sanitary sanitate sank sans Santa Santayana Santiago Santo Sao sap sapiens sapient sapling saponify sapphire sappy sapsucker Sara Saracen Sarah Saran Sarasota Saratoga sarcasm sarcastic sarcoma sardine sardonic Sargent sari sarsaparilla sarsparilla sash sashay Saskatchewan sassafras sat SATA satan satanic satellite satiable satiate satiety satin satire satiric satisfaction satisfactory satisfy saturable saturate saturater Saturday Saturn Saturnalia saturnine satyr sauce saucepan saucy Saud Saudi sauerkraut Saul Sault Saunders sausage saute sauterne savage savagery Savannah savant save Saviour Savonarola savoy Savoyard savvy saw sawbelly sawdust sawfish sawfly sawmill sawtimber sawtooth sawyer sax saxifrage Saxon Saxony saxophone say SC scab scabbard scabious scabrous scaffold Scala scalar scald scale scallop scalp scamp scan scandal scandalous Scandinavia scandium scant scanty scapegoat scapula scapular scar Scarborough scarce scare scarecrow scarf scarface scarify scarlet Scarsdale scarves scary scat scathe scatterbrain scattergun scaup scavenge scenario scene scenery scenic scent sceptic Schaefer Schafer Schantz schedule schema schemata schematic scheme Schenectady scherzo Schiller schism schist schizoid schizomycetes schizophrenia schizophrenic Schlesinger schlieren Schlitz Schloss Schmidt Schmitt Schnabel schnapps Schneider Schoenberg Schofield scholar scholastic school schoolbook schoolboy schoolgirl schoolgirlish schoolhouse schoolmarm schoolmaster schoolmate schoolroom schoolteacher schoolwork schooner Schottky Schroeder Schroedinger Schubert Schultz Schulz Schumacher Schumann Schuster Schuyler Schuylkill Schwab Schwartz Schweitzer sciatica science scientific scientist scimitar scintillate scion scissor sclerosis sclerotic SCM scoff scold scoop scoot scope scopic scops scorch score scoreboard scorecard scoria scorn Scorpio scorpion Scot scotch Scotia Scotland Scotsman Scotsmen Scott Scottish Scottsdale Scotty scoundrel scour scourge scout scowl scrabble scraggly scram scramble Scranton scrap scrapbook scrape scratch scratchy scrawl scrawny scream screech screechy screed screen screenplay screw screwball screwbean screwdriver screwworm scribble scribe Scribners scrim scrimmage Scripps script scription scriptural scripture scriven scroll scrooge scrounge scrub scrumptious scruple scrupulosity scrupulous scrutable scrutiny scuba scud scuff scuffle scull sculpin sculpt sculptor sculptural sculpture scum scurrilous scurry scurvy scuttle scutum Scylla scythe Scythia SD sea seaboard seacoast seafare seafood Seagram seagull seahorse seal sealant seam seaman seamen seamstress seamy Sean seance seaport seaquake sear search searchlight Sears seashore seaside season seasonal seat seater Seattle seaward seaweed Sebastian sec secant secede secession seclude seclusion second secondary secondhand secrecy secret secretarial secretariat secretary secrete secretion secretive sect sectarian section sector sectoral secular secure sedan sedate sedentary seder sedge sediment sedimentary sedimentation sedition seditious seduce seduction seductive sedulous see seeable seed seedbed seedling seedy seeing seek seem seen seep seepage seersucker seethe segment segmentation Segovia segregant segregate Segundo Seidel seismic seismograph seismography seismology seize seizure seldom select selectman selectmen selector Selectric Selena selenate selenite selenium self selfish Selfridge Selkirk sell seller sellout Selma seltzer selves Selwyn semantic semaphore semblance semester semi seminal seminar seminarian seminary Seminole Semite Semitic semper sen senate senatorial send sendspace Seneca Senegal senile senior senor Senora senorita sensate sense sensible sensitive sensor sensory sensual sensuous sent sentence sentential sentient sentiment sentinel sentry Seoul sepal separable separate sepia Sepoy sept septa septate September septennial septic septillion septuagenarian septum sepuchral sepulchral sequel sequent sequential sequester sequestration sequin sequitur Sequoia sera seraglio serape seraphim serenade serendipitous serendipity serene serge sergeant Sergei serial seriatim series serif serious sermon serology Serpens serpent serpentine serum servant serve service serviceable serviceberry serviceman servicemen serviette servile servitor servo servomechanism sesame session set setback Seth Seton setscrew settle setup seven sevenfold seventeen seventeenth seventh seventieth seventy sever several severalfold severalty severe Severn Seville sew sewage Seward sewerage sewn sex Sextans sextet sextillion sexton sextuple sextuplet sexual sexy Seymour sforzando shabby shack shackle shad shadbush shade shadflower shadow shadowy shady Shafer Shaffer shaft shag shagbark shagging shaggy shah shake shakeable shakedown shaken Shakespeare Shakespearean Shakespearian shako shaky shale shall shallot shallow shalom sham shamble shame shameface shampoo shamrock shan't Shanghai shank Shannon Shantung shanty shape Shapiro shard share sharecrop shareholder Shari shark Sharon sharp Sharpe sharpen sharpshoot Shasta shatter shatterproof Shattuck shave shaven shaw shawl Shawnee shay she she'd she'll Shea sheaf shear Shearer sheath sheathe sheave shed Shedir Sheehan sheen sheep sheepskin sheer sheet Sheffield sheik Sheila Shelby Sheldon shelf shell Shelley shelter Shelton shelve Shenandoah shenanigan Shepard shepherd Sheppard Sheraton sherbet Sheridan sheriff Sherlock Sherman Sherrill sherry Sherwin Sherwood shibboleth shied shield Shields shift shifty shill Shiloh shim shimmy shin shinbone shine shingle Shinto shiny ship shipboard shipbuild shiplap Shipley shipman shipmate shipmen shipshape shipwreck shipyard shire shirk Shirley shirt shirtmake shish shitepoke shiv shiver shivery shoal shock Shockley shod shoddy shoe shoehorn shoelace shoemake shoestring shoji shone shoo shoofly shook shoot shop shopkeep shopworn shore shoreline short shortage shortcoming shortcut shorten shortfall shorthand shortish shortsighted shortstop shot shotbush shotgun should shoulder shouldn't shout shove shovel show showboat showcase showdown showman showmen shown showpiece showplace showroom showy shrank shrapnel shred Shreveport shrew shrewd shrewish shriek shrift shrike shrill shrilly shrimp shrine shrink shrinkage shrive shrivel shroud shrove shrub shrubbery shrug shrugging shrunk shrunken Shu shuck shudder shuddery shuffle shuffleboard Shulman shun shunt shut shutdown shutoff shutout shuttle shuttlecock shy Shylock sial SIAM Siamese Sian sib Siberia sibilant Sibley sibling sibyl sic Sicilian Sicily sick sicken sickish sickle sickroom side sidearm sideband sideboard sidecar sidelight sideline sidelong sideman sidemen sidereal sidesaddle sideshow sidestep sidetrack sidewalk sidewall sideway sidewinder sidewise sidle Sidney siege Siegel Siegfried Sieglinda Siegmund Siemens sienna sierra siesta sieve sift sigh sight sightsee sightseeing sightseer sigma Sigmund sign signal signature signboard signet significant signify Signor Signora signpost Sikorsky silage silane Silas silent silhouette silica silicate siliceous silicic silicide silicon silicone silk silken silkworm silky sill silly silo silt siltation siltstone silty silver Silverman silversmith silverware silvery sima similar simile similitude simmer Simmons Simon Simons Simonson simper simple simplectic simpleminded simpleton simplex simplicity simplify simplistic simply Simpson Sims simulate simulcast simultaneity simultaneous sin Sinai since sincere Sinclair sine sinew sinewy sing singable Singapore singe single singlehanded singlet singleton singsong singular sinh sinister sinistral sink sinkhole sinter sinuous sinus sinusoid sinusoidal Sioux sip sir sire siren Sirius sis sisal siskin sister Sistine Sisyphean Sisyphus sit site situ situate situs siva six sixfold sixgun sixteen sixteenth sixth sixtieth sixty size sizzle skat skate skater skeet skeletal skeleton skeptic sketch sketchbook sketchpad sketchy skew ski skid skiddy skied skiff skill skillet skim skimp skimpy skin skindive skinny skip skipjack Skippy skirmish skirt skit skittle skulk skull skullcap skullduggery skunk sky Skye skyhook skyjack skylark skylight skyline skyrocket skyscrape skyward skywave skyway slab slack slacken sladang slag slain slake slam slander slanderous slang slant slap slapstick slash slat slate slater slaughter slaughterhouse Slav slave slavery Slavic slavish slay sled sledge sledgehammer sleek sleep sleepwalk sleepy sleet sleety sleeve sleigh sleight slender slept sleuth slew slice slick slid slide slight slim slime slimy sling slingshot slip slippage slippery slit slither sliver slivery Sloan Sloane slob Slocum sloe slog slogan sloganeer slogging sloop slop slope sloppy slosh slot sloth slouch slough sloven slow slowdown sludge slug slugging sluggish sluice slum slumber slump slung slur slurp slurry sly smack small smaller Smalley smallish smallpox smalltime smart smash smatter smear smell smelt smf smile smirk smith smithereens Smithfield Smithson Smithsonian smithy smitten smog smoke smokehouse smokescreen smokestack smoky smolder smooch smooth smoothbore smother sms Smucker smudge smudgy smug smuggle smut smutty Smyrna Smythe snack snafu snag snagging snail snake snakebird snakelike snakeroot snap snapback snapdragon snappish snappy snapshot snare snark snarl snatch snazzy sneak sneaky sneer sneeze snell snick Snider sniff sniffle sniffly snifter snigger snip snipe snippet snippy snivel snob snobbery snobbish snook snoop snoopy snore snorkel snort snotty snout snow snowball snowfall snowflake snowstorm snowy snub snuff snuffer snuffle snuffly snug snuggle snuggly snyaptic Snyder so soak soap soapstone soapsud soapy soar sob sober sobriety sobriquet soccer sociable social societal Societe society socioeconomic sociology sociometry sock socket sockeye Socrates Socratic sod soda sodden sodium sofa soffit Sofia soft softball soften software softwood soggy soignee soil soiree sojourn Sol solace solar sold solder soldier soldiery sole solecism solemn solemnity solenoid solicit solicitation solicitor solicitous solicitude solid solidarity solidify solidus soliloquy solipsism solitary solitude solo Solomon Solon solstice soluble solute solution solvate solve solvent soma somal Somali somatic somber sombre some somebody somebody'll someday somehow someone someone'll someplace Somers somersault Somerset Somerville something sometime somewhat somewhere sommelier Sommerfeld somnolent son sonar sonata song songbag songbook sonic sonnet sonny Sonoma Sonora sonority sonorous Sony soon soot sooth soothe soothsay soothsayer sop sophia Sophie sophism sophisticate sophistry Sophoclean Sophocles sophomore sophomoric soprano sora sorb sorcery sordid sore Sorensen Sorenson sorghum sorority sorption sorrel sorrow sorry sort sortie sou souffle sought soul sound soundproof soup sour sourberry source sourdough sourwood Sousa soutane south Southampton southbound southeast southeastern southern southernmost Southey southland southpaw southward southwest southwestern souvenir sovereign sovereignty soviet sovkhoz sow sowbelly sown soy soya soybean spa space spacecraft spacesuit spacious spade spaghetti Spain span spandrel spangle Spaniard spaniel Spanish spar spare sparge spark sparkle Sparkman sparky sparling sparrow sparse Sparta Spartan spasm spastic spat spate spatial spatlum spatterdock spatula Spaulding spavin spawn spay spayed speak speakeasy spear spearhead spearmint spec special specie species specific specify specimen specious speck speckle spectacle spectacular spectator Spector spectra spectral spectrogram spectrograph spectrography spectrometer spectrophotometer spectroscope spectroscopic spectroscopy spectrum specular speculate sped speech speed speedboat speedometer speedup speedwell speedy spell spellbound Spencer Spencerian spend spent sperm spermatophyte Sperry spew sphagnum sphere spheric spheroid spheroidal spherule sphinx Spica spice spicebush spicy spider Spiderman spidery Spiegel spigot spike spikenard spiky spill spilt spin spinach spinal spindle spine spinnaker spinneret spinodal spinoff spinster spiny spiral spire spirit spiritual Spiro spit spite spitfire spittle spitz splash splashy splat splay splayed spleen splendid splenetic splice spline splint splintery split splotch splotchy splurge splutter spoil spoilage Spokane spoke spoken spokesman spokesmen spokesperson sponge spongy sponsor spontaneity spontaneous spoof spook spooky spool spoon sporadic spore sport sportsman sportsmen sportswear sportswrite sportswriting sporty spot spotlight spotty spouse spout Sprague sprain sprang sprawl spray spread spree sprig sprightly spring springboard springe Springfield springtail springtime springy sprinkle sprint sprite sprocket Sproul sprout spruce sprue sprung spud spume spumoni spun spunk spur spurge spurious spurn spurt sputnik sputter spy spyglass squabble squad squadron squalid squall squamous squander square squash squashberry squashy squat squatting squaw squawbush squawk squawroot squeak squeaky squeal squeamish squeegee squeeze squelch Squibb squid squill squint squire squirehood squirm squirmy squirrel squirt squishy Sri SST St St. stab stabile stable stableman stablemen staccato stack Stacy stadia stadium staff Stafford stag stage stagecoach stagnant stagnate stagy Stahl staid stain stair staircase stairway stairwell stake stalactite stale stalemate Staley Stalin stalk stall stallion stalwart stamen Stamford stamina staminate stammer stamp stampede Stan stance stanch stanchion stand standard standby standeth Standish standoff standpoint standstill Stanford Stanhope stank Stanley stannic stannous Stanton stanza staph staphylococcus staple Stapleton star starboard starch starchy stardom stare starfish stargaze stark Starkey starlet starlight starling Starr start startle startup starvation starve stash stasis state Staten stater stateroom statesman statesmanlike statesmen statewide static stationarity stationary stationery stationmaster statistician Statler stator statuary statue statuette stature status statute statutory Stauffer staunch Staunton stave stay stayed stead steadfast steady steak steal stealth stealthy steam steamboat steamy Stearns steed steel Steele steelmake steely Steen steep steepen steeple steeplebush steer steeve Stefan stein Steinberg Steiner stella stellar stem stench stencil stenographer stenography stenotype step stepchild Stephanie stephanotis Stephen Stephens Stephenson stepmother steppe steprelation stepson stepwise steradian stereo stereography stereoscopy sterile sterling stern sternal Sterno sternum steroid stethoscope Stetson Steuben Steve stevedore Steven Stevens Stevenson stew steward stewardess Stewart stick stickle stickleback stickpin sticktight sticky stiff stiffen stifle stigma stigmata stile stiletto still stillbirth stillwater stilt stimulant stimulate stimulatory stimuli stimulus sting stingy stink stinkpot stinky stint stipend stipple stipulate stir Stirling stirrup stitch stochastic stock stockade stockbroker stockholder Stockholm stockpile stockroom Stockton stocky stodgy stoic stoichiometry stoke Stokes stole stolen stolid stomach stomp stone stonecrop Stonehenge stonewall stoneware stony stood stooge stool stoop stop stopband stopcock stopgap stopover stoppage stopwatch storage store storehouse storekeep storeroom Storey stork storm stormbound stormy story storyboard storyteller stout stove stow stowage strabismic strabismus straddle strafe straggle straight straightaway straighten straightforward straightway strain strait strand strange strangle strangulate strap strata stratagem strategic strategist strategy Stratford stratify stratosphere stratospheric Stratton stratum Strauss straw strawberry strawflower stray streak stream streamline streamside street streetcar strength strengthen strenuous streptococcus stress stretch strewn striate stricken Strickland strict stricture stride strident strife strike strikebreak string stringent stringy strip stripe striptease strive striven strobe stroboscopic strode stroke stroll Strom Stromberg strong stronghold strongroom strontium strop strophe strove struck structural structure struggle strum strung strut strychnine Stuart stub stubble stubborn stubby stucco stuck stud Studebaker student studio studious study stuff stuffy stultify stumble stump stumpage stumpy stun stung stunk stunt stupefy stupendous stupid stupor Sturbridge sturdy sturgeon Sturm stutter Stuttgart Stuyvesant Stygian style styli stylish stylites stylus stymie styrene Styrofoam Styx suave sub subject subjectivity sublimate subliminal submersible submit submittal submitted submitting subpoena subrogation subservient subsidiary subsidy subsist subsistent substantial substantiate substantive substituent substitute substitution substitutionary substrate subsume subsumed subsuming subterfuge subterranean subtle subtlety subtly subtrahend suburb suburbia subversive subvert succeed success succession successive successor succinct succubus succumb such suck suckling suction sud Sudan Sudanese sudden suds sue suey Suez suffer suffice sufficient suffix suffocate Suffolk suffrage suffragette suffuse sugar suggest suggestible suggestion suggestive suicidal suicide suit suitcase suite suitor sulfa sulfate sulfide sulfite sulfonamide sulfur sulfuric sulfurous sulk sulky sullen Sullivan sully sulphur sultan sultry sum sumac Sumatra Sumerian summand summarily summary summate Summers summertime summit summitry summon Sumner sumptuous Sumter sun sunbeam sunbonnet sunburn sunburnt Sunday sunder sundew sundial sundown sundry sunfish sunflower sung sunk sunken sunlight sunlit sunny Sunnyvale sunrise sunset sunshade sunshine sunshiny sunspot suntan suntanned SUNY sup super superannuate superb superbly supercilious superficial superfluity superfluous superintendent superior superlative superlunary Superman supernatant superposable supersede superstition superstitious supervene supervisory supine supplant supple supplementary supplicate supply support supposable suppose supposition suppress suppressible suppression suppressor supra supranational supremacy supreme surcease surcharge sure surety surf surface surfactant surfeit surge surgeon surgery surgical surmise surmount surname surpass surplus surprise surreal surrender surreptitious surrey surrogate surround surtax surtout surveillant survey surveyor survival survive survivor Sus Susan Susanne susceptible sushi Susie suspect suspend suspense suspension suspensor suspicion suspicious Sussex sustain sustenance Sutherland Sutton suture Suzanne suzerain suzerainty Suzuki svelte swab swabby swag swage Swahili swain swallow swallowtail swam swami swamp swampy swan swank swanky swanlike Swanson swap swarm swart Swarthmore Swarthout swarthy swastika swat swatch swath swathe sway Swaziland swear sweat sweatband sweater sweatshirt sweaty Swede Sweden Swedish Sweeney sweep sweepstake sweet sweeten sweetheart sweetish swell swelt swelter Swenson swept swerve swift swig swigging swim swimsuit swindle swine swing swingable swingy swipe swirl swirly swish swishy swiss switch switchblade switchboard switchgear switchman Switzer Switzerland swivel swizzle swollen swoop sword swordfish swordplay swordtail swore sworn swum swung sybarite Sybil sycamore sycophant sycophantic Sydney Sykes syllabic syllabify syllable syllogism syllogistic sylvan Sylvania Sylvester Sylvia symbiosis symbol symbolic symmetry sympathetic sympathy symphonic symphony symposia symposium symptom symptomatic synagogue synapse synapses synaptic synchronism synchronous synchrony synchrotron syncopate syndic syndicate syndrome synergism synergistic synergy synod synonym synonymous synonymy synopses synopsis synoptic syntactic syntax synthesis synthetic Syracuse Syria syringa syringe syrinx syrup syrupy system systematic systemic systemization systemwide t t's tab tabernacle table tableau tableaux tablecloth tableland tablespoon tablet tabloid taboo tabu tabula tabular tabulate tachinid tachometer tacit Tacitus tack tackle tacky Tacoma tact tactic tactile tactual tad tadpole taffeta taffy taft tag tagging Tahiti Tahoe tail tailgate tailor tailwind taint Taipei Taiwan take taken takeoff takeover taketh talc talcum tale talent talisman talismanic talk talkative talkie talky tall Tallahassee tallow tally tallyho Talmud talon talus tam tamale tamarack tamarind tambourine tame Tammany tamp Tampa tampon tan tanager Tanaka Tananarive tandem tang tangent tangential tangerine tangible tangle tango tangy tanh tank tannin tansy tantalum Tantalus tantamount tantrum Tanya Tanzania tao Taoist Taos tap tapa tape taper tapestry tapeworm tapir tapis tappa tappet tar tara tarantara tarantula Tarbell tardy target tariff tarnish tarpaper tarpaulin tarpon tarry Tarrytown tart tartar Tartary Tarzan task taskmaster Tasmania Tass tassel taste tasting tasty tat tate tater tattle tattler tattletale tattoo tatty tau taught taunt Taurus taut tautology tavern taverna tawdry tawny tax taxation taxi taxicab taxied taxiway taxonomy taxpayer taxpaying Taylor tea teacart teach teacup teahouse teakettle teakwood teal team teammate teamster teamwork teapot tear teardrop tease teasel teaspoon teat tech technetium technic technician technique technology tectonic tecum ted Teddy tedious tedium tee teeing teem teen teenage teensy teet teeth teethe teetotal Teflon Tegucigalpa Teheran Tehran tektite Tektronix telecommunicate teleconference Teledyne Telefunken telegram telegraph telegraphy telekinesis telemeter teleology teleost telepathic telepathy telephone telephonic telephony telephotography teleprinter teleprocessing teleprompter telescope telescopic teletype teletypewrite televise television Telex tell teller tellurium temerity temper tempera temperance temperate temperature tempest tempestuous template temple Templeton tempo temporal temporary tempt temptation temptress ten tenable tenacious tenacity tenant tend tendency tenderfoot tenderloin tendon tenebrous tenement tenet tenfold Tenneco Tennessee Tenney tennis Tennyson tenon tenor tense tensile tension tensional tensor tenspot tent tentacle tentative tenth tenuous tenure tepee tepid teratogenic teratology terbium tercel Teresa term terminable terminal terminate termini terminology terminus termite tern ternary Terpsichore terpsichorean Terra terrace terrain terramycin terrapin Terre terrestrial terrible terrier terrific terrify territorial territory terror terry terse tertiary Tess tessellate test testament testamentary testate testes testicle testicular testify testimonial testimony testy tetanus tete tether tetrachloride tetrafluouride tetragonal tetrahedra tetrahedral tetrahedron tetravalent Teutonic Texaco Texan Texas text textbook textile Textron textual textural texture Thai Thailand Thalia thallium thallophyte than thank thanksgiving that that'd that'll thatch thaw Thayer the Thea theatric Thebes thee theft their Thelma them thematic theme themselves then thence thenceforth theocracy Theodore Theodosian theologian theology theorem theoretic theoretician theorist theory therapeutic therapist therapy there there'd there'll thereabouts thereafter thereat thereby therefor therefore therefrom therein thereof thereon Theresa thereto theretofore thereunder thereupon therewith thermal thermionic thermistor thermo Thermofax thermostat thesaurus these theses Theseus thesis thespian theta Thetis they they'd they'll they're they've thiamin thick thicken thicket thickish thief thieves thieving thigh thimble Thimbu thin thine thing think thinnish thiocyanate thiouracil third thirst thirsty thirteen thirteenth thirtieth thirty this this'll thistle thistledown thither Thomas Thomistic Thompson Thomson thong Thor Thoreau thoriate thorium thorn Thornton thorny thorough thoroughbred thoroughfare thoroughgoing Thorpe Thorstein those thou though thought thousand thousandth thrash thread threadbare threat threaten three threefold threesome thresh threshold threw thrice thrift thrifty thrill thrips thrive throat throaty throb throes thrombosis throne throng throttle through throughout throughput throw throwback thrown thrum thrush thrust Thruway Thuban thud thug thuggee Thule thulium thumb thumbnail thump thunder thunderbird thunderclap thunderflower thunderous thunderstorm Thurman Thursday thus thwack thwart thy thyme thyratron thyroglobulin thyroid thyroidal thyronine thyrotoxic thyroxine ti Tiber tibet Tibetan tibia tic tick ticket tickle ticklish tid tidal tidbit tide tideland tidewater tidings tidy tie tied Tientsin tier Tiffany tift tiger tight tighten tigress Tigris til tilde tile till tilt tilth Tim timber timberland timbre time timeout timepiece timeshare timetable timeworn Timex timid Timon timothy tin Tina tincture tinder tine tinfoil tinge tingle tinker tinkle tinsel tint tintype tiny Tioga tip tipoff Tipperary tipple tippy tipsy tiptoe tirade Tirana tire tiresome tissue tit Titan titanate titanic titanium tithe titian titillate title titmouse titrate titular Titus TNT to toad toady toast tobacco Tobago toccata today today'll Todd toddle toe toenail toffee tofu tog together togging toggle Togo togs toil toilet toilsome tokamak token Tokyo told Toledo tolerable tolerant tolerate toll tollgate tollhouse Tolstoy toluene Tom tomato tomatoes tomb tomblike tombstone tome Tomlinson Tommie tommy tomography tomorrow Tompkins ton tonal tone tong tongue Toni tonic tonight tonk tonnage tonsil tonsillitis tony too toodle took tool toolbar toolkit toolmake toolsmith toot tooth toothbrush toothpaste tootle top topaz topcoat Topeka topgallant topic topmost topnotch topocentric topography topology topple topsoil Topsy tor torah torch tore tori torn tornado toroid toroidal Toronto torpedo torpid torpor torque torr Torrance torrent torrents torrid torsion torso tort tortoise tortoiseshell tortuous torture torus tory Toshiba toss tot total totalitarian tote totem totemic touch touchdown touchstone touchy tough tour tournament tousle tout tow toward towboat towel tower towhead towhee town townhouse Townsend townsman townsmen toxic toxicology toxin toy Toyota trace traceable tracery trachea track trackage tract tractor Tracy trade trademark tradeoff tradesman tradesmen tradition traffic trafficked trafficking trag tragedian tragedy tragic tragicomic trail trailblaze trailside train trainee trainman trainmen traipse trait traitor traitorous trajectory tram trammel tramp trample tramway trance tranquil tranquillity transact transalpine transatlantic transceiver transcend transcendent transcendental transconductance transcontinental transcribe transcript transcription transducer transduction transect transept transfer transferable transferee transference transferor transferral transferred transferring transfix transform transformation transfuse transfusion transgress transgression transgressor transient transistor transit Transite transition transitive transitory translate transliterate translucent transmissible transmission transmit transmittable transmittal transmittance transmitted transmitter transmitting transmutation transmute transoceanic transom transpacific transparent transpiration transpire transplant transplantation transport transportation transposable transpose transposition transship transversal transverse transvestite trap trapezium trapezoid trapezoidal trash trashy Trastevere trauma traumatic travail travel travelogue traversable traversal traverse travertine travesty Travis trawl tray treacherous treachery tread treadle treadmill treason treasonous treasure treasury treat treatise treaty treble tree treelike treetop trefoil trek trellis tremble tremendous tremor tremulous trench trenchant trencherman trenchermen trend trendy Trenton trepidation trespass tress trestle Trevelyan triable triac triad trial triangle triangular triangulate Triangulum Trianon triatomic tribal tribe tribesman tribesmen tribulate tribunal tribune tributary tribute Trichinella trichloroacetic trichloroethane trichrome trick trickery trickle trickster tricky trident tridiagonal tried triennial trifle trifluouride trig trigonal trigonometry trigram trill trillion trilobite trilogy trim trimer trimester Trinidad trinitarian trinity trinket trio triode trioxide trip tripartite tripe triphenylphosphine triple triplet Triplett triplex triplicate tripod tripoli triptych trisodium Tristan tristate trisyllable trite tritium triton triumph triumphal triumphant triune trivalent trivia trivial trivium trod trodden troglodyte troika Trojan troll trolley trollop trombone trompe troop trophic trophy tropic tropopause troposphere tropospheric trot trouble troubleshoot troublesome trough trounce troupe trouser trout Troutman troy truancy truant truce truck truculent trudge Trudy true truism truly Truman Trumbull trump trumpery trumpet truncate trundle trunk truss trust trustee trustworthy truth TRW try trypsin tsar tsarina tsunami TTL TTY tub tuba tube tuberculin tuberculosis tubular tubule tuck Tucson Tudor Tuesday tuff tuft tug tugging tuition Tulane tularemia tulip tulle Tulsa tum tumble tumbrel tumult tumultuous tun tuna tundra tune tung tungstate tungsten tunic Tunis Tunisia tunnel tupelo turban turbinate turbine turbofan turbojet turbulent turf Turin Turing turk turkey Turkish turmoil turn turnabout turnaround turnery turnip turnkey turnoff turnout turnover turnpike turnstone turntable turpentine turpitude turquoise turret turtle turtleback turtleneck turvy Tuscaloosa Tuscan Tuscany Tuscarora tusk Tuskegee tussle tutelage tutor tutorial Tuttle tutu tuxedo TV TVA TWA twaddle twain tweak tweed tweedy tweeze twelfth twelve twentieth twenty twice twiddle twig twigging twilight twill twin twine twinge twinkle twirl twirly twist twisty twit twitch twitchy two twofold Twombly twosome TWX Tyburn tycoon tying Tyler Tyndall type typeface typescript typeset typesetter typesetting typewrite typewritten typhoid Typhon typhoon typhus typic typify typo typographer typography typology tyrannic tyrannicide tyranny tyrant tyrosine Tyson u u's ubiquitous ubiquity UCLA Uganda ugh ugly UK Ukrainian Ulan ulcer ulcerate Ullman Ulster ulterior ultimate ultimatum ultra Ulysses umber umbilical umbilici umbilicus umbra umbrage umbrella umpire UN unanimity unanimous unary unbeknownst unbidden unchristian uncle uncouth unction under underclassman underclassmen underling undulate UNESCO uniaxial unicorn unidimensional unidirectional uniform unify unilateral unimodal uninominal union uniplex unipolar uniprocessor unique Uniroyal unison unit unitarian unitary unite unity Univac univalent univariate universal universe Unix unkempt unruly until unwieldy up upbeat upbraid upbring upcome update updraft upend upgrade upheaval upheld uphill uphold upholster upholstery upkeep upland uplift upload upon upper upperclassman upperclassmen uppercut uppermost upraise upright uprise upriver uproar uproarious uproot upset upsetting upshot upside upsilon upslope upstair upstand upstate upstater upstream upsurge upswing uptake Upton uptown uptrend upturn upward upwind urania uranium Uranus uranyl urban Urbana urbane urbanite urchin urea uremia urethane urethra urge urgency urgent urging urinal urinary urine Uris urn Ursa Ursula Ursuline Uruguay us USA usable USAF usage USB USC USC&GS USDA use USGS usher USIA USN USPS USSR usual usurer usurious usurp usurpation usury Utah utensil uterine Utica utile utilitarian utility utmost utopia utopian utter utterance uttermost v v's vacant vacate vacationland vaccinate vaccine vacillate vacua vacuo vacuolate vacuole vacuous vacuum vade Vaduz vagabond vagary vagina vaginal vagrant vague Vail vain vainglorious vale valediction valedictorian valedictory valent valentine Valerie Valery valet valeur Valhalla valiant valid validate Valkyrie Valletta valley Valois valuate value valve vamp vampire van vanadium Vance Vancouver vandal Vandenberg Vanderbilt Vanderpoel vanguard vanilla vanish vanity vanquish vantage variable variac Varian variant variate variegate variety various varistor Varitype varnish vary vascular vase vassal vast vat Vatican vaudeville Vaudois Vaughan Vaughn vault vbulletin veal vector vectorial Veda vee veer veery Vega vegetable vegetarian vegetate vehement vehicle vehicular veil vein Velasquez veldt Vella vellum velocity velours velvet velvety venal vend vendetta vendible vendor veneer venerable venerate venereal Venetian Veneto Venezuela vengeance vengeful venial Venice venison venom venomous venous vent ventilate ventricle venture venturesome venturi Venus Venusian Vera veracious veracity veranda verandah verb verbal verbatim verbena verbiage verbose verbosity verdant Verde Verdi verdict verge veridic verify verisimilitude veritable verity Verlag vermeil vermiculite vermilion vermin Vermont vermouth Verna vernacular vernal Verne vernier Vernon Verona Veronica versa Versailles versatile verse version versus vertebra vertebrae vertebral vertebrate vertex vertical vertices vertigo verve very vesicular vesper vessel vest vestal vestibule vestige vestigial vestry vet vetch veteran veterinarian veterinary veto vex vexation vexatious vi via viaduct vial vibrant vibrate vibrato viburnum vicar vicarious vice vicelike viceroy Vichy vicinal vicinity vicious vicissitude Vicksburg Vicky victim victor Victoria Victorian victorious victory victrola victual Vida video videotape vie Vienna Viennese Vientiane Viet Vietnam Vietnamese view viewpoint vigil vigilant vigilante vigilantism vignette vigorous vii viii Viking vile vilify villa village villain villainous villein Vincent vindicate vindictive vine vinegar vineyard Vinson vintage vintner vinyl viola violate violent violet violin Virgil virgin virginal Virginia Virginian Virgo virgule virile virtual virtue virtuosi virtuosity virtuoso virtuous virulent virus vis visa visage viscera visceral viscoelastic viscometer viscosity viscount viscous vise viselike Vishnu visible Visigoth vision visionary visit visitation visitor visor vista visual vita vitae vital vitamin vitiate Vito vitreous vitrify vitriol vitriolic vitro viva vivace vivacious vivacity Vivaldi Vivian vivid vivify vivo vixen viz Vladimir Vladivostok vocable vocabularian vocabulary vocal vocalic vocate vociferous Vogel vogue voice voiceband void volatile volcanic volcanism volcano volition Volkswagen volley volleyball Volstead volt Volta voltage voltaic Voltaire Volterra voltmeter voluble volume voluminous voluntary volunteer voluptuous Volvo vomit von voodoo voracious voracity vortex vortices vorticity Voss votary vote votive vouch vouchsafe Vought vow vowel voyage Vreeland Vulcan vulgar vulnerable vulpine vulture vulturelike vying w w's Waals Wabash WAC wack wacke wacky Waco wad waddle wade wadi Wadsworth wafer waffle wag wage wagging waggle Wagner wagoneer wah Wahl wail wainscot Wainwright waist waistcoat waistline wait Waite waitress waive wake Wakefield waken wakerobin wakeup Walcott Walden Waldo Waldorf Waldron wale Walgreen walk walkie walkout walkover walktrough walkway wall wallaby Wallace wallboard Waller wallet Wallis wallop wallow wallpaper Walls wally walnut Walpole walrus Walsh Walt Walter Walters Waltham Walton waltz wan wand wander wane Wang wangle want wanton wapato wapiti Wappinger war warble ward warden wardrobe wardroom ware warehouse warehouseman warfare warhead Waring warlike warm warmhearted warmish warmonger warmth warmup warn warp warrant warranty warren warrior Warsaw wart wartime warty Warwick wary was wash washbasin washboard washbowl Washburn Washington washout washy wasn't wasp waspish Wasserman wast wastage waste wastebasket wasteland wastewater wastrel watch watchband watchdog watchmake watchman watchmen watchword water Waterbury watercourse waterfall waterfront Watergate Waterhouse waterline Waterloo Waterman watermelon waterproof Waters watershed waterside Watertown waterway watery Watkins Watson watt wattage wattle Watts wave waveform wavefront waveguide wavelength wavenumber wavy wax waxen waxwork waxy way waybill waylaid waylay Wayne wayside wayward we we'd we'll we're we've weak weaken weal wealth wealthy wean weapon weaponry wear wearied wearisome weary weasel weather weatherbeaten weatherproof weatherstrip weave web Webb webber weber website Webster WECo wed wedge wedlock Wednesday wee weed weedy week weekday weekend Weeks weep Wehr Wei Weierstrass weigh weight weighty Weinberg Weinstein weir weird Weiss Welch welcome weld Weldon welfare well wellbeing Weller Welles Wellesley wellington Wells welsh welt Wendell Wendy went wept were weren't Werner wert Werther Wesley Wesleyan west westbound Westchester westerly western westernmost Westfield Westinghouse Westminster Weston westward wet wetland Weyerhauser whack whale Whalen wham wharf Wharton wharves what what'd what're whatever Whatley whatnot whatsoever wheat Wheatstone whee wheedle wheel wheelbase wheelchair wheelhouse wheeze wheezy Whelan whelk Wheller whelm whelp when whence whenever where where'd where're whereabout whereas whereby wherefore wherein whereof whereon wheresoever whereupon wherever wherewith whet whether which whichever whiff whig while whim whimper whimsey whimsic whine whinny whip whiplash Whippany whippet Whipple whipsaw whir whirl whirligig whirlpool whirlwind whisk whisper whistle whistleable whit Whitaker Whitcomb white whiteface Whitehall whitehead Whitehorse whiten whitetail whitewash whither Whitlock Whitman Whitney Whittaker Whittier whittle whiz who who'd who'll whoa whoever whole wholehearted wholesale wholesome wholly whom whomsoever whoop whoosh whop whore whose whosoever whup why Wichita wick wicket wide widen widespread widgeon widget widow widowhood width widthwise wield wiener Wier wife wig wigging Wiggins wiggle wiggly wigmake wigwam wii Wilbur Wilcox wild wildcat wildcatter wilderness wildfire wildlife wile Wiley Wilfred wilful Wilhelm Wilhelmina Wilkes Wilkins Wilkinson will Willa Willard William Williams Williamsburg Williamson Willie Willis Willoughby willow willowy Wills Wilma Wilmington Wilshire Wilson Wilsonian wilt wily win wince winch Winchester wind windbag windbreak windfall windmill window windowpane windowsill windshield Windsor windstorm windup windward windy wine winemake winemaster winery wineskin Winfield wing wingback wingman wingmen wingspan wingtip Winifred wink winkle Winnetka Winnie Winnipeg Winnipesaukee winnow wino Winslow winsome Winston winter Winters wintertime Winthrop wintry winy wipe wire wireman wiremen wiry Wisconsin wisdom wise wiseacre wisecrack wisenheimer wish wishbone wishy wisp wispy wit witch witchcraft with withal withdraw withdrawal withdrawn withdrew withe wither withheld withhold within without withstand withstood withy witness Witt witty wive wizard wobble woe woebegone wok woke Wolcott wold wolf Wolfe Wolff Wolfgang wolfish wolve woman womanhood womb women won won't wonder wonderland wondrous Wong wont woo wood Woodard Woodbury woodcarver woodcock woodcut wooden woodgrain woodhen woodland Woodlawn woodlot woodpeck woodrow woodruff Woods woodshed woodside woodward woodwind woodwork woody woodyard wool woolen woolgather Woolworth Wooster wop Worcester word Wordsworth wordy wore work workbench workbook workday workhorse workload workman workmanlike workmen workout workpiece worksheet workshop workspace worktable world worldwide worm wormy worn worrisome worry worse worsen worship worst worth Worthington worthwhile worthy Wotan would wouldn't wound wove woven wow wrack wraith wrangle wrap wrapup wrath wreak wreath wreathe wreck wreckage wrench wrest wrestle wretch wriggle wright Wrigley wring wrinkle wrist wristband wristwatch writ write writeup writhe written wrong wrongdo Wronskian wrote wrought wry Wu Wuhan Wyandotte Wyatt Wyeth Wylie Wyman Wyner wynn Wyoming x x's X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 Xavier xbox xbox360 xenon xenophobia xerography Xerox Xerxes xi XXX xylem xylene xylophone y y's yacht yachtsman yachtsmen yah yahoo yak Yakima Yale Yalta yam Yamaha yang yank Yankee Yankton Yaounde yap yapping Yaqui yard yardage yardstick Yarmouth yarmulke yarn yarrow Yates yaw yawl yawn ye yea Yeager yeah year yearbook yearn yeast yeasty Yeats yell yellow yellowish Yellowknife yelp Yemen yen yeoman yeomanry yeshiva yesterday yesteryear yet Yiddish yield yin yip yipping YMCA yodel Yoder yoga yogi yoke yokel Yokohama Yokuts yolk yon yond Yonkers yore York Yorktown Yosemite Yost you you'd you'll you're you've young youngish youngster Youngstown your yourself yourselves youth yow Ypsilanti ytterbium yttrium Yucatan yucca Yugoslav Yugoslavia yuh Yuki Yukon yule Yves Yvette YWCA z z's Zachary zag zagging Zaire Zambia Zan Zanzibar zap zeal Zealand zealot zealous zebra Zeiss Zellerbach Zen zenith zero zeroes zeroth zest zesty zeta Zeus Ziegler zig zigging zigzag zilch Zimmerman zinc zing Zion Zionism zip zircon zirconium zloty zodiac zodiacal Zoe Zomba zombie zone zoo zoology zoom Zoroaster Zoroastrian zounds zucchini Zurich Zzz